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Fistpack 3: Up for Grabs (2004)

Categories: Extreme, Oral/Anal Sex, Toys, Muscle, Beefcake, Butt Play, Catheters, Daddies, Fetish/Kink, Fisting, Hairy, Hunks, Sounding, Black, Interracial
Starring: Parker Williams, Marco Montana, Michael Brandon, Jerek, Simon Cox, Xavier Vitale, Michael Starr
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Fisting Central

Another shocking, uncensored, take-no-prisoners fisting epic. Once again the fists are flying at Raging Stallion Studios as director Chris Ward another fisting film. Just when you thought that fisting films had all dried up, the guys who know how to do it create another movie that will deliver hours of exciting pleasure to all handball fans. And since it is from Chris Ward, you know what you are getting. Do not miss this major fisting event! It is another must own for all fans of hardcore ass action!
This amazing movie begins with a switch-hitting, dildo filled, fisting frenzy that culminates in the most spectacular 69 fisting segment ever filmed. Ever-open Simon Cox triumphs again (he’s called the Dark Prince of Fisting for good reason) in a pairing with newcomer Xavier Vitale, a South Pacific Islander who can take everything in sight! With these two master fisters working on each other, you know that the action is hot. No warm-ups here, no prancing around like girly boys at a high school prom, no sir! These are men and they throw a fist fuck like a pair of championship boxers. This scene is a major piece of work. Indeed, it is an entire movie unto itself: Dildos, three entire segments of switch-hitting fisting, and an entire 69 fisting segment. You could not ask for anything more.
Next up are Portuguese heartthrob Marco Montana (a hairy-chested god) and Bottom of the Year Jerek (Marco’s eager disciple). Marco is one of the best fisters in Europe, so when he’s turned loose on Jerek’s talented hole, the entire staff of the studio came to watch the sparks fly. Both Marco and Jerek got off on the audience. After all, these men are exhibitionists to the core. Jerek’s huge cock stood at attention the entire time, a rigid counterpoint to his beautifully puckered, willing, gaping, begging hole. No gloves and no attitude. This is a first-class fisting, the kind that only Raging Stallion can deliver. And to top it all off, Marco delivers a final fuck with his huge cock right up Jerek’s chute. The third scene features favorite Michael Starr, who performs a solo feat that will either make you pop your cork or run screaming to the hills! He takes a dildo that has been specially made to go down his cock. That’s right – it’s about as round as your largest finger and about a foot long. Starr fucks his own huge cock with this amazing toy, and his cock gets harder and harder. Then, with this huge dick-dildo drilling out his front side, he takes a major ass toy up his hole. Then he takes a third dildo and forces it down his throat. With all three holes plugged and pummeled, Starr writhes in ecstasy until he shoots a huge load and pulls all the toys from his body. He smiles, knowing that he has just filmed a scene that will go down in history as one of the kinkiest ever caught on video.
The grand finale of this filthy motion picture is a three way that pits cover man and hairy hunk Parker Williams and Performer of the Year Michael Brandon against Marco Montana’s eager hole. Marco, the hunky Latin fisting superstar from the second scene is not just a brilliant pig-top, he is also a bottom who can take the biggest hands and cocks on earth. And he proves it with gusto right before your very eyes. Chest hair shimmering, muscles flexing, fists flying, and ass holes getting the satisfaction they deserve; this is exactly what the porn doctor ordered! This scene is pretty rough, as Marco screams for more. The two tops give him everything they have, and it is just enough to send Marco over the edge in this hog-wild, filthy, fist romp that finishes off Up for Grabs. It will finish you off as well! Enjoy!..

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Duration: 02:09:27
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