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Many Ways To Ruin An Orgasm

3x ruined orgasm
Maitresse Madeline Has her slave in the stocks, and she’s in
the mood to torment him. She puts her feet in his face,
adn she starts to tease his cock, but when she feels that
he’s gotten too forward with them, she decideds punishment
is in order. She strokes and strokes his pathetic cock,
pulling away before he’s able to cum. She touches his
pathetic cock, and finds that there is cum “in the chamber”,
and that he’s ejaculated without an orgasm.
She strokes him again, despite his whimpering and when she
lets go to chide him, he gives another sorry dribble of cum!
She stroked him AGAIN, yelling at him for having cum without
permission! It isn’t long before he’s had the THIRD ruined
orgasm of the session, and she knows that she’s
REALLY milked his pathetic cock dry, all without the benefit
of an orgasm!! Proof positive of who owns this slaves pathetic
Cold shower
Maitresse Madeline is on day 2 with her slave and his new
chastity belt (the cb6000 to replace the broken cb3000).
She’s decided to unlock him for one last fling, and instructs
him to masterbate. She’s got a bucket of ice, which she fills
with water as he unlocks himself. SHe tells him to make it a
good stroke, because it may very weel be his last! He begs to
be allowed to come, and she denies him over and over again!
When she finally gives him permission, she gives him shocking
awakening by throwing the ice water right on his pathetic cock!!
Don’t spill a drop (or there will be consequences)
Maitresse Madeline makes her slave kneel on the ottoman,
with a gag in that holds a serving tray at the end of it.
She sets her drink on the tray, and instructs her slave not
to spill a drop as she touches him, or there will be
consequences! When a single drop of her drink splashes over
the rim, Maitresse Madeline tells her slave that’s he’s going
to pay the price!
Ruined Load from her toes
Maitresse Madeline’s slave is handcuffed and hooded,
kneeling at her feet. She knows that he’s enamored with her
feet, and that not being able to see them as they dance
across his body will be a HUGE tease for him. She strokes his
cock with her stocking clad toes, and flicks the tip with
precision. She pulls away again and again, frustrating her
slave, and he ultimately can’t control himself. A blown load
drips down onto his toes as she yells at him, and she shoves
her toes into the mouth opening of the hood to make him pay
for having cum without permission, spasms of his failure cover
her toes which are slipped into the hood and rubbed on his
face as punishment!
No satisfaction in a ruined orgasm
Maitresse Madeline has tied her slave to the bench and
blindfolded him. Shes begins the process of teasing him
with her feet, rubbing them all over him and making him
sniff them. She rubs her panty-clad ass all over his cock
before using a vibrator and a feather to further his torment.
He’s told he’s not allowed to cum as she strokes him and
takes him to the edge. She stops stroking and taps his cock
with her toe, and he loses control! She punishes him for
coming by stroking his sensitive post orgasm cock rapidly,
bringing another ruined orgasm from his over wrought cock!
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