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Bareback Birthday Party

Year: 2006
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Bareback Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Collegiates, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth Dudes, Uncut Cock, Young
Length: 1:46:36
Directed by: Alan Pelikan
Studio: Eagle Video
Starring: Jason Donoran, Marty Drogobs, Charfer Buddy, Paul Rasscal, Ryen Pilliphe, Vilen Manson, Mildr Onya, Lee Cooper, Jhom Crusie, Paul West

This is one very happy birthday party, and all the favours are sexual ones (naturally). Adorable guys with giant cocks enjoy jackhammer buttfucking, big squirting facial cumshots, and, of course, birthday cake! The young studs on display are exquisitely handsome and well-built in addition to being well-hung. They’re the kind of guys you yearn for, and to see them in action is a fantasy come true. They are on the twink end of the spectrum, but strong and toned and not too boyish.
Barely ten minutes into the film we’re treated to a nice big-dicked face fucking, and if the bottom man can’t completely deepthroat that thick sausage, who’s to blame him? Then comes a fantastically sensual rimming scene on a kitchen counter, lit by birthday candles. The bottom man jerks his cock while he gets slowly and lovingly tongue fucked, and that wet tongue gets him horny for some raw buttfucking. Soon, eight party guests arrive, and they’re more than ready for a good time. Most of the guys blow two noise makers at once, as if to demonstrate what they’re capable of. Then, naturally, they begin pairing off.
One couple makes out on a fleece blanket in the attic, then rim and buttfuck through the balusters of the stairway. Another couple has sex in the bathroom, powerfucking by the bathtub until the bottom man shoots off with a cock deep in his ass. Two other guys put the sofa to good use, enjoying some body worship in addition to oral and anal action, while the final hot couple has sex on the stairs. They love tit licking, cock sucking, finger fucking, deep kissing, and remarkably powerful buttfucking where the thrusts are so fast the top man is all a blur. Of course the stairway provides some great angles of the action. The variety of cumshots is terrific: on the chest, on the ass, on the face, on the balls. No cum gets tasted or pushed back inside an ass, but that’s the only shortcoming to this bareback celebration.

File size: 1.2 GB