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Production year: 2011
Country: Canada
Genre: Solo, Cumshots, Masturbate, Muscle men
Length: 00:14:23

Danny doesnt spend too much time thinking about cock size. “I read that 6 inches is average and I only have 8 so its not that much bigger than everyone else.” Right …
This beautiful red head seduces the camera with his piercing blue eyes as he strips and shows off that massive 8 inch cock. He works his thick fingers up inside his asshole before hosing down his smooth belly and slurping up every last drop of that sticky mess. Delicious!
Danny is sitting on the couch rubbing his cock inside his jeans as the video starts. His curly red hair is cropped close to his head and hes staring at the camera – almost beckoning you to grab a seat next to him. This twink is beautiful and you cant help but get swept up in those piercing blue eyes.
He stands up and drops his pants as his semi-hard cock flops back and forth in his underwear then sits back on the couch and pulls the camera in close. His dick grows harder with every grope and before you know it the gigantic head is poking out of the leg of his shorts.
Danny grabs a bottle of lube and slicks up his willy. His cock responds to the slippery liquid by lurching to full attention. Bright red and throbbing against his every touch. He looks up at the camera with a little smirk that lets you know exactly how good this feels. This ginger is pure sex energy and every move he makes is fucking hot!
He stops to show off the thick shaft and perfect head of his monster cock – staring the camera down. His intense stare followed gentle little looks. Begging for attention.
His hand drifts down to his ass and he slides one of his thick fingers insdie himself. His expression changes to a blend of guilt and pleasure as his cock jerks back and forth on his belly. Straining to get harder than hard. Danny just looks into the camera and hes helpless against the overwhelming pleasure.
He pulls his legs up and spreads his cheeks to show off his asshole before sliding his fingers back inside his body. His eyes flutter and roll back in his head as he starts the slow in and out rythm required to fuck himself silly. Stopping every few strokes to show off his hole – bright red and glistening from all the attention.
One finger is replaced by two as he stretches his hole before sliding those fingers out to show off his handy work. His ass pulses and contracts as if its begging for the fingers to be returned. And back they go. In and out – fucking himself like theres no tomrorow!
His cock is getting lonely so he slides his fingers out of his ass and sits back up on the couch and holds that monster up for the cameras unblinking eye. He scoots his ass forward and pushes his cock right up in the camera lens – its so close you could taste it! He slowly slides his hand up and down his thick shaft as he milks a perfect drop of precum out of his piss slit.
You can tell this ginger is totally horny to get off but hes making it last! His actions are slow and controlled but the devious and perverted look on his face lets you know that its taking all of his will power not to nut right there! He settles back and slowly works that cock for a couple of minutes with a determined but playful look on his face. Fucking hot!
Funs fun but hes gotta cum! He sits up as his hand becomes a blur on his cock – he looks up with a sly little grin just before the cum starts to fly and holy crap what a load! The first shot dribbles out in a little pool at the base of his cock. The second spews out of his cock in a big arch that finds its mark between his nipples. A couple more strokes and the third shot paints his abs with smear of jizz with the fourth and fifth shots following right behind.
You might think that its over but he gives his cock a couple more strokes and another giant stream of cum shoots out of his cock and glazes his abs. Two more strokes and a final shot splatters on his belly. Holy fuck that was a huge load!
Dany takes a second to recover then reaches down and scoops up a big handful of his own cum and dribbles the jizz right into his mouth. This red head loves to eat his own cum and licks his fingers clean before reaching down for a second helping of the delicious swirly stuff. He doesnt stop until every last drop is in his belly. Right where it belongs!
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Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WP4
Video Codec: MPEG4
Audio codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 AVC (H264) 960×544, 23.97fps, 2893kbps (AVC1)
Audio: MPEG AAC 48000Hz stereo 64,0 Kbps (mp4a)

File size: 304.6 MB