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Abused 2 – Bound, Shaved & Fucked (2008)

Year: 2008
Genre: Gay Porn, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Muscle, Fetish, Big Dick, Facial, Hairy, Group
Duration: 01:20:51
Director: Maxwell Barber
Studio: Abused / Staxus / Eurocreme
Cast: Ivo Costa, Brice Farmer, Ashley Ryder, Darren Robbins, Tony London, Adam Hall, Neo Ryan, Brent Bow, Anthony Daniels

Tough, sweaty gym boys and abusive toilet pigs sexually assault cheeky young lads and innocent teenagers using masks, head shaving, bondage and cum in a brutal quest of filthy fuck-fest satisfaction! Scene One: Threesome fucking in the toilets!! Hot Gallic beauty Brice and hung stud Ivo use and abuse a poor young guy, getting him on his knees and shoving their thick cocks into his pretty mouth. Blindfolding and cuffing him, his cute butt is masterfully prepared by Brice, for Ivo to ram his perfectly formed cock deep into him, stretching his sweet butt-cheeks apart whilst he’s munching on Brice’s cock and butt in fantastic spit roasting to make your rock solid in seconds. Brice soon swaps position, fucking the youngster until he spurts; Ivo joins the cum fun and spunks over our boys blindfold and face as he jerks himself off, completing the cumfest!! Scene Two: Sweaty gym sex between horny studs Darren and Adam their tensions as they soak up each others sweat with their tongues, Adam loves his dirty talk, getting Darren to lick, sniff and spit everywhere before he drops to his knees and worships the muscle bound mans rock hard dick. Darren loves the feel of dick in his butt, and Adam gladly obliging, pumping his ass full of hot meat, Darren grinds back on it, getting more inside him until Adam treats us to an almighty cumshot that drenches tattooed Darren completely. Scene Three: Boot licking bondage!! Punk rocker Kink Boy drags suited Anthony up into a deserted room ready for a hot session that both these horny fuckers are dying for. Funky red Mohican and outfit, Kink Boy loves being in charge of out smooth young stud, tying him up and tasting his body, forcing his tongue everywhere. Anthony dives onto Kink’s boot, licking them clean whilst wanking himself, his cock rock hard from the submission he’s enduring. Showing off his big leather bound dick, he’s slides it into his captive, hard and fast, getting it pumped up until cum splashes everywhere, even on the camera!! Scene Four: Nipple torture and shaven heads, this threesome is pure abuse. Tearing off his jeans, our sub slut Tony is loving having his head shaved, nipples clamped and butt spanked under their red raw. Pierced top guy Brent loves having his two guys be shaven and then sucking on his meat. Ashley takes both at once before joining the daisy chain of hard cock suckers. Ashley tops Brent whilst Tony straddles him and give Ashley a mouthful of cock and cum, leaving Ashley ready to burst!!

Format: MP4
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720×480 29.97fps 798Kbps
Audio: AAC 22050Hz stereo 63,8Kbps
File size: 500 MB

File size: 500.1 MB

Rising Sun (2005)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Finger Fucking, Big Cock, Cumshot, Outdoor Sex, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes/Threeways, Men of: France, Hungary, Various Countries
Starring: Rick Bauer, Fernando Nielsen, Ivo Costa, Billy Slade, Collin O’Neal, Rick Pantera, Tim Sims, Vincent Paris
Studio: TitanMen Fresh, Titan Media, Man’s Art

Like your cocks thick, uncut, rigid and ringed? Your men muscled, tattooed, both hairy chested or smooth? Brawny and bouncing on big cock meat? And unloading buckets of cum? Then grab Rising Sun, and your cock’ll be crowing over this steamy adventure on the French Riviera.
Rising Sun brings a more jock-built and bruising man to the TitanMen Fresh import line. Named “Best Gay Film of the Year” at the international erotic Venus Fair in Berlin, Rising Sun’s smart enough not to bother with subtitles, and steamy enough not to need ‘em. Besides, these eight horny Eurostuds don’t talk much. They fuck.
Popular American performer Collin O’Neal journeys to St. Tropez in search of hot guys, and finds foxy Rick Bauer and stunning blond bodybuilder Fernando Nielsen. It’s a toss up which is meatier or broader – Fernando’s widescreen pecs, mighty biceps or massive cock. Five more men who are mad for making it – including the raunchy TitanMen ManPlay star Rick Pantera – keep Rising Sun’s tight succession of duo and three-way scenes boiling over with deep rimming, sharp ass-plugging and massive cum explosions.
Lovers Rick Bauer and Fernando Nielsen have just arrived on the Riviera from Hungary. Their vacation goal: Mix-ups with the local men. First though, they hunker down together. In front of a crackling fire, smooth mountain of muscle Fernando hauls out his fat, uncut cock. Rick stretches Fernando’s foreskin apart and slides his tongue deep within the loose flesh and around the shiny cockhead. Fernando’s turtle-necked pleasure tool grows to its full double width. Rick feasts on it, and Fernando tastes deeply of Rick’s stiff, excited rod. Then Rick gets on his hands and knees like a dog, and Fernando’s lapping at his inviting hole, spit lubing it for the mean stretch of several fingers. Rick cries out, and jerks off splattering cum-jets across the tiled floor, as Fernando milks out his own cockcream on top of Rick’s.
Collin O’Neal has also come to St. Tropez for the men. Alone on a quiet balcony in the still morning, he wonders where they can be. And Rick rolls in. A wordless cruise connects the pair in a moment, smooth Rick drawn to Collin’s furry chest and thick pubic patch. But rough-looking, unshaven blond Tim Sims is up this morning too, and quickly engulfs Collin’s heavy hanging meat. A three-way cocksucking circle absorbs the men, until Tim goes for Rick’s ass, eating the lightly-furred honey pot and fingering its pristine rim. Rick gives himself a rough ride when he squats on Collin’s bone, and Tim turns his attention to the boulders of Fernando’s body. The moans of all four men bring up orgasms all around. Welcome to the Riviera, guys!
Walking back to their guesthouse after a shopping spree, bald Billy Slade gets horned up, and pushes fellow traveler Ivo Costa down on his gnarled, heavily veined cock. Ivo offers his smooth love tunnel for Billy’s jackhammered fucking, bucking it until they simultaneously whitewash the road with their cockjuice.
Tattooed and multiple-pierced Rick Pantera forcefeeds his morning woody to Vincent Paris, who then snacks off Rick’s ass, finger plugging it so good until Rick’s furious cockjerking blasts up his sunrise surprise. Then Rick gobbles up Vincent’s cock, demanding its sauce, and gets it sprayed across his face and chest.
Watching Rick and Vincent gets Billy and Ivo going. They trade juicy blow jobs, and when they’re boned up, Billy lays back and groans as Ivo worms his fingers up Billy’s tight pink pucker. “Finger my hole, man,” Billy moans, blowing his buttermilk across Ivo’s chest.
Strolling in the countryside, Collin and Rick are pleased to meet up with Fernando. They fall right to worshipping the brawny stud’s muscles, and share passionate three-way kisses. With Fernando between them, Collin and Rick gnaw at the broad slabs of his pecs, nibbling his taut nipples. Their cocks are soon flag-poled across the he-man’s face, and he’s pokin’ the deep end of his throat with one and then the other. Suddenly, the bruiser yields up his mammoth butt, and Rick plugs the hot hole fiercely, hard strokes plunging home. Collin crams his colossal cock up Fernando’s butt, plunging into that ring of fire while hand pumping the delirious dude’s bone. With his face full of Rick’s asshole, Fernando is overwhelmed, and his cum explodes. Now Rick’s ass is full of Fernando’s tongue, making him pop, and Collin sends his All-American cocktail flying clear across the bodybuilder’s broad torso.
There’s no better way to hit the sunny Riviera than with these butch and beautiful guys! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:58:17
Resolution: 640×400
Size: 1.06 GB

File size: 0.9 GB

Cadet / 1998

Year: 1998
Country: USA
Genre: Muscle Men, Military – Uniform, Hairy Men, Straight Guys, Oral, Anal
Length: 01:28:52
Starring: Mark Slade, Chris Steele, Nick Savage, Brenden Keith, Jon Eric, John Ross, Ethan Marc, Derek Michaels, Marcus Caine, Matt West
Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: John Travis
Description: gnn (the Gay News Network?) reports that military cadet Thomas Girrard (played by Ethan Marc) is being court-martialed after he was found “under suspicious circumstances” in his room, with some semen in his rectum (partaking in a little barebacking, huh Thomas?). Apparently, all of Thomas’ fellow military cadets are afraid he’s going to name names at the trial, and they’re afraid of being outed.

Lovers John Ross and Chris Steele discuss the impending proceedings, with Chris being reassuring to a concerned John. The men share a tender kiss, and John expresses his happiness that at least he has Chris. John is a muscular smooth guy with a preppy haircut, and muscular and hairy Chris is obviously the dominant partner in this They engage in some more torrid kissing while John removes Chris’ white shirt and pulls down his trousers to reveal Chris’ large soldier standing at full attention. Chris facefucks John before Chris removes John’s trousers and plunges tongue first into John’s fuckhole. Chris’ rimjob is well shown, and Chris himself remains hard throughout. John gets on all fours as Chris fucks him silly with his thick dick. There are some great shots of Chris’ muscular body as he fucks, as well as some underneath close-ups of his hairy ass as his cock plunges into the depths of John love canal. Chris then continues his aggressive pounding missionary, and John shoots a nice load onto his belly as his ass is ravaged. Chris pulls out and delivers several spurts of mancream onto John’s pubes. They end the scene with John in Chris’ muscular arms, talking about how they’ll always have each other. Chris’ muscular hairy chest with dark quarter-sized nipples is awesome here!

As the news reports continue, discussing the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, Mark Slade walks to the garage. Woof! Mark is huge! thick arms, muscular chest, and broad back, looking like a fucking hulk! As a formerly straight pornstar Frank Towers, the new gay pornstar Mark goes off about how he likes sex with men, not women, and that being kicked out of the military for this is not something he can take. Cutie Nick Savage is listening to this, and offers to take Mark’s mind off this issue. Mark plunges his tongue down Nick’s throat, before Mark is stripped and Nick is sucking on his thick cock (while Nick’s straight brother Jon Eric briefly spies on them). True to expectation, a naked Mark does not disappoint. His huge muscular chest is covered with a light dusting of light-colored fur, and his cock is thick with a huge cockhead! Although Mark moans and groans out of proportion to the blowjob, Nick’s expert mouth does make Mark fully hard. Mark fondles his own chest and nipples as he’s being blown. As hot as Mark is to look at, his acting sucks. He goes to go down on Nick, and it appears that he forgets to lick Nick’s torso a little, as he kneels to suck his cock but then quickly gets up again to lick Nick’s chest. Nick is fully soft as the underwear comes off, and Mark’s robotic blowjob does make him hard, however, Nick’s very average in the cock department, though he does have a full hairy ballsac. Mark gives what appears to be adequate head before he bends Nick over and fills his hole with his thick meat. Again, the fuck is somewhat robotic on Mark’s part, and Nick appears a little bored, although it is a nice sight of a heavily muscular man like Mark plowing ass (and it would’ve even been better to have such a muscular stud on the receiving end of some cock!). While missionary, Nick and Mark both deliver good-sized loads onto Nick’s pubes. The size of Mark’s huge thick cock and large cockhead are very evident as his cock lies against Nick’s much smaller dick.

Dark haired and handsome Jon Eric says he’s Nick’s straight older twin brother, and that he doesn’t understand what’s so good about gay sex. As blond Brenden Keith explains to him, only another man knows what a man wants. Jon’s willing to try letting Brenden show him. Despite Jon’s excellent delivery of lines, his straightness is less believable, given how quickly he engages in a kiss with Brenden. Jon has a decent dick and a full, slightly hairy ballsac. Soon it’s Brenden’s turn to receive a blow, and Jon’s “novice” mouth manages to make Brenden hard in a hurry. A very average fuck ensues, with Brenden taking Jon on all fours initially, and then missionary. Unfortunately, Brenden appears somewhat bored for part of the scene as Jon fills his hungry hairy hole. Both men deliver great cumshots onto Brenden’s belly and pubes, with Jon delivering a larger and thicker load that shoots farther.

Thomas Girard, played by Ethan Marc, returns from his trial and he has news. He hasn’t revealed any names, and the damage will be limited to himself. All men are The delivery of lines in the scene needs some work, but “straight” big brother Jon Eric is upset that men who like men can’t be themselves. Nick appreciates his brother’s concerns, and soon the men split up and pair up to go their own separate ways.

Marcus Caine and Nick Savage pair up and go to their corner, while Derek Michaels and Matt West pair up in their own corner. Dark-haired Marcus removes his shirt to reveal a very muscular, slightly furry chest and his cock, while soft at first, grows to his full size with Nick’s expert mouth. Unfortunately, Marcus shaves his cock hair, at the top and around his balls. Marcus then slurps on Nick’s smallish cock. Meanwhile, in their own corner, Matt fills his mouth with Derek’s thick cock. Marcus plunges his cock up Nick’s willing ass, and Matt does the same to Derek. The men deliver their loads in sequence, with Derek shooting an especially large, thick glop of goo onto his belly. Nick’s load is not as large but very thick.

Well, the secret’s finally out! It was Mark’s thick dick that delivered the semen in Ethan’s tight ass, and the men discuss their family since this whole incident came into the open. Of course, they have sex. They start slowly with a kiss, and Mark removes his shirt to reveal that delicious chest of his, which Ethan eagerly licks. Ethan removes Mark’s briefs to reveal his thick monster, and Ethan gives him what appears to be a great blowjob. Ethan strips as he’s servicing Mark, and Mark plows Ethan’s tight little hole with Ethan bent over the couch. Ethan’s a great bottom, showing us how pleasurable a thick cock in one’s asshole can be! Like his other fuck, Mark is somewhat robotic, but it is nice to see his dick spreading Ethan’s asshole wide! They fuck missionary before both men deliver good loads onto Ethan’s pubes, with Ethan shooting up his stomach. The scene ends with a fully clothed Ethan saying goodbye to a still naked Mark. Mark again does his overacting, and asks deep philosophical questions like “Why does life have to be so hard?” Young Ethan has all the answers apparently, and knows what’s best for the both of them. Mark cannot call Ethan, and he must give up sex to avoid getting caught. Mark’s obviously not happy as Ethan leaves to go home.

This was a very enjoyable video. Although heavy on plot, the sex was nevertheless arousing. If for no other reason, watch this video to see hulk Mark Slade and his thick dick and large cockhead (that is, if you like men with football player builds). The sex is average, but the bodies are fantastic, with few unnaturally shaven bodies. The acting and delivery of lines varies from forced and fake to very natural. As would be expected from Studio 2000 and John Travis, production values are solid throughout this video. While the names with pictures at the beginning of the video is appreciated, the small picture size and the hats that the men were wearing make very difficult. Otherwise, former straight pornstar Mark Slade has potential to become more than the typical gay-for-pay actors if he loosens up a bit.

File size: 809.0 MB

Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best

Country: USA
Genre: “Straight” Guys, Deep Throat, Guys in their 20s, Plot, Real Men / Daddies, Rimming
Duration: 1:33
Directed by: Jett Black
Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures
Cast: Jordan Vaughn, Levi, Nick Marino, Tory Mason, Tristan Mathews, Tyler Riggz, Zackary Pierce

When Gail brings home her new fiance, Steven, her closeted father recognizes him as a gay porn star. As fantasies fly, and sexual tension mounts, will it be true that father knows best?

Scene 1

Frumpy, divorced father Doug (NICK MARINO) is interrupted from a pleasant sleep by a phone call from his daughter (BRIANNA STARR), calling from college. She wants to visit him and introduce him to someone…her fiance, Stephen (TORY MASON). Doug is surprised, but agrees. When the couple arrives, he is immediately taken by the handsome young man, and at dinner, Doug keeps fantasizing that Stephen is coming on to him. Some small talk about fishing encourages his daughter to suggest a fishing trip between the two men, and Doug agrees.

Later that night, Doug catches a glimpse of Stephen jacking off in the bathroom. This leads him to indulge in a fantasy about two men (ZACKARY PIERCE and TRISTAN MATHEWS) having sex. They chide him about repressing his homosexual urges.

Scene 2

Doug suddenly realizes that he’s seen Stephen somewhere before. He gets out of bed and pulls out his secret stash of gay porn and sure enough, there on the cover of FORBIDDEN DESIRES is Stephen, billed as “Jack Mehoffer.” Excited, Doug puts the disc into his player and goes back to the bed, where he watches Stephen have sex with LEVI. Doug jacks off to this scene.

Scene 3

The next day, Doug shaves and puts on more fashionable clothes. Stephen is already having an influence on him. Doug and Stephen drive up to the fishing cabin, passing a hitchhiker (TYLER RIGGZ)
along the way. The next car is driven by JORDAN VAUGHN, who stops and offers a lift to the hunky stud, but says he needs to pee first. Relieving themselves against a tree, Jordan suggests that Tyler “pay” for the ride with a blowjob, and the two men fuck in the woods.

Scene 4

Doug and Stephen arrive at the cabin, only to be presented with a problem: there is only one bed. Stephen says it doesn’t bother him, they will make do somehow, and he suggests they fish.

That night, Doug lies in bed next to a sleeping Stephen. He is horny and playing with his own bulge. Finally, his desires get the better of him and he gently touches Stephen’s body. Getting bolder, he slides his hand into his future son-in-law’s underwear and massages his cock.

“You can suck it if you want to,” Stephen says, surprising Doug. He has not been asleep at all.

“I’d give anything to suck it,” Doug says before kissing his companion, leading to hot, sweaty sex…Doug’s first time.

Afterwards, Stephen wants another round, but Doug stops him. He has enjoyed it, but they must put the woman they love, his daughter and Stephen’s future wife, first. He tells Stephen to go home to her, and Stephen does, with a long last look at his future father-in-law.

Video: Xvid 720×400 29.97fps [Stream 00]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps [Stream 01]

File size: 652.3 MB

Straight Butt Bangers / 2008

Year: 2008
Country: Great Britain
Genre: Muscle Men, Hunks, Anal Sex, Average Lookers, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Cum eating, Facial Cumshots, Hairy Crotches, Hairy Men, Live Sound, Older Men – Younger Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Shaved Pubes, Solos, Straight Guys – Gay Sex, Threeways, Uncut Cocks
Length: 01:40:37
Starring: Matt Hughes, Giovanni Summers, Ricky Jackson, Grant Joshua, Mateo Locatti, Mark Edens, Myles Bentley, Duke Michaels, Tommy Haine, Harry Scott, Declain Wood
Studio: Eurocreme , Straight Fuckers
Directed by: Maxwell Barber
Description: An eclectic group of “straight” and gay Brits make up this title. The guys range from smooth and twinky to 40ish, butch and tattooed. College aged and packing some major meat, Matt Hughes leads things off with an interview cut in with some of his straight porn performances while revealing what he likes about fucking dudes. A bit later Matt’s on the couch watching straight porn while cute young Tommy Haine goes down on his thick meat, nicely filling his mouth then his ass in a multi-position performance.
Construction stud Harry Scott explains his approach as a straight man to fucking dudes- “a hole’s a hole.” Declain Wood gives up his hungry mouth and ass to Harry’s big tool at the building site, even getting a rimjob from the bottomboy. A humorous touch has Harry reading a straight porn mag on Declain’s back while pounding him with cock.
Duke Michaels is also credited as “Craig: Porn Star” in his threeway scene with Myles Bentley and Giovanni Summers. Giovanni’s the twink to be used by two big muscle studs turned on by straight porn playing in their room. Veering a slight bit away from the total straight boy theme, Duke actually sucks Giovanni’s cock and seems to like it.
Bearded Mateo Locatti hooks up with Ricky Jackson for a blowjob and rimming while fixated on straight porn playing on his computer screen with overly loud female moans. Luckily when it comes time for Mateo to fuck Ricky they move into the bedroom away from the loud porn. Back to the straightness, after Mateo busts his nut all over Ricky’s chest he takes off leaving Ricky to take care of himself.

File size: 1.3 GB

This video has been removed.