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Tranny Triple Threat Bangs A Guy

Jessica Ketlen, Ariadny Oliver, Tamarah Camargo
Date: 2011-03-22
Adriadny, Jessica and Tamarah are in some seriouly hot gangbang action today. Watch these three drop dead gorgeous and hung trannies take this straight guy to new heights as they all take turns feeding him cock and fucking his tight ass until they all bust huge loads.
21:39 min HD video

File size: 535.7 MB

DirtyTony – Devin Draz Fucks Philip Aubrey

Super hot Dirty Tony veteran, Devin Draz is back to wreak some anal havoc on tan tightbodied blonde Philip Aubreys hairless hole. And god, how I do enjoy watching from the front row. The two begin sharing their love for cars, realizing theyre both late bloomers in the fucking people department, and how much they jerk off before stripping each others shirts off and making out like its the last day the earth will exist. Devin is the first to start swallowing cock, as he gets Philip sitting with his back against the headboard and he unzips his pants to reveal a thickening chubby just begging for some suction. Philip cant believe how good a straight guy is at giving head and turns the tables so he can share his personal recipes for orgasm inducing oral. Devin can barely take any more deepthroating before hes about to burst jizz everywhere, so he takes a quick breather before Philip straddles him and begins kneeding his blood-filled cock with his asss vice-like grasp. Wanting to give Devin a better view of the hole that is strangling his dick, Philip spins around with that dick still inside him and continues pumping his posterior up and down all the way to Devins high and tight balls until they are both super close to cumming. Wrenching control away from Philip, Devin pushes him forward and shoves his veiny plunger up his waste pipe. Really building up momentum, Devin knocks Philip down onto his face from his knees before flipping him over into missionary. From there the ability to hold back the torrents of cum is history, as Philip launches volley after volley of sweet salty goodness all over his golden torso and Devin sprays his mouth and neck with his signature super-soaker blasts of heavy cow-milk.

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: mov

File size: 165.8 MB

Straight Guy Swallows Shemale Cum Load

Duration: 32m, 47s
Views: 35,704 times
Site: Cum Filled Trannys
Category: Transsexual
Featuring: Shakira Voguel, Lucas Gomes

At first it’s unclear whether stud Lucas even knows that the babe that he picked up at the club, tall and busty tranny Shakira, as in fact a transsexual! Shakira is so feminine that you would be forgiven for thinking that she was a genetic female – at least, until she bends over and shows you her large cock and drooping ball sack! Lucas doesn’t seem fazed, letting out a little gasp of desire and satisfaction as he lays eyes on that cock. The oral goes both ways and then Lucas slams Shakira in the butt, eventually creampieing her anally. Lucas then takes the transsexual cock in his mouth and swallows down the shemale cumload – very hot!

File size: 965.1 MB

Straight Guys Take The Bait #3

Starring: Adam, Ashton Cooper, Drake Gold, Leonard, Nate
Director: Andre Tardif
Categories: Anal, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Oral, Real Men, Rimming, Straight Guys, Tattoos, Uncut, Underwear, White
Studio: Male Spectrum
Date: Apr 16, 2011
There’s an old adage – straight guys are just gay guys who haven’t seen a cock big enough to satisfy them. Okay, so maybe it’s an old adage but it sure the fuck applies here! Male Spectrum has found four new pieces of sculpted straight bait who are persuaded to go gay and get their mouths and assholes penetrated by a pudgy pecker! A little assurance and a little lube is all that was required for the transformation from hetero to homo, turning these pussy pounders into champion cock chuggers.

Total size 1.4 GB in 4 files

OutInPublic – Dylan’s Public Appearance (2010)

Year: 2010
Genre: In public, Blowjob, Studs, Amateur
Duration: 00:22:01
Studio: OutInPublic

Dylan Roberts has been a good friend of Joey’s for a long time and they decide to hit the streets to do what Out In Public does best. Find some tight ass to fuck! You’d be surprised the willingness of people to have a little fun on camera in Miami. You just have to try. They come across Hunter, who was just passing by looking for some place to eat and ask him if he’d be interested in getting his cock grabbed and sucked on film. Hunter is a straight dude and has never fucked a guy before, but once he’s offered some cold hard cash he thinks twice. The only thing that worries Hunter is that his girlfriend sees the video, but gets his dick sucked by Dylan non the less. How much money will we have to offer before Hunter fucks Dylan? Find out now!

Format: AVI
Video: 852 x 480 (71:40), 29.970 fps
Audio: 44,1 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 451.1 MB

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