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“Behind the Curtain: The Making Of Moscow” is a documentary about the making of Kristen Bjorn’s Russian epic, “Moscow: The Power of Submission”. Oh, a documentary, you say unenthusiastically, thinking it will be boring. Well, guess again, Horatio. Even if you are not interested in film making, I’m sure you are interested in seeing magnificent specimens of manhood parading around nude and getting instructions on how to suck and fuck. Interested in seeing them taking huge boners down their semi-virginal throats and up their muscular asses. And interested in seeing how those Bjornian no-hands cum shots are achieved.

We follow the making of the film scene by scene from the four guys opener to the forced sex of the soldier-prisoner in scene two to the blindfolded abduction scene to the romantic conclusion with the film’s most awesome beauties Alexander Byzarov and Slava Petrovitch. The guys are interviewed after each scene, and although they are asked the same questions: “Besides the money what induced you to do this?” “What would your friends think of what you are doing?” “When was the first time you had sex with another man?” the answers they give are thoughtful, varied, and interesting. It enables us to see these guys as people not just as sex objects. The camaraderie of the actors between takes also lets us in on their individual and always charming personalities.

“Behind the Curtain” is not then just a companion piece to “Moscow: The Power of Submission. (If you don’t have “Moscow” you will definitely walk through the snows of Moscow to get it now.) “Behind the Curtain” is a necessary item for anyone who wants to know how great porn is made or for those who just want to admire the male physique at its utmost perfection. This film explains why films from Kristen Bjorn or his complementary Sarava Productions are the standard by which all gay porn is measured—and why the vast majority of them come up lacking. Art is hard work. This is Art.

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