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Adam Avery&Ty Roderick

Come And Get It – Adam Avery, Ty Roderick

Young Talents: Ass teen I (2011) HDTV

Starring: Abby, Alexa, Alyssa, Autumn, Bailey, Brea
Categories: Teens, anal, oral, hardcore
Studio: Try Teens

01. Abby: Abby is getting her throat and ass poked by the huge cock that she is begging for! She got a deep throat fucking like the little slut that she is and then he stuffed it right up her ass! After he left her asshole gaping wide, Abby then licked his cock clean for a dirty ass to mouth fucking. She then accepted his thick cumshot all over her face!
02. Alexa: Look out, Alexa! It looks like you’re going to get one fucking that you won’t soon forget! This sexy little cocksucker took a deepthroat fucking and then got his meat shoved right up her ass! Alexa then took a hot ass to mouth while licking his dick clean of her tight asshole. Then he fed her his man yogurt as she held out her tongue waiting!
03. Alyssa: Alyssa looks cute in her tube socks as she got her throat fucked by his big cock! She choked down his rod and then he stuffed the entire thing right up her ass! Alyssa took a brutal ass fucking until her little hole was stretched open gaping wide. Then she took his cock right back into her mouth for some nasty ass to mouth action!
04. Autumn: This tight bodied babe loves getting a hard dick up her ass! Autumn takes the largest cocks, lets them thrust it up her tight asshole and then loves to suck her ass juices off his cock until he blows his large load in her mouth. This dirty bitch loves the taste of her own ass and no one will tell her otherwise!
05. Bailey: Bailey got her face fucked by a big cock that was rammed down the back of her throat. She took him until he poked her tonsils and made her gag. Then he pulled out and rammed little Bailey right up the ass. He rode her hard in the asshole and then pulled out and stuffed it in her mouth so she could taste her own ass while he came in her mouth!
06. Brea: Why did Brea bother to do her makeup at all when it was going to end up running down her face? The cute blonde got her throat fucked so deeply that she gagged on his big cock. Then he stuffed his huge cock right up her ass until he stretched her out gaping wide. In the end, Brea then licked his dick clean fresh from her ass and took a facial on her beautiful face!

Format: mkv
Video: 1280×720 at 25.000 fps, MPEG-4 Visual@ DivX 5, 3919 Kbps
Runtime: 02:38:09
Filesize: 4975.07 MiB

File size: 4.6 GB

Breaking in

Domina Kathia is here again to train her new victim to obedience. Slave Adelaida is tied tightly to a ladder, arms and legs akimbo. Just the perfect position to break any kind of physical or psychological resistance! And that’s exactly what Domina Dora is up to! She strangles the poor girl , whisp’s her juicy butt and finally gets the girl her orgasm of a lifetime with a dildo!

Genres: Lesbo, Bondage, BSDM, Toys, Domination, Spanking
File: wmv

File size: 1.6 GB

CMN-058 – Red Bitch Erotic Forum . Shiori Kano. Woman of Smell Fetish

Review for serial CMN-058 Wearing her red S&M leather outfit, Shiori Kano is put to the test by being gagged and immobilized for her master to do what ever they want to her. Her big tits are tied and strangled till its purple and until her nipples bulge out like hard pencils. Even with the pain inflicted on her, she seem to enjoy it and seems to be wanting more pain until she is satisfied.

Categories for CMN-058 : Bondage, Rough Sex, Facial Distortion, Big Tits
Models : Shiori Kano

File size: 1.9 GB

Boys Destroyed – Justin Benjamin & Black Topper

There’s nothing better than treating “the help” like your own personal sex slave like I did with this skinny ass fag. So you’re gonna clean my goddamn pool, then you’re gonna take your narrow punk ass into the kitchen and make me a fucking strawberry daiquiri and after that you’re going to swallow this giant black dick. And just because I can, I’m going to put a stranglehold on you while I fuck your asshole

Length: 503 MiB Duration: 27mn 3s 167ms
Video: AVC at 2 500 Kbps, Aspect: 950 x 534 (1.779) at 29.970 fps
Audio: AAC at 93.6 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 502.5 MB

Psycho Thrillers – Torture Strangled, Raped Sunbather

Year: 2009
Country: United States
Genre: Rape, Snuff (production)
Length: 00:19:47
Studio: Psycho_Thrillers
Cast: victim
Description: So! Start laying open a series of psycho trillers … in general, all the corny! raped strangled and vice versa ….

File size: 253.7 MB

This video has been removed.

Don’t Break The Chain

Year of manufacture:2011
Genre: Bondage, Fetish
Duration: 00:57:20
In roles:Randi Storm, Kelly O’Dell
Description:There’s a special delivery on Jay’s front porch. The packing slip says “Chain Package” and the instructions tell him to ”use” the contents of the box, then re-pack it and send it along to the next name on the list. Jay opens the box to find beautiful Randi inside, all done up in a leather body harness and harness ballgag! Wasting no time, Randi is bound to the bed with her elbows together and her ankles apart, where she receives a thorough flogging on her vulnerable ass. Next, she’s in a tight hogtie on the bed, her movements are painful and she is obviously uncomfortable — even as she strains to reach orgasm against her crotchrope. Moving to the floor, Randi is in a lotus position, her arm strictly hammered in back. When Jay removes her ballgag her lips quiver eagerly as he fills her mouth with a ball-under-leather gag. She whimpers as he squeezes her tits and clamps her nipples. Now Randi’s in an ultra-tight hogtie with crossed ankles and a black ballgag. Enter Jay who places small black clamps on her nipples, then covers them with squares of white tape. These clamps really pinch, as we can see by her reaction to them! Randi is then bound to a post as Jay runs his hands over her sexy body, causing her to moan, then he hooks a line to her crotchrope and hoists her hips upward. When she catches a glimpse of the nipple clamps in his hand she tries to protest but to no avail. He applies the clamps, evoking more moans and whimpers from the docile blond. In her final bondage, Randi’s standing with her arms bound to a long bar, which is, in turn, attached to a short bar drawn up between her thighs. Each twitch of her arms pulls the short bar up hard against her pussy and Jay applies a flogger to her tits and belly, making it impossible for her to hold still! Finished with his ”delivery”, Randi is packed back into the box and sent on to the next lucky recipient. The next scenes feature sexy, blond Kelly, post-tied, tit-tied and with clothespins on her nipples. Jay draws his fingernails slowly over her rope-strangled breasts and then whips her. Next, Kelly’s standing with her legs spread and a breast-press on her swollen tits — a trainer gag wrapped around her head keeps her quiet. Jay tightens the press and add nipple pinchers, Kelly is not happy. The press remains in place as she is positioned on the small girly-go-round, her wrists yanked over her head. A bit-ballgag fills her mouth as Jay hauls upwards on her wrists, forcing her to balance on knee-point. Heavy C-clamps are hung from her abused nipples before she is left alone to ponder her misfortune.

File size: 401.3 MB

Staxus – The Silence of the Twinks Part 2. 2011

Year: 2011
Country: Czech Republica
Genre: Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Cocks, Sado-maso
Length: 2:05:16
Director: Vlado Iresch
Studio: RAW Films / Staxus
Cast: Luis Bigdog, Mike Cage, Nicolas Cruz, Nick Deniels, Tod Garner, Nick Gill, Marty Love, Denis Reed, Jon Roz, Daniel Wood

Description: The twinks are still screaming in The Silence Of The Twinks 2. Hannibal may be firmly under lock and key, awaiting trial, but is this the end for the sadistic murderer who feasts on hot twink dick and ass before he ends their lives? Detective Denis Reed decides to make it his life’s mission to investigate every possible avenue in the quest for evidence against Hannibal – which in this instance means hauling young Mike Cage into his office to give the lad a real hard interrogation. Reed quickly whips out his thick, uncut cock and thrusts it straight down Cage’s throat before turning his attention to Cage’s ass and pushes every single hard inch through the poor lad’s ring. With the inspector eager to make sure that his investigation stretches his subject to the limit, he proceeds to dump a really generous load of jizz all over Cage’s innocent-looking face. Prison’s not usually the first place you think of when you imagine nice places to be, so it’s little wonder that young Tod Garner’s something of an unhappy soul at being incarcerated with fellow felon, Jon Roz. The arrival of prison guard, Marty Love, however, soon seems to bring the fellow out of his depression. So after a little arse-thrashing play on Roz, it’s a case of the two twinks getting down to satisfy the rather amorous Love, who can’t wait to get his thick raw shaft deep inside Garner’s tight little hole. He may be behind bars, but Hannibal can still fuck with your mind – not to mention your ass – as young guard, Nick Gill, discovers to his cost. Charged with the job of keeping him under lock and key, it’s not long before Gill is completely transfixed by the sight of Hannibal laid out on his bed having a wank. Seconds later and the officer is jerking on his own shaft and fantasising about what it would be like to unlock the cell door. Cue a superb, ball-tingling session of cock-sucking, 69-ing and raw flip-flop fucking that’ll have you tugging on your own knob-end in much the same mesmerised state. Nick Deniels is strapped into a straightjacket and completely helpless when it comes to fighting off Luis Bigdog and Marty Love’s unwanted attentions. Bigdog begins proceedings – his aim clearly being to get his swollen cock imbedded into Deniels’s ass as quickly as possible – but it’s not until the gorgeous Love enters the cell that the abuse reaches fever-pitch. The authorities should have known better, of course – after all, Daniel Wood has never been known to be the sort of guy who can shun the attentions of an attractive, horny stud, and leaving him in sole custody of Hannibal, was always gonna be asking for trouble. But leave him they do – and before you know it Hannibal is making all the advances, stripping off Wood’s crisp white shirt and reaching for his swelling crotch. Indeed, before the guard really knows what’s happened, Hannibal is down on his knees giving Wood’s already thick, aching shaft the suck of its life – the very last, as it so happens! Not that Wood has care for anything by the time Hannibal is rimming his pert little ass, save how he’s gonna get Hannibal’s dick inside him through the cell bars – a task he ultimately achieves with remarkable ease. Little wonder the fellow’s soon dumping a huge, sticky load over the floor; leaving Hannibal to cream his ass-hole, before proceeding to strangle his captor and make his escape. How many more twinks must die at the hands (and cock) of this man? Prepare yourself for the continuation of the most exciting and terrifying big-cock-humping, bondage-fucking, piss slurping murder-fest of your life!
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Video: XviD 720×416 29.97fps 1867kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer3 48000Hz stereo 131kbps
Size: 1.76 GB

File size: 1.7 GB

Torture Strangled, Raped Sunbather

Year of manufacture:2009
Genre: bdsm,rape
Studio:Psycho Thrillers
Firts bdsm. Here you will find some of the most elegant and polished Femdom video, a trip through the punishing and perverted lives of some very sexy babes who love to take out their darkest desires on unsuspecting victims.

File size: 253.7 MB

Paingate – Another Day In Paradise

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: BDSM
Length: 00:15:13
Studio: PainGate
Starring: Felicitas

When you have seen the ‘first day in paradise’ you have already an what’s coming now. But this time thing are getting even worse for poor Felicitas. Strangled and with her hands bound behind her back the beautiful girl has to endure her personal nightmare.
She gets whipped all over her lovely body. Her cries and tears don’t help her, without any mercy the whip dances on her naked welted skin again and again.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: 720×576, VC-1 (WMV3), 1495 Kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio: WMA (WMA2), 160 Kbps (CBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, a stream
File size: 181.7 MB

Ford captivities sentenced to deaths

The Unique video sadism 21 ages-best.The Iron masks squeexe the person of the womans as stranglehold and no presenting the air.
Time 30min
Format: AVI
Size: 217.9 MB

File size: 217.9 MB

Play dangerous for health

The Unique video sadism 21 ages-best.The Iron masks squeexe the person of the womans as stranglehold and no presenting the air.
Time 30min
Format: AVI
Size: 217.9 MB

File size: 217.9 MB

Fatal Games – SubspaceLand


Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination
Studio: SubspaceLand / FunnyBDSM
Duration: 00:23:42

Quality: SiteRip
Format: AVI
Video: 720*404, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 192 kbps
Size of archive: 287 Mb

File size: 287.0 MB

HardTied [2008-03-12] Bronte

Bronte and PD crank out an incredible sexual bondage shoot. Bronte squirts all over the place as she comes and comes and comes. She’s bound in a simple elbow to neck strangle tie, a hogtie, a three-point suspension, a simple but effective tie involving a 4X4, and finally bound sitting with legs spread and her neck lashed upward. Every time she comes, she shoots out fluid like a fountain. PD makes the final orgasm, warning her not to strangle herself as she squirms. Her poor sensitive clit gets buzzed as she wets yet another part of the floor.

File size: 229.5 MB

Steel Restriction

Production year: 2003
Country: United States
Genre: BDSM, Bondage
Length: 1:13:58
Director: Bryan Davis
Cast: Brandy (Aka Krystal Summers), Bryan Davis

Description: Beautiful Brandy is caught in Bryan’s dungeon and allowed nothing to wear but satiny opera gloves, glossy patent high-heels and hard, cold steel! An excruciatingly tight steel slave belt circles her waist. Her slender wrists and ankles are rigidly cuffed. Sturdy padlocks secure her to a bed and a wooden plank. Loops of shiny chain strangle her perfect breasts and cleave her mouth open. At one point she’s even forced to stand with a steel frame wedged between her legs, pushing hard against her most tender flesh! And at the end of the day her reward is to be locked into place with a buzzing vibrator chained against her exposed clit. Sound like you kind of video? Then what the heck are you waiting for?!

Video Quality: VHSRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5.x/6.x, 720 x 480, 2501 kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 48000Hz, 128 kb / s tot, Joint Stereo
File size: 1.3 GB

Youbi Masochist Animation

Production year: 1997
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Office Lady, Torture, Softcore
Duration: 1:07:10 (2 episodes)
Censorship: No

Language: Japanese

Author of the original: Harukawa Namio

Description: The action takes place hell knows where. In general, the entire movie woman strangles man his ass well or model Tavo

Video: FLV4 528×400, 305kb / s
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 22050Hz stereo 64Kbps
File size: 224.3 MB

Abduction – Jay Edwards

We open on the lovely Bambi, walking down a rainy sidewalk. Suddenly she is grabbed from behind and a hand is clamped over her mouth. She struggles but is soon tossed into the trunk of a car where she is quickly cuffed and gagged. Next, we see her securely bound and gagged, wearing only her black garterbelt, stockings and heels. Bambi is confused and frightened by the tight chest, elbow, and crotch ropes, and tries to escape. Roaming through a strange house, she is soon grabbed by her captor and slung over his shoulder. He hogties her and leaves her to fret over her predicament. Bambi is now bound to a stool, her tits strangled by tight ropes. Jay fondles her pretty tits and changes her gag. Her mouth is filled with two large hankies, sealed in with heavy, clear tape. Bambi is now on her knees, a rope from her chest harness to the ceiling keeps her from sitting and she’s obviously exhausted. She wears a red ballgag and we get a nice close-up of her crotchrope. Enter Jay, who changes her gag to a large pad of foam in a stocking. He roughly pulls and squeezes her boobs, then tosses her onto a mattress and leaves her to sleep in the creepy darkness. The next morning, Bambi is tethered, standing in a closet. Jay clamps her nipples and later closes the door on her, despite her fear of spiders. Perched on the edge of a chair, Bambi looks totally helpless. She uses those big, sad brown eyes to their fullest but this has no effect on her heartless captor. He runs a rope from her crotchrope to the ceiling and lifts her ass completely off the chair. On her knees again, Bambi gets nipple clamps pulled upward towards the ceiling. Bound to a post, her ass is propped forward and there’s a spreader bar between her ankles. She drools from underneath her ballgag as Jay runs a chain from her nipple clamps to the ceiling. Standing on a platform, her ankles chained apart, Bambi wears a leather single-sleeve and a strict harness gag. A chain pulls her head up straight and padlocks weight her nipple clamps. Won’t her father ever come through with the ransom? The next two scenes feature sweet Eve, first perched on a tiny bench between her thighs, then bent over in a strict strappado with her ballgag padlocked to a post. She pants and whimpers as Jay alternates between tender caresses on her face and tits to firm spanks on her round ass.

Country: USA
Genre: BDSM, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination, Fetish, Fisting, Lesbians
Studio: Jay Edwards Video
Director: Jay Edwards
Duration: 01:25:19
Starring: Bambi Newberry, Eve Ellis

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: 320*240, 1486 kbps – 1496 kbps, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps
Size of archive: 257 Mb

File size: 257.1 MB