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Collin O`Neal’s World of Men: Serbia / 2008 – World of Men /

Year: 2008
Genre: Oral, Anal, Group ,Rimming, Double anal, Muscle, Tattoos
Length: 02:16:07
Starring: Collin O’Neal, Roman Ragazzi, Dakota Rivers, Robert Brankov, Bijan, Robby, Julian Vicenzo, Brennon
Directed by: Collin O’Neal
Studio: World of Men
Description: Roman Ragazzi, to this day, exemplifies many a top’s fantasy of the perfect Mediterranean god-bottom. In this scene which takes place in a rustic farmer’s cottage, high up in the Serbian hills; this hung, perfectly muscled, furry from head to toe, and impossibly handsome fuck machine gets his ass worked over from the tall, ripped tanned and big dicked, Brennon. Watch these two men enjoying their manhood as they take each other’s tools deep down their throats. Brennon, a true ass man, dives into Roman’s huge, furry ass, probing, licking, and reveling in Roman’s moist, hairy, overpowering sex.

Brennon starts to pry open Roman’s hole with the head of his powerful cock, teasing as Roman’s hole pulses with anticipation. High up in the Serbian hills, beside a farmer’s smoldering hearth, Brennon proceeds to fuck the willing muscle-god into total, fucked senseless, submission. Besides being the perfect bottom, Roman likes to see his fuck buddy explode above him and Brennon, always the true top, obliges. Watch Brennon’s load shoots into Roman’s thick hairy chest, glistening as it mixes with the drenching sweat, the kind that only comes from a long, hole stretching, power fuck.

There are very few guys in the world of porn today that can take a huge dick for as long and as hard as Robert Brankov (and enjoy every minute of it). Robert in fact confesses to being an insatiable bottom and when no man is around to satisfy his needs, will quite often work over his own beautiful ass with one of the several over-sized dildos that make up his own private sex toy collection. In short, Robert, the young, blond, perfectly sculpted, German bottom boy with a seriously thick, bulbous cock and unexplainably tight, and perfectly smooth, pink ass hole, was made to be used. For those fans who love to see a smooth, pink hole, prodded, licked, fingered, worked over and mercilessly fucked until it is juicily red and gaping from over use, you have found your scene. Watch Brennon, the dark, muscled bottom pleaser, have his way with Robert’s smooth huge ass in the presidential suite of the famous Hotel Moscow in Belgrade where this gaudy Soviet Era proves to be the perfect fuck palace for these two, horny young studs.

In this scene, Collin O’Neal, who has time and again proven his abilities as a world fuck stallion, pairs up with the tall, hung and exceptionally sculpted Dakota Rivers in a seriously intense tag team whereby Bijan, the hot Mediterranean fuck boy is forced into becoming Collin and Dakota’s all encompassing, cock pleasing, bitch. Bijan has one of the prettiest, smooth, dark assholes that grace the screen today. Watch as the two over sexed young men take this boy to town, forcing their huge dicks down his throat, as they take turns inspecting his beautiful round hole before diving in to a powerful, non-stop fuck session that has Bijan sitting down on and seriously riding both Collin’s and Dakota’s over sized dicks at once. After the scene, poor Bijan, confessed that he had never been double fucked before, but despite their huge dicks, was so turned on by having both Collin and Dakota in bed together that he had to try…

This scene takes place in a dark Belgrade bar. Julian, with his big nipples, smooth, tanned skin and thick, rock hard cock, is a site to behold. The sex in this scene is what many a man’s fantasy is made of. Watch these two athletic, muscled, ripped, big cock studs go at it; sucking, fondling, slurping and fucking their way to ecstasy. Julian’s cock is thick, hard, and long and he knows how to deliver a good, fucking like few men can. See Dakota squirm and then take in Julian’s rod from behind, and then on his back with his long muscled legs up in the air. Feast upon the beauty of these two studs, with their ripped tan physiques, locked together in hot, man fucking action in this dark, and musty Eastern European bar.

In this scene, Bijan get his hole worked by Robbie, a hot, older daddy. Robbie, a Belgrade native who knows he is a daddy and uses it to his advantage, makes Bijan straddle two bar stools and revels in his boy’s gorgeous, smooth, hole. As the action progresses, it is clear that Bijan’s daddy is into serious ass play, as he licks, kisses, and shoves his fingers in and out of Bijan’s willing hole. Watch as Bijan’s hole takes in his daddy’s fingers, glistening from the spit and the lube and how he loves every minute of it. Bijan gladly submits to Robbie’s hole teasing which leads to the fucking that he has been waiting for…

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