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Dirty Wet Girls HQ DVD Rip

Release Year: 2011
Cast: Alexa James, Angelica Saige, Angie Savage, Dani Jensen, Faye Reagan, Kayme Kai, Puma Swede
Genres: Lesbian

Nubile lesbians lathered in salacious suds. Dancing, prancing and cavorting lesbian style in the wonder of their wicked wetness. You will envy and identify with their soap as it enters and exits every female orifice. Drenched in diabolical desire these Dirty Wet Girls dine on sapphic delights while the viewer dries their denims.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:38:33
Video: 576×320, XviD, 832kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 698.8 MB

731 Jan 7th

Release Year: 2003
Studio: Insex
Cast: 713, Spacegirl, PD
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Metal Bondage, Rope Bondage, Submission, Domination,Torture, Spanking, Group Bondage
Video language: English

Day number two of 731’s January 2003 live feed begins with 731 in her metal container, peeing into a metal pan. She bathes in a metal box fitted with a glass plate. A hose is fed inside the top to create a shower. Her soapy fingers slide and glide around her lovely genitals, slipping back to cleanse her cunt. She turns her body in order to show her fingers cleaning out her asshole. The brash cane marks from the day before crisscross her rounded cheeks.

File size: 805.3 MB

This video has been removed.

BoyCrush – Gettin’ Dirty Gettin’ Clean

Release Year: 2011
Studio: BoyCrush
Cast: Ryan Sharp
Genres: Solo, Twinks, Toys, Brown Hair, Trimmed, Cut, Ass Play, Cum Jerking Off, Other Location
Video language: English

There may be a problem with the showers at the BoyCrush studio; all our boys come out dirtier than when they went in! Ryan Sharp steps under the spray this week, soaping up his athletic, boyish body. He’s armed with a glass dildo, which he works up his ass as he strokes his cock. He leans back and cums with a groan before rinsing the jizz away down the drain.

Format: asf
Duration: 10:36
Video: 768×432, Windows Media Video 9, 1816kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 153.1 MB

CorbinFisher – ACM1073 – Carson (Showers Doug With Cum)

You know when things start off in the shower,they’re only going to get dirtier as we go along! Today’s no exception as buff freshman Carson walks in on new guy Doug as he rinses off. Things get heated up quickly and not even a cold shower is going to cool things off!

Doug has a lightly furry chest and some scruff on his face. It’s an attractive contrast to Carson’s smooth, thick pecs and clean-shaven features. Carson’s letting his hair grow out and he looks sexier than ever.

Doug soaps Carson up in between kisses. Carson’s dick is rock hard. He lathers up Doug’s back, then slides his hand down to Doug’s soapy crack. Doug pinches Carson’s wet nipple. They shut off the water and Doug kisses his way down to Carson’s stiff cock.

He sucks Carson’s dick. Doug licks the head and shaft, and goes all the way down on Carson. He licks Carson’s nuts and starts swallowing his dick again. Carson fucks Doug’s face, then bends him over to eat out his ass.

Carson strokes his cock as he sticks his tongue into Doug’s hole. He lubes up his dick and slides his thick cock into Doug’s ass. Doug moans as Carson pumps his ass.

Doug looks over his shoulder so he can see Carson pounding his ass. Doug gets on his back so Carson can drill him in the missionary position. Carson tells him how good it feels.

Carson fucks Doug faster, slamming his cock all the way inside. Then, Carson slows down, thrusting slowly

into Doug, then speeds up again.

Doug says he’s going to come. He strokes his cock and jerks out a big load that flies up over his shoulder, as well as splattering all over his stomach.

Carson pulls out and jerks his dick. He blows an insane load that showers Doug with cum from his cheek all the way down to his cock. I know Carson is a big shooter, but this is nuts! Doug is literally drenched in cum.

The guys kiss, and I’m sure Carson can taste his own cum as they kiss. Carson says it’s time for another shower … but I bet Doug would like another cum shower!

Format: asf
Duration: 18:50
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 1287kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 186.2 MB

Shower Time [Ladyboy Gold]

Release Year: 2011
Studio: ladyboygold
Cast: Dao
Genres: Transsexuals, Shemales, Hardcore,Anal Toys, Bikini, Close-ups, Dildo, Fetish, Pissing, Stroking, Wet
Video language: English

Little Ladyboy Dao cleans herself off in the shower, stripping out of her bikini. Covered with soap suds Dao caresses every inch of her petite body until she’s squeaky clean. Fresh and refreshed Dao lays back on the ledge of the bathtub for ass penetration from a ruby dildo. The ribbed toy feels so nice inside her anus, making her cock throbbing hot….

Format: asf
Duration: 25:59
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 2936kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 576.6 MB

Always Ready / Hot Shots (1982)

Year: 1982
Genre: Shot on film, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solos, Vintage
Duration: 01:03:45
Director: Wakefield Poole
Studio: Premier Video, TMX, Mustang Studios, Bijou Classics
Cast: Luke, Rick Madison, Carrie Reynolds, James Gallo, Donna Mack, Louie Moscoso, Richard Post, Lou Davis, Casey Donovan, John Taylor, William Winer

A chauffeur (Casey Donovan) imagines sex scenes while getting ready for work in the morning. The film begins with him being driven home and stripping out of his tuxedo in front of a three-way mirror. One of the images in the mirror takes on a life of its own and begins masturbating, Donovan does the same. A sex film ad that he receives the next morning, and a bathtub soak, start him dreaming of an office building’s busy men’s room where office boys jack off and cock-suck. One of them is on his knees awaiting dick, the other pulls his pants to his knees to reveal a thick, veiny slap of beef. A third man interrupts but goes into a stall to jackoff. He comes out just as the topman blows his wad into the other’s face. Next, the handsome and burly boss/businessman (Rick Madison) enters the john, getting his own large cock sucked by the man. He invites him back to his office and as the guy lays over the desk, he gets his hole fucked. While the chauffeur continues to dream and stroke in his bathtub, a Puerto Rican is blown by a chained, leather-hooded mystery man in a warehouse. The Puerto Rican, with a long, fat and juicy boner, removes the mouthpiece of the hood and fucks the guy’s face.
Just as he is about to cum, he clutches his cock tightly in two hands so it doesn’t spurt, then himself in his hands. In the next dream of Donovan’s, two young men swallow hard-ons and jack off in the back seat of a limousine; this is a standard session. Back in reality, the chauffeur is still stroking himself, with soap, in his tub and cums. Then he picks up the businessman he had dreamed of and they suck, Donovan swallows his nuts, the boss fucks him, and they jack off, shooting at the same time! Here we see that older men such as Donovan and Madison are as hot as the younger office boys. The sex segments themselves are erotic and include some light bondage. The photography is very good and the cocks are big. Some of the characters in the film are supposedly real-life people that Casey interjects into his fantasies, but we are never really told who they are. Also, it’s a bit hard to tell what the film is supposed to be about unless one reads the back of the film box.

Format: AVI
Video: 512×382 (1.34:1), 25 fps, DivX Codec 6.8.3 ~1251 kbps avg, 0.26 bit/pixel
Audio: 32 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~96.00 kbps avg

File size: 616.7 MB

Big Tits Und Round Asses – Meggy

What do you get when you have to very gorgeous and voluptuous women together in a hot tub full of sudsy bubbles. You get an awesome time!! Oh these girl are banging hot! Fat Asses and Rocking Tits. Its mind boggling to see these two women rubbing their breasts together like that. Soaping up and then washing off the lather..The next time you take a bath your gonna have these two girl playing repeatedly in your head.

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Big Tits, Big Ass, Lesbian
Starring: Meggy

File size: 471.6 MB

Worship My Latina Ass 6

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Roman Video
Cast: Isis Taylor, Annika Adams, Vlady
Genres: Face Sitting, Female Domination, Fetish, Latin
Video language: English

Two amazingly hot bodies, two breathtaking facesitting scenes. Sexy Mistress Isis Taylor stands in her bathtub, soaping her incredible ass.

Format: avi
Duration: 53:52
Video: 640×352, XviD, 1622kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 698.0 MB

sc0089-1024 – Rick 2

Release Year: 2011
Studio: SeanCody
Cast: Rick
Genres: Solo, Masturbaion, Big Dick, Muscle, Cumshots
Video language: English

Rick is back and this time he’s making a big, soapy mess.

What a set of nuts on this guy!

Format: asf
Duration: 10:31
Video: 720×480, Windows Media Video 9, 977kbps
Audio: 46kbps

Teasing Daniel

Teasers teasers …
A couple passionately engaged in sex in front of his friend’s pic
He looks, drooling and masturbating frantically
After all – soap-foam-showers joint washer

File size: 390.0 MB

DVDES-089 – High Class Lesbian Soap. Io Asuka

Release Year: 2011
Studio: asiamoviepass
Cast: Io Asuka
Genres: Lesbians, Stockings, Kissing
Video language: Japanese

I just can’t believe these girls are so beautiful and yet no man is banging them. Sad for the male community when sexy and beautiful women like these prefers pussies then cocks. Io Asuka visits a spa for some R and R but gets more than she bargains for, her therapist starts to make advances on her and Io does not complain at all, so her therapist proceeds to lick her before giving her a soap bath and thats is just the beggining.

Format: avi
Duration: 141:23
Video: 720×480, XviD, 1461kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.6 GB

RickSavage – Bathroom Bondage Natalia DVD

In our latest episode of Galaxy�s Amateur Bondage Series Master Rick Savage pays a visit to the lovely April Taylor star of Galaxy�s # 207 – Rubber Band Torment and # 218 – Soaped Up Slut. When Rick arrives at April�s house he finds her bound and naked on the cold outdoor porch. As Rick rescues our chisel-bodied damsel In distress, he decides to comfort the young sexy lady with an afternoon of “Bathroom Bondage!” No faucet is left unturned as the Matter gives her painful doses of flogging, spanking, nipple torment, ass punishment and pussy torment! Watch Rick as he brings April�s bizarre session to a wet bone chilling conclusion!

File size: 638.9 MB

Gina Devine Soapy Butt

Super petite teen, Gina Devine blesses us with her passionate masturbation sessions. This tall sexy spinner knows how to satisfy her needy pussy properly!

Released: 2011
Genre: Solo, Masturbation, Bath, Soap, Teen
Starring: Gina Devine

File size: 338.7 MB

Paramedics DVDRip

Produced in: 2006
Country: USA
Genre: muscles, anal, oral sex
Duration: 2 hour 19 min
Director: Thor Stephans (a.k.a. Peter Goesinya)

Chad Farrell, Park Wiley, Stetson Gable, Jonathan West, Justin Dragon, Jason Crew, Anthony Shaw, Justin Wells, Cameron Fox and Dillon Press. Also featuring Vince Harrington, Lana Luster, Jazmine, Dan Cross and Thor Stephans in non-sexual roles.

It’s bad news for a biker who is injured on a dirt road, but the paramedics arrive just in time for the credits. Cameron Fox decides they have to hurry, since the “guy is in bad shape.” CUT! Elfin director Vince Harrington is furious at Cameron for not knowing his lines and the central gimmick of “The Paramedics” is revealed. It’s a porn spoof of porn. With writer-director Thor Stephans at the helm, I would expect nothing less than non-stop hilarity, and that’s just what ensues. He fires venomous darts at everyone in the industry, but lovingly coats them with gobs of humorous honey. Using a cast of models beyond perfection, he doesn’t let the sex doesn’t get completely lost in the talky soapy spectacle. There’s room enough in this epic for everything.
Hassled Vince has other problems. Producer Dan Cross (playing himself) finds two of the models don’t have IDs and studio owner Dillon Press has the hots for Cameron Fox, which is getting in the way. Those models without ID are Park Wiley and Chad Farrell, who are found in an ambulance getting in on without cameras rolling. In his defense, Chad does have a “gym card,” and their coke-snorting agent (an unbilled and amusing Thor Stephans himself) is no help. Not caring for IDs or shooting schedules, the guys are bent on getting it on. “Can’t you cum twice?” Park baits Chad before going down on him. Park rattles off a deep-throat of tall brunet Chad’s dick with amazing simplicity. Chad then takes his turn, going for a head-twister blowjob. The dick that fits in Park’s mouth so well does just the same in his ass, with Chad, veins popping out all over, showing rabid attention to the fine plug. Park’s ride works just as well and doesn’t end until he cums. Chad then has a good shot all over his abs. There are two comical “interviews” with the guys after this scene where they remember it happening in two very different ways.
Dillon is not only worried about Cameron (and Vince chastises him that “it’s not very professional, sweetie, to fuck with the models”) but also the budget and the all-important master tapes. This leads into an “interview” with Vince, where he admits he “got sidetracked into making fuck films,” rather than using his theater degree. Vince, sporting a dressing gown and riding crop, shows two incredibly hunky real-life paramedics around the set while P.A. Kyle Lewis salivates over these two gods. Meanwhile, star Justin Dragon is complaining about having to do a dialogue scene with Lana Luster and the bottom hasn’t shown up! Oh, and Lana? Well, the Vince Harrington-look-a-like is busy in the dressing room trying on wigs (“too Barbara Stanwyck” is the blonde one, “too Susan Hayward” is the red one, but the dark Ava Gardner suits her). And producer Dan? All he can complain about is “long, long scripts.”

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: 640×480 (1.33:1), 23.976 fps, XviD 1.1 beta 1 (build 38) ~988 kbps avg, 0.13 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 998.4 MB

Truck Stop (1981)

Year: 1981
Genre: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Solo, Threesome, Vintage
Duration: 01:02:49
Director: Matt Sterling
Studio: Brentwood, Bijou Video, Trophy Video
Cast: Dan, Dino , Eric (Ernie Langeberg), Gary Boyd, Joe, Major, Mike Savage, Rod, Tom

Rod and Joe are two black truckers who stop at a “Truck Stop” for a drink. In the bathroom, Joe takes out Rod’s hardening cock and feasts on it. Back at the bar the action continues, only this time the youthful white bartender is more than a casual observer. After undressing, Eric strokes his cock while sitting on a bench before moving to the shower where he continues to pull on his soapy meat. Then Major, Tom, and Don are three horny studs who explore different combinations among pool tables and pinball machines in an effort to satisfy their voracious appetites. The fourth segment finds Gary Boyd out driving around when he encounters auto problems. Gary decides to pull into a service station where Mike Savage works. Mike decides to help Gary with a different problem and brings him into the garage where he takes Gary’s cock in his mouth and up his ass.

Format: WMV
Video: 640×480 (4/3), 29.970 fps, 923 Kbps (0.100 bit/pixel)
Audio: 48.0 KHz, 2 ch, 160 Kbps, CBR

File size: 491.5 MB

This video has been removed.

Katsumi Body Heat

Engaged himself in the hall, Tommy Hahn and some other dude, but then came the beginning of Asian Katsumi and distract the men, their forms and postures, but to the extent that Tommy had forgotten to insure a partner during the bench press and the barbell crushed, well and the guys decided, from harm’s way to finish a training session and went into the shower. But the thirsty sex Katsumi took them there until they themselves were peaceful under the water jets aziatochka, it has come to the men’s shower room and stood with myltsem at the entrance (you can see on the poster, on the frightened face of Tommy Ghana at the time), quick-witted guys started exchange glances anxiously, not knowing what the woman wants, and seeing that the sign had no effect on men, accidentally drops the soap Katsumi between them, well, then quick-witted guys understand subtle hint and more are passionate sex under the water jets

File size: 135.1 MB

Soapy Massage – Callie

One of the sexiest massages i evar seen! Check it out!

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Blondie, Massage
Starring: Callie

File size: 720.4 MB

Ultimate Travel Home Soap Service at Bath

Year: 2009
Country: Japan
Genre: Asian, Big Tits, All Sex
Length: 1:48:27
Censorship: Yes to all files
Language: Japanese
Movie Studio Code: SDMS-906
Studio: SOD
Starring: Nao Mizuki – G-cup 90cm, Nana Yoshihori, Chisato Hoshi
Description: Wet little white ass Japanese women want to Cesc!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: WVC1 640×480 30.00fps 1404kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 96kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Naughty Boy’s Toys DVDRip

Produced in: 2006
Country: EU
Genre: sex-toys, dildo, masturbation, oral, anal
Duration: 2 hour 30 min
Director: Bryan Phillips
Studio: Cobra Video

Brent Corrigan, Cameron Lane, Cody Lockheart, Skylar Clarke, Connor Ashton, Aaron Phelps, Tyler Hall, Nate Grant, Reagan, Brent Everett, Chase McKenzie

Scene 1
Our new hottieboi, Cody Lockheart makes his naughty debut by stripping down and stroking for you. He takes off his clothes and while watching himself in the mirror, rubs his muscular 18 year old butt. He settles back to strip down and grinds his hard cock against the couch. As he humps, his hand goes back under and he slips first one, then two fingers inside his tight butt to prep himself for his toy. Cody brings out a long smooth dildo and slips it inside pumping it in and out. He rolls over and while pushing his toy deeper and deeper, squirts his cream all over his belly to finish.
Scene 2
Sometimes a simple bar of soap can be a boy’s best toy. Tyler showers and rubs his body all over, the lather streaming down his tanned, toned body. He dries off and poses in the mirror while rubbing himself. He sits on the toilet and begins to jack off. He squirts on his leg and takes a nice taste to finish of his naughty scene.
Scene 3
Aaron and Connor return from the beach and lay down to on the couch. Aaron is a our number one naughty boy and Connor whips out a pair of hand cuffs and binds Aaron’s hands together. Aaron is forced to suck Connor’s long cock and then Connor bites on Aaron’s nipples and cock. Aaron grimaces but is excited by the pain while Connor yanks his sack down hard while sucking him. We all know Aaron likes to play rough and the pain just makes him even more excited. Connor straddles over him and faces fucks Aaron, then Aaron is forced to his knees to give service. Connor get’s up over him again and Aaron sucks till Connor blows into Aaron’s mouth, then Aaron is un cuffed and creams in Connor’s mouth.
Scene 4
Sometimes naughtyboys, have bigger toys. Nate paddles in near the coast and decides it’s to nice of a day to get right out of his kayak. The warmness of the sun against his body feels good, and soon he’s reaching down and rubbing the hardness under his shorts. He looks around for any sign of an audience, then whips out his fat cock and jacks first slow, then harder, squirting his load up on his shirt. He licks up what is left from his fingers.
Scene 5
Brent Corrigan and Cameron head to his apartment after seeing a movie together, Their shyness gives way to their mutual attraction and the boys kiss and start pulling each others clothes off. Cameron blows Brent and then Brent gets on top of Cameron and deep throats his thick cock. All horned up, each tells the other that they want to get fucked, but surprised to find they are both bottoms. Brent has an and pulls out a 2 1/2 foot double headed dildo and suggests that they give it a try. Cameron tries to take the huge dildo in, but you can see he is uncomfortable at first saying he hasn’t been fucked in a long time. Cameron suggests its Brent’s turn and Brent lays on his back. We all know from Poolboy’s Dream and Cream BBoys that Brent loves his huge dildos, and Cameron drives it home. Cameron pumps the long dildo in and out of Brent’s hole and Brent is so turned on that long streams of pre cumm dribble down from the head of his cock. Brent suggests using the two heads on the dildo and the boys get on the couch together and insert from both sides. They stroke and gyrate their bodies and the dildo gets moved back and forth. Brent is taking more than his share and both boys climax simultaneously, their cumm dripping down on the dildo, still inside them. Brent proclaims, that’s better than any top.
Scene 6
Tyler walks is the room as Reagan is on the couch, sporting morning wood. Reagan suggests playing with some toys to help with his horniness and after sucking on Tyler, pulls out a rubber cock sleeve. He lubes up Tyler’s cock and slides it up and down, asking Tyler if it feels like a tight hole. Tyler gets more open minded and asks what other toys he has and Reagan produces two sets of anal balls, larger ones for himself, and smaller metal ones for Tyler. Tyler isn’t experienced and he shows him how to insert them as they both continue to jack off. The boys enjoy the sensation as they pull the balls from their tight holes, and then Reagan brings our a smaller dildo and a big blue one. Reagan helps Tyler start his dildo then both boys get them in and work them in and out while jacking. Tyler says he just wants to get sucked off and Reagan obliges, he fists and sucks Tyler’s cock until the boy’s cream spills onto his tongue and Reagan laps it down. Tyler then blows Reagan and Reagan returns the favor with a nice creamy load on Tyler’s tongue.
Scene 7
Sometimes naughty boys need to be punished (I know of some, more deserving than others) and our cutieboi Cody is led into his bedroom blindfolded by Skylar. Skylar says he needs to be punished, but Cody isn’t exactly sure what he has done wrong, or what his punishment will be. Skylar produces some leather wrist cuffs and pins Cody down to the bed, strapping him down. Skylar gets over his boy and makes him suck him, then gets down to bite on Cody’s nipples. Skylar gets over Cody’s face and makes him teabag his balls while reaching back and pulling Cody’s cock. Cody grimaces and asks if that’s the best he can do for punishment. Skylar unties him and brings him over to the corner of the bed, bedding over his lap and spanking his bubble but. Skylar then alternates between spanking and fingering the boy, and has Cody begging for Skylar’s fat hard cock. Cody begs once again for his cock but Skylar tells him he has something better in mind and pulls out “the Black Mamba” Poor Cody’s tight hole is defiled as Skylar pumps the Mamba in and out, then positions Cody on all fours over him. He takes that hard black dildo and while pushing it in and out, sucks out the boys cream and it spills into Skylar’s mouth and streams down his cheek. Skylar immediately gets up over Cody’s loosened boy hole and drives his bare cock inside. Our boy enjoys Skylar’s cock being driven deeper and deeper. Sklyar flips him on his back and begins to jack off Cody and Cody exudes the ecstasy of being totally pleasured. Cody can’t hold out and blows his cream all over his tummy for a second orgasm. Skylar isn’t finished and puts Cody up doggy style again. He drives his cock in hard then explodes, sending his juice into Cody’s hole and down his sack. The Naughty boys collapse together in contentment.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 480×360 29.97fps 1250Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps [Audio Stream 1]

File size: 1.5 GB

Forgive me for Raping You (2010) DVDRip

Forgive me for Raping You (2010) DVDRip

In this extreme sexploitation horror shocker, a psychotic priest travels through a seemingly suburban landscape and uses his collar to secure the trust of a series of beautiful young women before subjecting these poor beauties to increasingly sadistic bouts of sexual assault. Director Bill Zebub has trimmed all of the filler from the standard serial killer movie and replaced it with a near constant barrage of depraved sexual horror. “Most serial killer films favor soap opera dialogue and speculation-depictions of the killer doing anything but the vile deeds for which he became famous. This movie shows ONLY the deranged part of the serial killer’s story.” – Bill Zebub WARNING: This film contains graphic nudity and sexual assault and in intended only for mature audiences.

RAPE IS A CIRCLE director Bill Zebub merges horror with sexploitation in this lurid shocker about a depraved priest who lures innocent suburban girls into sexual slavery. Unlike other directors who opt a more restrained approach to the topic of serial killers, Zebub’s aims to rile viewers by emphasizing only on the most blasphemous and horrifying aspects of his twisted tale.

File size: 699.9 MB

soapy butt

Solo. Almost. A guy takes his lady with a nice ass. And while she shows her flirting lathery anus.

File size: 95.6 MB

Cocky Boys – Kevin Crows Fucks Spencer Fox

Kevin and Spencer are two horny fuckers who just cant keep their clothes on. And why would they? I mean, look at them. I think guys like Kevin and Spencer should be forbidden from ever wearing clothes on. Seeing their naked bodies get all wet and soaped up in my shower is a sight to behold every single day. Before Spencer even had a chance to realize what was going on he was already pinned to the wall with his legs spread apart and his pink hole exposed and getting the royal Kevin treatment. The muscle stud rimmed and owned that hole as if hes been doing it all his life. A few minutes later, Spencer was getting plowed in the shower and boy was he loving every minute of it! So fuckin hot! But why am I even telling you all this?? Just push play already!

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: mov

File size: 218.3 MB


Year: August 9, 2010
Country: USA
Genre: solo, masturbate
Duration: 21:24

Like a lot of Pisces, Justin loves the water. So, we gave this 20-year old surfer dude a chance to show off in the shower!
Justin spends a lot of time at the beach and in the water. He told us he learned to surf “from scratch,” and has been at it for five or six years now. And yes … hes had sex at the beach – and in the daytime. Unfortunately, it was a secluded area and no one was around to see it.
But clearly Justin likes to be seen, which must be why he sent his model application to us personally. His wide blue eyes and long curly hair frame a sexy and yet almost-innocent face. But below that face is a hot surfers body and a throbbing dick!
He snuck out of his house when he was 16 to go to his girlfriends house and have sex for the first time. She was more experienced than him, and she definitely taught him a few tricks. While Justin prefers girls, hes one of the few models weve had that has experimented with guys before going through their CF education. Maybe hell have a trick or two to teach the upperclassmen.
Justin is kind of a horndog who has sex three to four times a week on average, and jerks off two to three times a week. He prefers girls that are shorter than him, and he likes anal sex with girls. The first time he had sex with a guy was when he spent the night at a friends house. The guy was into him, but Justin didnt know it and they ended up having sex.
He takes his clothes off for us, and its not surprising hes not wearing underwear. This surfer knows when the wave is coming, youve got to be ready to ride it! He has a nice dick and some extremely low-hanging nuts. He tells us he gets a lot of compliments on those balls.
Justin heads into the shower and enjoys the water for a minute before soaping up. The water beads up on his tan chest, dripping down off those big balls and his cock. He lathers up his entire body, slowly and methodically. He is totally enjoying the slow build-up to his />He strokes his cock as the water showers over him, plays with his balls and rubs his wet pecs and ass. By the time Justin sits down, his cock is stiff and begging for more attention. It sticks out, and yet he still doesnt rush anything.
The water keeps splashing down as Justin jerks his cock, slowly winding his fist back and forth around the head. When he comes, its a thick cream that he keeps stroking onto his cockhead. This surfer is wiping it on, not wiping out!

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 9 960×540 30.00fps 1641Kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps

File size: 262.1 MB

Insex – Scrubbed

Video + full photoset

Release: 2002

Impaled on a steel dildo, 1016 balances dangerously in a pair of high heels. With her face encased in a metal head cage and voluptuous breasts nearly bursting out of her business suit, she stands stiff at attention. Suffering almost motionlessly, she is filled with fear and trepidation. Just as she should be.

Languishing in steel boots and a chastity belt, decoration 411 looks on as 1016 is stripped of her office attire. Wearing only thigh-highs and heels, the buxom blonde beauty continues to stand with legs spread, the dildo delving deep into her slippery love hole. PD teases his helpless victim, playing with her clit then pulling leather tighter and tighter around her neck.

Belted down to a pipe chair with legs parted, she is primed for a game of pleasure and pain. Assaulted with the cane to her pussy and tits, she yelps and wails, begging for PD to change his target. But he is alternating his blows against her most sensitive areas, then merciless spanking her pussy red. The vibrator calms her down, transforming cries into soft, throaty moans.

She is then shackled down to a long copper sink, her lithe, firm body stretched and spread with ass arching upwards. A speculum opens her anus wide for inspection with the sharp point of a wooden kebab stick. A hose is used to squirt water into the open hole. Humiliated, she groans, the enema and watching her own waste drain near head.

Once her insides have been thoroughly cleansed, PD soaks her golden skin, lathers it with soap, and scrubs her roughly with a stiff-bristled brush. Rinsed clean, she is flipped over onto her back, spread-eagled, and shackled down.

Format: avi

Duration: 00:27:45

Resolution: 320 x 240


File size: 291.7 MB

Lesbian Car Wash DVD

Year: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Lesby, Toys, Hardcore
Length: 1:15:02 + 1:09:33
Language: English
Studio: Bluebird America
Cast: Cindy Behr, Stacey Saran, Kaia Kane, CJ, Michelle Thorne, Paige Ashley, Gemma Massey, Chelsea Sax, Tommie Jo, Nicole Lauren, Valery Summer, Krystal Webb, Loulou, Heavenly Daisy, Laura Gibbs, Sami J, Katie K, Brooke Lee, Charlie Monaco, Anastasia Stevens, Sam T
Description: Bubbles! Imagine a car wash where gorgeous glambirds use soapy tits and wet pussies to wash it up. Watch female customers get the special treatment as these babes get slippery and wet!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio: MP3
Video: 640×352 (1.82:1), 23.976 fps, XviD build 50 ~ 1157 kbps avg, 0.21 bit / pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 126.08 kbps avg
File size: 1.3 GB

CorbinFisher – DRU NAILS JON

Jon is quickly becoming a favorite here at CF – for both us and our fans! His handsome face and cornfed, muscular body and that Southern accent – yee-haw! He topped Philip recently, and after his first great experience with guy/guy action, Jon was interested in seeing things from the other side. And Dru is always happy to step up and help a freshman out with that!
The guys kiss and the shirts go flying. Dru kisses Jon all over and sucks Jon’s cock. Jon lays flat on the bed and Dru drives his dick deep into Jon’s throat.
They move into a 69 position, with Jon sucking Dru’s big cock for all he’s worth. Dru flips Jon onto his stomach and kisses his firm, fuzzy butt.
Dru slides his finger into Jon’s virgin ass. Jon tells him he likes the feeling. Dru keeps playing with Jon’s hole, getting it prepped for Dru’s thick dick.
“You excited?” Dru asks. Jon chuckles as he says, “Yeah!” He’s definitely excited at the thought of lean, handsome Dru pounding him!
Jon’s ass is high up in the air, raised up to meet Dru’s big cock. Jon gets on his hands and knees and arches his back so Dru can fuck him doggy-style.
Dru spanks him and Jon responds even more eagerly. Dru drills into Jon faster and faster. He slows down to kiss Jon, and then get him onto his back.
With Jon’s legs in the air, Dru fucks him hard in the missionary position. Dru says, “God, I love me a freshman!” Jon must love how Dru is hitting his prostate, because in almost no time, Jon is blasting his load all over his abs!
Dru pounds him harder as Jon’s load keeps coming. He fucks Jon faster until he pulls out and sprays his load all over Jon’s cock and balls.
“Oh, that feels so good,” Jon says. The guys head to the shower to clean up. Jon soaps up Dru’s back and Dru rinses Jon off, before giving him one last spank.

Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, First Time, 69, Blow Job, Big Dick, Cumshots
File: wmv

File size: 209.8 MB

This video has been removed.

Hunter’s Soapy Car Wash Squirts | Hunter Bryce

Hunter Bryce was washing the car and getting soaked just before getting leaning up against the car and fucked! Arms, legs and torso dripping wet, this horny slut has a problem NOT squirting when we finger and slide that cock in her incredibly tight pussy! She was blasting cum out her pussy like a wide open hose……

October 6, 2009 | 32:4 Length
Model: Hunter Bryce

File size: 964.2 MB

First time 5

Year: 2000
Genre: teens, russian boys, oral, anal
Duration: 1 hour 43 min.
Directed by: Alex Clark
Studio: Dolphin International
Cast: Ilya Kupzov, Artem Z., Artem K., Artem V., Uris V., Edmond B., Andrey Sh, Yan C., Roman T., Kostya G.
: It’s cold and snowy outside – good weather for the skiers, but its warm and cozy inside … perfect for hormonal escapades. Ed and Yanis, having enjoyed the other guys’ playful frolicks in the pool, head off to their room for some playful stunts of their own. After a steamy tongue and lip massage, Ed, a “cock connoisseur,” has Yanis wired, his rod riveted like a steel beam. He cock clamps for a tram ride, savoring every engorged centimeter. Yanis follows suit, but quickly submits to Ed’s voracious tongue again, as it primes the glory hole for some “stiff” competition. The downhill slolum ends with a cumwad explosion from both guys, one which decorates the chair covering, the other the camera lens …. Oh, you naughty boys!
Back at the lodge, after a quick plunge in the frigid pond outside and some skinny-dipping inside, Andrey and Roman take the edge off with a heavy tongue teaser. It heats up poor Roman and, hungry for meat now, he tastes every morsel of Andrey’s smooth and muscled chest, a nippled appetizer, and then consumes his throbbing cock as an entree: shaft, balls, and everything around them get sampled in a slow , salivating lip lock. Not to be outdone, Andrey salivas Roman’s rod to watch it grow, then eats ass with abandon, tongue-tipping the sweet pink and lip-nipping the nuts for good measure.
In the climax, he porks his partner, hot and hard, and washes Roman’s bony butt in a spray of sticky juice. [Competition aside, the cumshot is worth a rewind.]
Meanwhile, down the hallway, new friends Ed and Kostya are hard at work with oral communication. It seems Ed just can’t get enough – he’s turned sucking into such a fine art his tongue has developed a mind of its own. From Kostya’s lips to his darkened dick and then to his hairy ass, Ed licks and sucks his way to a finger-fuck. Kostya thanks him with a dick grip of his own and a honeyfuck that rearranges Ed’s pubic hair. They both cum aplenty at the end, but Ed’s heavy spew – thick and stringy – reupholsters an entire chair cushion.
Poolside below, some of the hotties are cooling off from extracurriculars with a quick dip; in the pool shower room, though, extracurriculars are just beginning. Dreamboat Ilya, flashing his gorgeous dark green eyes, long sexy lashes, and curvy cock behind a cascade of warm water, finally captures the gaze of Artem who, unknown to Ilya, has been preening, with soapy expectation, his monstrous 12-inches for just such a moment. The longing looks sure steal the show, but for Ilya, a self-styled jerkoff is a safer route today.
Disappointed more than a little [and so are we!], Artem satisfies his carnal lust when Yuriy steps on the tile. They vacuum one another, gasping for air every now and then, body stroke with a frenzy, and then settle down to share gonadal treats. Yuriy struggles with Artem’s super schlong, whose head is a mouthful by itself, but finds, much to his content, that Artem, like Ed, has really mastered the art of sucking: lips, tongue, and cheeks move up and down in well- orchestrated rhythm as Yuriy ‘s love muscle gets a total workout. The climactic buttfuck that follows testifies to the marvels of modern science: Artem so fills the latex, the bulbous veins of his dick are etched in the outer sheath. It’s a “lucky break” that his cumwad doesn’t blow a hole in the condom and shoot seed in and all over Yuriy’s tender ass. [Yeh, some lucky break ... right?]
From one steamy room to another, in the video finale we find Artem [a new one] and Tema enjoying some deep throat in the sauna. Long, tender kisses beget long, tasty cock and both Tema and Artem fill their mouths with succulent meat. No stranger with the tongue either, Tema works Artem’s ass like a trained masseur, no hands needed. When the hung and horny duo say goodbye, they leave behind a little of themselves as they paint the sauna’s natural wood floor with a stream of sweet milky seed, a special memento of a special winter break we’ve all enjoyed.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Video: 720×480 (1.50:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 46 ~ 2496 kbps avg, 0.24 bit / pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 256.00 kbps avg
File size: 1.9 GB

This video has been removed.

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Hunter’s Soapy Car Wash Squirts

Hunter Bryce was washing the car and getting soaked just before getting leaning up against the car and fucked! Arms, legs and torso dripping wet, this horny slut has a problem NOT squirting when we finger and slide that cock in her incredibly tight pussy! She was blasting cum out her pussy like a wide open hose……

Format: HDWMV
Studio pornpros
Video Codec: XVID
Audio codec: MPEG3
Time: 26 mins
Size: 978 Mb

File size: 978.2 MB

Young Warriors: Taking One For the Team (Raging Stallion Studios) 2010

Country: US
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios / Twinks
Cast: Zach Alexander, Chad Davis, Micah Andrews, Tucker Vaughn, Ryan Middleton
Director: Gio Caruso
Cinematographer: Gio Caruso, Johnny Robbins, Matthew Rush

Young studs play for keeps in this erotic throw-down about a wresting team called the Warriors. Stripped out of their singlets, their young sweaty bodies pinned hard to the mat… Horny boys learn fast what it means to Taking One For the Team! Finishing up their practice in the wrestling ring, cute little Micah Andrews is pinned to the floor and is at the mercy of hairy Zach Alexander who has wanted Micah’s ass for a while now. Zach has his way as they suck, rim and fuck against the ropes using the ring to their full advantage. Mid-grapple they are interrupted by their lean muscled teammate Chad Davis. He’s shocked to find his teammates pulling a few plays “outside the rulebook” but no horny boy could resist getting in on the action. He pulls out his lengthy cock and joins his teammates. Zach punishes a load out of Micah as Chad watches. Micah heads for the shower leaving Chad and Zach to continue. As Micah soaps his smooth body Chad takes his chance to top Zach. Micah returns in his towel just in time for the super soaker cum splashing finale.
DVD covers

Tucker Vaughn is getting his muscular body into peak condition when Zach Alexander tells him about the crazy hot practice yesterday. Zach has come crazy fantasy that if the team were to all fuck around together that they’d perform better at the next match. Naturally Tucker is next on Zach’s list. Zach takes out his meaty uncut cock and Tucker is quickly convinced. Who could resist a cock like Zach’s? Then Zach pulls Tucker’s hard thick cock out of his white jockstrap to slurp on. Tucker’s ass is Zach’s to feast upon in a super hot rimming scene. But his hunger is not yet satisfied until he fucks a thick creamy load out of Tucker. Zach then rewards Tuckers with a blast across his chest and stomach. What a massive load! Go team!
Call it team spirit but cocky Zach Alexander just can’t help but brag to his buddies Micah and Chad about what he did to Tucker. All of this talk of “team bonding” is very distracting, which leads Micah and Chad to introduce some new “exercises” to the routine. Micah pulls Chad’s meat out of his jock and starts sucking it with fervor. Chad decides to give Micah’s hole the real workout. He starts with a warm up of four fingers before introducing his big fat cock. Micah proves he can keep up with Chad pace through three ass slamming positions! If only every day’s workout ended like this – drenched in Young Warrior cum!
Grappler Ryan Middleton is just finishing up a practice match. In the Warriors locker room he grills teammate Tucker Vaughn about the rumors that the whole team is buggerin’ each other. Tucker wastes no time bringing him over to his team. A passionate kiss leads to cock swallowing… better to lick ‘em and join ‘em! Ryan bends twinky Tucker over and devours his tender bubble butt. Rimming leads to power fucking and the boys do it all over the sweaty locker room in three wild positions. After he fucks him crazy, Ryan begs Tucker to cum all over face. Both unload their jizz before hitting the showers together. Damn that milky lather!

Length: 1.87 GiB Duration: 1h 58mn 49s 630ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 2 022 Kbps, Aspect: 704 x 400 (1.760) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 224 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

Total size 0 Byte in files

This video has been removed.