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Hammer Entertainment – Hammer Boys 4

Year: 2005
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Oral, Rimming, Anal, Safe sex, Cum shots, Solo, Masturbation
Length: 1:37:37

Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Studio: Hammer Entertainment

Starring: Karel Novak, Peter Topinka, Orfeus Diaboli, Ray Danielson, (More)

Description: Hammer Entertainment presents its 4th installment in its Hammer Boys Series. Watch as these hot uncut Euro twinks pound each other in debauched pleasure.

Rolf Hammerschmidt of Germany, the man who found and made Lukas Ridgeston and many other Bel-Ami models famous in the first place, and former owner / director of Mans Best of Germany, has now started a new production company called Hammer Entertainment. Always one of my very favorite director’s (since I saw Fairy Tales for the first time), Rolf has a flair for art, an eye for cute (read gorgeous) models, realistic action both in sex scenes and the background video that sets the tone of the scenes. Possibly Europe’s premier director, Hammerschmidt discovered many of the models that have since become the icons of the gay adult video. Striving to use only gay models, rather than the unsatisfying “gay for pay” used by many directors, Rolf’s videos always come off with a palatable sense of realism and honesty. Yes, it’s nice to watch actors doing something they enjoy doing, rather than watching someone trying to look like he’s enjoying doing what he’s paid to do.

Here’s a compilation video of five scenes, including a solo J/O at the end and turns out to be just a hair short of 100 minutes long. We start with a handsome, albeit mid-20’s blond guy who appeared in Hammer Boys 3 in the third scene as well as in Der Stoss Trupp and several other Mans Best videos. He’s remembering photographing a gorgeous boy with long dark hair, clad in nothing but little white briefs. The dark haired boy dances for our blond photographer and shoves his hand down his underwear, massaging his cock along the way. Another dark haired boy shows up and soon the first one is sucking the second one while the blond photographer chronicles it all to film. The second dark haired boy, responds by sucking, rimming and then fucking his long haired buddy until they’ve both had enough and jerk off all over each other.

In the second scene, a dark haired boy is checking out a muscle mag while his friend messes around with a computer. The friend gets up and comes over to check out the muscle mag. Soon enough, the longer haired boy is blowing his short haired buddy. The short haired guy, who’s sporting at least a cock and a half, grabs it (thought surprisingly NOT with both hands…) and pounds out a load that would have drowned anyone who’d have dared to try and swallow it all. Apparently, after wiping off his chest, he then offers up his mouth to his friend, sucking him until the friend ALSO shoots on his chest. No wonder there isn’t a zit to be seen there. But they aren’t done yet and the short haired boy with the cock and a half, pulls a condom on (looks like it covered about half of that monster cock, and proceeds to fuck his buddy silly. OK, now we’re done……. No, we’re not. The longer haired boy decides to jerk another load out his his cock as well. OK, now we’re done…….. really.

A dark haired boy is getting a massage from a rather gypsy looking boy. The gypsy seems, however, to be more interested in massaging the boy’s anus than his back and it has the predictable result. The dark haired boy rolls over and proffers his fully erect cock to his gypsy masseur. A little stroking and sucking later, we find the customer now returning the favor and a very happy gypsy. However, the gypsy would like a little bigger tip than that and takes the customer’s ass as payment, fucking six ways from Saturday before pumping out a mediocre load and then licking the customer’s balls while the boy pulls his own cock as well.

The pool scene. A couple friends spend the day at the local pool. When they’ve had enough swimming the two head off to the changing rooms. They kiss gingerly and the attraction heats up. We next find the dark haired boy fucking his blond friend amongst the towels. The blond friend also sucks his buddy and rims him before they stand there and jerk off all over each other.

The final scene is a solo by another hottie from Private Times. Clad only in a black singlet, this kid pumps his cock and pumps his cock until he unleashes the orgasmic equivalent of the great flood……..

This video is a keeper and definitely worth owning. The boys are the typical A&F kind of next door boys we all like to see. Seeing them doing it and seeing them like what they’re doing just makes it all the better

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 500 kbps, 720 x 480 (1.500) at 30.000 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 kbps, 2 ch, 44,1 kHz

File size: 1.1 GB

Subspaceland – Cold Sauna

Step into the world of the intense emotions in wonderful BDSM where stunningly beautiful young girls experience humiliation, punishment, bondage and submission

Format: avi

File size: 425.2 MB

ChaosMen – Ramon

How about a hot Latin guy to start off your Monday?

Ramon has got a great body on him, as well as being nicely endowed.

He likes girls that have a total package, and says he is kind of picky about girls he dates. Though it sounds like he gets plenty of action as he says he only jacks-off a couple times a week due to having girls on hand.

We had to scrub through a lot of straight porn to find some girls he really likes.

Ramon is more comfortable with the still photos than he was the video. He’s not sure how to play to the video cameras, which I think is kind of charming. His dick. on the other hand, loved the attention. This was one of those solos that shot itself in no time at all.

We even get to see his absolutely perfect butt hole. I don’t think after 900 videos I have seen one so perfect! Kind of a weird thing to highlight, given his awesome cock, but the footage of his bootie hole is kind of hot.

I don’t know if we will be seeing more of Ramon. He only wanted to do a solo, and REALLY wants to do straight porn, but who knows, maybe a blow job video will tempt him if that doesn’t pan out.

So nothing in works as far as more vids, so enjoy Ramon’s solo! (for now?)

Length: 183 MiB Duration: 15mn 20s 485ms
Video: VC-1 at 1 552 Kbps, Aspect: 1024 x 576 (1.778) at 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 183.2 MB

[PRISM – OSUINRA] Sexy Guys Make Love at Hot Springs

As the title tells, sex in the hot spring has been the main feature of this video.

See the players wash their bodies in the hot spring, then continue with erotic kissing until the dicks are heated up, followed with wet licking of each other bodies, and ended with Masaki Koh fucking his partner in the hot spring!

The video also feature a 3P. See the muscular players having sex, fucking each other in the hot spring.

This is one video you don’t want to miss!
File size: 1.8 GB

Piss Party 6

Released: 2009
Genre: Cum shots / Hardcore / Blowjob / Pissing / Anal / Oral

Country / Studio: Nederlands / Sweet Pictures
Director: Unknown
Starring: Kristina, Tristan Seagal, Sarah Twain, Luigina Nike, Jessica L., Michael V., Kamil Klein, George Uhl
Quench your thirst for hot pissing girls with Piss Party 6 – an all action title guaranteed to delight fans of this genre! If you like to watch the amber rivers flow then this is the DVD for you. Piss Party 6 opens with a brunette babe deep throating her mans member. After a wet and messy blowjob, this piss loving slut gets an energizing drink when her boyfriend shoots a jet of golden piss into her gasping mouth! An anal workout follows as she mounts his member rodeo style, squirts more fresh juice from her pussy, and takes a thick wad of cum in her gaping mouth.

Russian: quench your thirst for hot girls pissing with Piss Party 6. If you love to watch amber stream of rivers, then this movie is for you. Piss Party 6 offers beauty, brunette fuck, which is hard after sucking in the mouth gasping fly jet stream of urine, and she enjoys this drink excitation. Her ass is experiencing an anal workout by arranging for a member of this rodeo, and the juice of her pussy follows on ziyayuschiyu hole.
Length: 1:43:12
Translation: Original
Format: WMV
Quality: DVDRip
Video: WMV 3, 1975 kbps, 25 fps, 768×576
Audio: WMA 2, 128 kbps, 44.1 Khz, 2 channel

File size: 1.5 GB

This video has been removed.