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Lustomic – Sissy Slut School Dani’s First Lesson

Danny’s wife caught him rummaging through her panty drawer and decided it was time he learn a thing or two about being feminine. A few semesters at Head Mistress Lexi Sindel’s Sissy Slut Training Academy should do the trick! The Head Mistress turns Danny boy into Dani, the new girl at school. He’ll… well she’ll have to wear a short slutty school girl skirt, eight inch babydoll heels, and a nice big red buttplug. A night on the treadmill should get the slut used to those pretty shoes, but this is only the beginning of Dani’s higher education.

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Lustomic – Sissy Slut School Classroom Discipline

Dani learns the finer points of sissy tag-team cock sucking with Jade and taking a massive load of sperm in the face, but this only makes her more horny. Head Mistress Lexi catches Dani passing notes in about going to the mall to pick up some real guys. This kind of misbehavior is not tolerated at the academy. A sound thrashing with the cane will make Dani think twice about breaking the rules in the future. Mistress Lexi follows up by pounding Dani’s deep throat and hungry ass with her special dildo punishment stick. Then it’s off the dorms for the girls with no dinner!

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This video has been removed.