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Busted By Three Brutal Bitches

Size: 265 MB
Duration: 00:29:00
Resolution: 640×480
Video: mp4
starring: Gina Killmer, Rachel Evans, Kia Winston
categories: BDSM, Blouses, Bondage, Crossdressing, Femdom, Roleplay, Transvestite
Drex gets BUSTED today by the three worst possible bitches in the world: his devilish dominatrix pals Gina Kilmer, Rachel and Kia Winston! Drex had been moonlighting at an exclusive ‘Ladies Only’ cocktail club to make ends meet, but of course had to dress in drag to get the jobs. Unfortunately for him, the head table was taken up by his bitchy ‘bosom buddies’, who instantly recognize their favorite submissive slaveboy, and decide to teach him a lesson in the worst way possible. First they undo his costume, clawing and scratching him in the process. Then once his ‘masculinity’ is from his panties, the gals find a bucket of clothespins and play a game to see how many they can get on his cock and balls. Completely humiliated and in lots of pain, Drex has just begun to feel the brutal bashing he was about to receive.

File size: 265.0 MB