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Cruel Chloe`s Handy Man HD

Not too many feelings can compare to the warm, wet sensation of blowing your load deep inside some young snatch! Unlike most chicks who plead for you not to cum inside them, these GOO gals actually beg for hot semen injections blasted up their cervix.

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Teen, Big Tits, Amateur
Starring: Chloe

File size: 312.5 MB

This video has been removed.

Gay Stimulation Orgasm Cum Sado Maso Torture Pain Extrem Piercing Bizzare Strom Elektro Catheter

Genre: Stimulation, Orgasm, Cum, Sado Maso, Torture, Pain Extrem, Piercing, Bizzare, Strom, Elektro Catheter
If you’re looking for tough talking, tattooed titans with haunting faces, chiseled bodies, sexual energy, and humongous endowments, look no further, SEA MEN is here.


This TITAN feature, like the previous 3 award-winning, sex-soaked FALLEN ANGEL features, explodes with unimaginable, wall-to-wall, hard-core action played out by a cast of unbridled human animals from all over the world.

Prowling the docks, Dred is snared by a dark world of explosive sex action that ranges from sensation to shock-CBT, saline injections, cock pumping, piss, flogging, an electric rake, plus lots of pain, dildos and fisting. All this plus a finale that’s so sensuously kinky it’s downright romantic, dammit, when Dred meets his match in the unbelievably buffed Adriano Marquez.

Format file: mpg
File size: 765.3 MB

Spekula Oct 9, 2010 – Scrotum infusion slave

cbt with saline scrotum filling. My girlfriend lady Ginga and her slave came along and she wants to do some saline injections and a scrotum infusion, so teasing his balls. Filling the scrotum with saline sounds a bit cruel and dangerous, but it is only another kinky bdsm game to play with a clinic slave. With the syringes only a bit saline could be injected, better is a real infusion, where the saline slowly fills up the scrotum. After the last videos with Ginga you wanted to see a bit more with her. No problem, here we go. Her slave layed down on the gyntable, so that we both could play with him. Dressed up in latex rubber he got his saline cbt treatment. First with some syringes and he got his special fun with every needle and of course we got our fun with him. If you are looking for some more saline and syringe videos, just have a look at the other upates or use the search box here. There are many very special videos here for you and you will find what you are looking for. Have fun and enjoy. Yours lady Ina.

Studio: Spekula
Video: 1440×1080
Duration: 16:21
File Type: wmv
File Size: 318 MB

File size: 318.5 MB