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Personal Trainers 10

Year: 2007
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Novice
Duration: 2:21
Director: Sebastian Bonnet
Studio: BelAmi
Sebastian Bonnet, Josh Elliot, Luke Hamil, Todd Rosset (Trainers)
Jason Knightley, Dolph Lambert, Jean-Claude Duvall, Keanu Faria, Jim Henson (Newcomers)

Description:Learning certainly doesn’t end in graduation in Personal Trainers 10. This beautifully filmed Bel Ami dvd combines two hours of raw passion and soft intensity as the four trainers put five charges through their paces. Captivating duets ensue with the athletic guys lightly stroking toned stomachs and firm thighs before they dip their head to hungrily devour hardening cocks. Once taste-tested, these thick members ease their way between firm butt cheeks and slide effortlessly into twitching rosebuds to begin a round of rigid pile driving, ending in creamy seed explosions. One threeway sees two trainers engaging in the glorious spit-roasting of one of their students. He’s a quick learner as he rocks back and forth to accommodate the cock in his arse and the one down his throat. Experience the raw action and intensity of four new episodes as the beautiful Bel Ami boys discover there’s always something more to know. Cast: Sebastian Bonnet, Jean-Claude Duvall, Josh Elliot, Luke Hamil, Jason Knightley, Dolph Lambert, Todd Rosset, Keanu Faria, Jim Henson

File size: 1.3 GB