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MenAtPlay – The Chauffeur – Rob Nelson & Samuel Colt

This week US porn mega star Samuel Colt comes to Menatplay towers for a series of meetings in the UK, and like any big star he demands his own entourage including an assistant, a secretary and not least his very own personal chauffeur. And as you will have come to expect from us at Menatplay, we have certainly delivered once again by giving him Rob Nelson for a driver, something which clearly takes Mr Colt by surprise as he seems to find it hard not to be distracted by Rob’s handsome looks, muscular body and in particular his big, beefy ass beneath his suit trousers. Eventually the sexual tension is too much to bear and Samuel tears the clothes of Rob’s body before eating his ass and fucking him hard over his office desk.

Length: 291 MiB Duration: 18mn 58s 716ms
Video: VC-1 at 2 000 Kbps, Aspect: 928 x 522 (1.778) at 25.000 fps
Audio: WMA at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

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XXX (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Hairy, Muscle Cumshot
Duration: 01:34:14
Director: Leif Gobo, Steve Cruz
Studio: Mustang Studios
Cast: Arpad Miklos, Vinne D’Angelo, Derek Da Silva, Scott Campbell, Colby Keller, Scott Alexander, Race Cooper, Cole Streets

Brutes and demons storm through this triple X feature with action so fierce, unapologetic, and in your face! Watch these eight über-studs degrade, delight, exasperate and unnerve, then finally each other and discharge in four unforgiving scenes of man love.
Arpad Miklos is a mountain of man flesh sitting atop a mountain of leather cushions when Colby Keller joins him and starts to feed on his cock. Colby tongues and teases the uncut shaft, enjoying every tasty inch and savoring the fleshy folds of that precious foreskin. Arpad then stands erect in order to feed Colby his dick in a more aggressive manner and the bearded stud is more than anxious to please his master. He continues to feast vigorously on the pork sword. The men switch positions and Arpad finds himself kneeling before Colby, guzzling his engorged dick. He’s just as hungry for Colby’s meat and slobbers all over it, swallowing it whole while gargling it down. Then Arpad is on Colby’s ass, rimming the crack and slavishly dragging his tongue around the puckered sphincter. Now it’s time for some hardcore ass-fucking and both men are primed. Arpad slams his cock deep inside Colby, pumping the hole so hard with fierce and strong thrusts. Then Colby lays down on his back, moaning and pleading for more. Arpad gladly delivers and while he is still snug inside, Colby jerks himself off and shoots his wad all over. Arpad then pulls out and drizzles his man cream across Colby’s hairy belly. The sighing softens; the panting slows down; the men are finished.

Out, loud and proud, these ebony studs know how to pleasure each other. Race is the first one down on his knees, taking Scott’s large cock down his throat and slavishly working his mojo. Both men are cooing, wallowing in this love fest. Scott lifts Race onto the platform and starts to suck his big dick with such expertise, sending his buddy squealing with delight. Then he attacks Race’s ass crack with his tongue, licking and teasing it with fierce jabs. Race can hardly contain himself as he quivers and moans. But the best is yet to come. Race gets behind and bangs his big dick inside Scott’s hole to fuck him, making him cry out and growl. They switch places and Scott gives as good as he got, with Race shrieking to tear him open. The action is hot and quick and finally climaxes with Scott literally showering Race with a gigantic load of spooge and Race answering with his own milky contribution.

Cole Streets is on the floor with Vinnie D’Angelo’s big dick in his mouth. His lips are fixed tightly around the shaft as his head bobs back and forth. Vinnie instructs Cole what to do – “No hands… suck my dick… grab my balls” – and the younger man greedily complies. Then Cole lies down on the bed, his head hanging over the side, allowing Vinnie to stuff his dick down his throat, tickling his tonsils and almost making him gag. Soon both men are on the bed, 69ing and savoring each other’s beef sticks. Vinnie has Cole on his knees and begins to play with his ass. He licks and fingers the hole, tries stuffing Cole’s dickhead inside his own anus, and just slobbers all over it. Then he attacks that primed ass with his hard cock, slamming in and out. He makes Cole work for it, slapping his ass cheeks and then having him sit on top to ride his cock. Getting him again from behind, Vince fucks Cole faster and faster, driving his cock deeper and deeper until he pulls out and cums all over.

Scott Campbell is down on his knees, deep throating and almost gagging on Derek DaSilva’s cock. But he continues, his eyes tearing up with the enormity of the task. Derek holds Scott’s head still and thrusts his hips forward ensuring that every inch of his dick gets into Scott’s mouth. The men kiss, then Scott sits down and Derek swallows his tool all the way to its base. He begins rimming Scott’s ass crack, jabbing his tongue deep inside the hairy cleft. With both parties sufficiently aroused and aching for more, Derek slides his thunder stick high inside Scott’s hole and starts to fuck him hard. He pulls out after an intense round of ass-pounding and then showers cum across the younger man’s back. Scott jacks himself off to climax, matching Derek drop for drop.

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