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The School for Superheroines and Other Tales

Production year: 1998
Country: USA
Genre: BDSM
Length: 1:13:27
Directed by: Jon Woods
Starring: Kelsie Chambers, Randi Storm, Stacy Burke, Catalina L’Amour

Description: Another series of scintillating short stories is submitted for your approval. In “School for Superheroines,” Spellbinder (Kelsie Chambers) is caught by an evil villain and left to be discovered in her embarrassing predicament. But reporter Randi Storm arrives on the scene first and becomes so enchanted with the superheroine lifestyle she enrolls in a program to become a crimefighter. But her sinister professor has a surprise for his unwary graduate …
Blonde bombshell Stacy Burke is acting out a “Role-Play” with her ersatz burglar boyfriend, but after he has her gagged, bound and blindfolded, the game turns out differently than she expected. Or does it?
Catalina L’Amour is working “After Hours” when she goes on-line and stumbles into a web-site which entangles the beauty in a knotty situation with an international criminal organization and a secret government agency.
Then Kelsie returns for an encore performance in “Advertising.” She’s enjoying a self-bondage scene at home when her boss discovers her and asks why kinky imagery keeps popping up in the ads she’s creating.
In “Assignment: Improbable,” Tasha Archer is thrilled to discover her roommate (CJ Taylor) is actually a spy, but CJ is less than amused by her enthusiasm when they’re both trapped by an enemy agent!

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