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AAH – Security Officer Ricky and Lifeguard Conner

Lifeguard Conner makes no apologies for the fact that he likes to suck cock. Officer Ricky is getting super hard sitting next to Conner listening to him talk about how well he sucks. Ricky is normally straight and admits that men really aren’t his thing, but the lifeguard has a mouth that’s wide open, warm and wet.

When Conner opens Ricky’s pants, he’s excited at the site of the big dick before him. He wastes no time pulling down the officer’s underwear and starting in on the cocksucking. Ricky’s thick hairy dick and nice big balls ram the lifeguard’s face as Ricky starts to bark out commands.

Ricky tells Conner to “lick my nuts!” and “smack your face with my cock!”. Conner really is good at what he does. Ricky can’t say much else than “Oh fuck!” between the grunts and groans. The lifeguard takes a break from cock ramming down his throat to service the officer’s balls and licks them clean.

They both sit down and when Ricky gets a clear view of Conner’s big hairy dick in his face, he takes over and starts sucking the lifeguard’s big one. He’s a dirty fucker when he sucks cock. He moans and slurps and gags as he gasps for breath. The cock is in and out of his face and his tongue is all over up and down the shaft. He really can’t seem to get enough cock. He seems pretty good at it and very eager to please, so it makes us wonder how “straight” the officer really is.

They switch it up again with Conner back at the helm. Ricky puts his arms up over his head to show off his thick black curly armpits before he takes the lifeguard’s head and skull fucks him. Ricky’s legs go in the air. Conner jacks and blows more making Ricky’s big nuts flap against his hairy asshole.

Ricky screams out as Conner shoves his face down in the officer’s pubes. Ricky takes over and jacks his rod until he spills his creamy hot load all over the lifeguard’s face. It’s thick, it’s white, and it makes a mess all over the cocksucking lifeguard.

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Out In Public – Sneaky Freaky

Joey is at it again folks! This time we find our selves an unsuspecting guy walking across the street who seems to be a little lost. After asking him some intro questions we get right to the point. ” How big is your unit dude? ” Sometimes all you have to do is ask. On a hot sunny Miami day two strangers fuck behind a motorcycle repair shop. They try not to get caught but in public that’s almost impossible. Do they get one off before the cops come? Watch and find out.

Length: 590 MiB Duration: 28mn 50s 194ms
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