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[Acceed] – Shotacon

Shotacon from Acceed, features young Japanese boys / twinks dressed
up to look younger. Uniforms, school-boys, rape, anal, safe, dildos.
The word Shotacon in Japanese has a few definitions, such as
‘postpubescent (adolescent or adult) characters with youthful features
that would make them appear to be younger than they are’ or ‘describes
someone with an attraction to young boys’

File size: 867.7 MB

The Hentai Outdoor Date of a Boy and 12-year-older Girl (Straight Shotacon)

Release : 2010/11/06

He’s still so young and obedient, on a date with a girl 12 years older than him.
She drinks in endless sexuality while he soaks in an unbelievable dream!

File size: 31.6 MB

This video has been removed.