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Raging Stallion Studios – Mirage (2007) 2-Disc set

Country: US
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Max Schutler, Jake Deckard, Dirk Jager, Steve Cruz, Huessein, Collin O’Neal, Dominic Pacifico, Justin Christopher, Marc LaSalle, Matthieu Paris, Rambo, Tamas Eszterhazy, Tommy Blade
Director: Chris Ward
Composer/Score: J.D. Slater
Videographer: Ben Leon

Description: Mirage is a blockbuster with a plot! The movie opens with a group of savage tomb robbers as they loot a lost Egyptian crypt in search of a golden ushabti–a treasured golden statue that is the most valuable artifact from the ancient world. Eight Arabian men–all dark, sweaty, and swarthy– rummage through the treasure chamber, looting the riches of ancient Egypt. Their joy turns to ecstasy, urged on by the wall paintings of nude Nubian soldiers. Before long, a massive orgy breaks out in a scene that is the greatest group performance ever directed by Chris Ward. What ensues is an 8-man orgy with 25 cum shots and so many fuck positions that the Kama Sutra must be consulted to figure them all out! It is really a tour de force of male erotica. The actors in the scene are Steve Cruz, Marc LaSalle, Rambo, Max Schutler, Dominic Pacifico, Tommy Blade, Justin Christopher, and Huessein. They all start by sucking each other off in a frenzy of cock worship that results in each of them blowing massive, wet loads. But that is only the beginning of the scene…

DVD covers

Length: 2.57 GiB Duration: 4h 23mn 44s 958ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 174 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 480 (1.500) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 192 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 2.5 GB

The woman – a statue

When she was called for a photo shooting lucious Mariah didn’t show the photographers her best side. The Belgium model appeard too be tired and lazy instead. If she would have known what will happen Mariah would have give the best show of her life.
Now the singeltail and dogwhip force her into the right positions. This is a very severe punishment of a beautiful naked butt and back.
Watch the tears rolling and the welts rising in IN TOP RESOLUTION QUALITY!
File size: 193.3 MB

Within Earshot

A statuesque dominant (played by Star Chandler) has turned her apartment into a torture chamber and has a strumpet (Ashley Renee) bound in her bed. The severe whipping is so loud it penetrates the walls of the apartment and is perfectly audible next door! Well, a cute blonde (played by K.C. Dylan) can’t mistake the meaning of the racket and gets so turned on she finds herself masturbating furiously. Inevitably, curiosity gets the best of her, and she too winds up in the torture chamber!
File size: 736.1 MB

Crystal: Teased & Pleased

Many of you know Crystal for her dominatrix work and a smattering of so-so bondage scenes over the years. She was actually scared to shoot with Jay and it took a while to finally talk her into it. The statuesque blonde is treated to the full experience: tight ropes, rough manhandling, hard spankings, nasty tit clamps and real gags. She goes from loving it to hating it and then back to loving it — ending her session with several onscreen orgasms. We begin with Crystal being tied onscreen — she complains about the ropes being too tight but that doesn’t stop Jay from doing what he wants with her. Her impressive body is groped and grabbed, her breathing quickens and she openly admits that she likes what is happening to her. After 8 minutes of onscreen tying and manhandling, the leather wedge gag is strapped into her mouth and her first day of real bondage begins. Next, she is bound on her knees where she tries to move but finds little room for that. Jay adds a crotchrope and pulls her tits out of her dress so they may be properly bound with tight ropes. Crystal realizes that it is too late to turn back now and her uncertainty over her situation is obvious. She gracefully accepts the nipple clamps but she really has no choice. It’s obvious that she enjoys his hands on her toned flesh but she needs some time alone to let the bondage sink in. Bound atop a large cylinder, she is subjected to harsh tit abuse before heavy clamps are put on her nipples and then stretched up the ceiling on a spring-loaded string. Jay returns to ungag her and deeply kisses her before she is ballgagged again. Crystal is left to endure the constant tug of those big clamps on her tender nipples. A harsh kneeling position on the girlie-go-round features another session with the spring-loaded string and clamps combo — she is now learning to twist and tug on her tits for her own enjoyment. A yoga position offers her the chance to roll about the floor and experiment with her crotchrope — she soon discovers that she can make herself cum if she moves her hips in just the right way. A big leather plug gag stifles her moans but there is no mistaking her enthusiasm for bondage now.

66 minutes of a woman finally finding her real passion…
File size: 1.0 GB

The Locker Room + Bonus

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal / Sex, Group, Big Dick, Interracial, Muscle, Cumshot
Length: 00:42:06
Directed by: Jeremy Lucido
Studio: Randy Blue Adrenaline
Starring: Cayden Ross, Eddie Diaz, Lucky Daniels, Colby Keller, Leo Giamani, Jeremy Walker, Dustin Rivers, Lucas Vick, Brandon Kent, Sean Everett

Description: From a hot muscular stud working his amazing body to a locker room tryst, hot steam room sex and finally a wild five man shower orgy, The Locker Room encompasses all your gym fantasies in one sweat filled movie. These guys like to work out and work each other. Muscled studs finding new ways to burn calories and build muscle, most of them involving sucking cock and fucking ass.
We put five hot, horny hunks in a steamy shower scene and the water wasn’t all that was hot. Eddie Diaz walks into a room and you can almost hear the hard-ons popping up all around him. His adorable features, lean, tight, muscular body and monster dick make him quite a thing of beauty, but his passionate sexual energy make him the heart of any sexual encounter. And if Eddie is the heart, then Lucky Daniels is the personality. Aside from having an amazing body, when Lucky turns on the charm there’s not a man around who can resist him. And if you have a heart and personality, you’ll need brains. That’s where Colby Keller comes in. Not to say he’s your average brainy bookworm, but quite the contrary. Colby has a unique style all his own, with his handsome scruffy face and tall athletic body. He won’t unleash a raw animal passion on you, but rather a well thought out plan of attack that will have you rock hard and on the verge of cumming before you even realize what’s happening to you. And after brains comes brawn. Leo Giamani and Jeremy Walker could be Greek statues, their perfect bodies, muscles for days, handsome chiseled features and cocks that might scare away a novice bottom but would offer a welcome challenge to anyone that loves to get fucked. Gym showers, glory holes, sucking and fucking, all with a group of the hottest Randy Blue models.
After that, check out what’s going on in the other corners of our dirty little gym. After a nice sweaty workout, Dustin Rivers and Lucas Vick take advantage of a deserted locker room to have some fun. And Brandon Kent and Sean Everett create their own steam in the Randy Blue steam room. Throw in the bonus scene of Cayden Ross and his first solo where you see how this massive hunk gets all those gorgeous muscles and you’ll feel like you’ve had a workout all your own.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MP4
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video 704×400 29.970 fps 1418 Kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 164Kbps

File size: 997.5 MB