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[H-GAME] Infinite Stratos -Disgrace Revenge Shackles-

Release : Aug/06/2011

The popular sci-fi campus love comedy Inf*nite Stratos, novel adapted to anime,
has taken the fan world by storm – and is now a bondage assault ADV game!

It is the future, and women dominate men.

Their ability to pilot the IS, mankind’s most devastating weapons,
has altered the dynamic of all societies. But this new
hierarchy is thrown into chaos with the discovery of
a man who can also pilot the IS.

I am that man.

In fact I’ one of three men, the third of a trainee program.

But I have no real skills. No sex appeal. No strength.
It’s a pure fluke that I can use an IS, and I’m a
famous figure because of it, but praise quickly turned to
resentment and ridicule. I’ve already failed the first year
program. Now I’m an ugly punchline in the media.

Stupid, stupid me. I can’t save my image. But what I can do…
what all men can now do… is take back the world!

The tides of change are high! Revenge fuck powerful
women! Cum in the yearning pussies of Inf*nite Stratos’
sexy heroines.

Super quality parody created by game circle Saberfish.
Over 150 cum drenched CGs (in vagina, on tits, forced sodomy
and rape and gangbangs of drooling white love from every hole!)
Mind blowing hot CG art, CG + replay mode and more!
File size: 141.5 MB