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Rising Sun (2005)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Finger Fucking, Big Cock, Cumshot, Outdoor Sex, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes/Threeways, Men of: France, Hungary, Various Countries
Starring: Rick Bauer, Fernando Nielsen, Ivo Costa, Billy Slade, Collin O’Neal, Rick Pantera, Tim Sims, Vincent Paris
Studio: TitanMen Fresh, Titan Media, Man’s Art

Like your cocks thick, uncut, rigid and ringed? Your men muscled, tattooed, both hairy chested or smooth? Brawny and bouncing on big cock meat? And unloading buckets of cum? Then grab Rising Sun, and your cock’ll be crowing over this steamy adventure on the French Riviera.
Rising Sun brings a more jock-built and bruising man to the TitanMen Fresh import line. Named “Best Gay Film of the Year” at the international erotic Venus Fair in Berlin, Rising Sun’s smart enough not to bother with subtitles, and steamy enough not to need ‘em. Besides, these eight horny Eurostuds don’t talk much. They fuck.
Popular American performer Collin O’Neal journeys to St. Tropez in search of hot guys, and finds foxy Rick Bauer and stunning blond bodybuilder Fernando Nielsen. It’s a toss up which is meatier or broader – Fernando’s widescreen pecs, mighty biceps or massive cock. Five more men who are mad for making it – including the raunchy TitanMen ManPlay star Rick Pantera – keep Rising Sun’s tight succession of duo and three-way scenes boiling over with deep rimming, sharp ass-plugging and massive cum explosions.
Lovers Rick Bauer and Fernando Nielsen have just arrived on the Riviera from Hungary. Their vacation goal: Mix-ups with the local men. First though, they hunker down together. In front of a crackling fire, smooth mountain of muscle Fernando hauls out his fat, uncut cock. Rick stretches Fernando’s foreskin apart and slides his tongue deep within the loose flesh and around the shiny cockhead. Fernando’s turtle-necked pleasure tool grows to its full double width. Rick feasts on it, and Fernando tastes deeply of Rick’s stiff, excited rod. Then Rick gets on his hands and knees like a dog, and Fernando’s lapping at his inviting hole, spit lubing it for the mean stretch of several fingers. Rick cries out, and jerks off splattering cum-jets across the tiled floor, as Fernando milks out his own cockcream on top of Rick’s.
Collin O’Neal has also come to St. Tropez for the men. Alone on a quiet balcony in the still morning, he wonders where they can be. And Rick rolls in. A wordless cruise connects the pair in a moment, smooth Rick drawn to Collin’s furry chest and thick pubic patch. But rough-looking, unshaven blond Tim Sims is up this morning too, and quickly engulfs Collin’s heavy hanging meat. A three-way cocksucking circle absorbs the men, until Tim goes for Rick’s ass, eating the lightly-furred honey pot and fingering its pristine rim. Rick gives himself a rough ride when he squats on Collin’s bone, and Tim turns his attention to the boulders of Fernando’s body. The moans of all four men bring up orgasms all around. Welcome to the Riviera, guys!
Walking back to their guesthouse after a shopping spree, bald Billy Slade gets horned up, and pushes fellow traveler Ivo Costa down on his gnarled, heavily veined cock. Ivo offers his smooth love tunnel for Billy’s jackhammered fucking, bucking it until they simultaneously whitewash the road with their cockjuice.
Tattooed and multiple-pierced Rick Pantera forcefeeds his morning woody to Vincent Paris, who then snacks off Rick’s ass, finger plugging it so good until Rick’s furious cockjerking blasts up his sunrise surprise. Then Rick gobbles up Vincent’s cock, demanding its sauce, and gets it sprayed across his face and chest.
Watching Rick and Vincent gets Billy and Ivo going. They trade juicy blow jobs, and when they’re boned up, Billy lays back and groans as Ivo worms his fingers up Billy’s tight pink pucker. “Finger my hole, man,” Billy moans, blowing his buttermilk across Ivo’s chest.
Strolling in the countryside, Collin and Rick are pleased to meet up with Fernando. They fall right to worshipping the brawny stud’s muscles, and share passionate three-way kisses. With Fernando between them, Collin and Rick gnaw at the broad slabs of his pecs, nibbling his taut nipples. Their cocks are soon flag-poled across the he-man’s face, and he’s pokin’ the deep end of his throat with one and then the other. Suddenly, the bruiser yields up his mammoth butt, and Rick plugs the hot hole fiercely, hard strokes plunging home. Collin crams his colossal cock up Fernando’s butt, plunging into that ring of fire while hand pumping the delirious dude’s bone. With his face full of Rick’s asshole, Fernando is overwhelmed, and his cum explodes. Now Rick’s ass is full of Fernando’s tongue, making him pop, and Collin sends his All-American cocktail flying clear across the bodybuilder’s broad torso.
There’s no better way to hit the sunny Riviera than with these butch and beautiful guys! Enjoy!..

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