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Young Russian Innocents 1

Year: 1993
Genre: amateurs, twinks, solo, masturbation, hadjob, piss
Length: 1:42:15
Studio: Potro Video
Description: In this dirty version of “Durty Debutants” we meet five young, constantly horny but unexperienced boys from the suburta of a Russian town, who are interviewed and slowly undressed and fobdled by the photographer. They piss in a variety of positions and all parts of their young bodies are thoroughly examined. They masturbate to an exhausting climax in front of the photographer at times aided by his anal stimulation.

Quality: VHSRip
Format: AVI
Video: DX50, 352×264, 25.000 fps, 780 fps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 44100Hz 192 kb / s tot, Stereo
File size: 718.3 MB

This video has been removed.

Caesar’S Hard Hat Gang Bang

Year: 2000
Country: United States
Genre: anal, big cocks, group sex
Length: 75
Translation: Not required
Russian subtitles: none
Directed by: CHI CHI LARUE
Studio: Men Of Odyssey
Starring: Ryan Block, Mason Flynt, Allan Sunn, Jeremy Tucker, Richard Bangs, Dave Casino, Stonie, Shahan and Kaesar

Description: The premise of the film is simple: Caesar gets his brains banged out by a bunch of hispanics. This is behavior us at the Frisky Fans World Headquarters ardently approves. Chi Chi LaRue does a great job at casting some really hot actors. (Sometimes I wonder why there are so few hispanic pornstars, although that is changing). At the film’s beginning, Caesar, the famous gym-built musclebottom, walks up to a construction warehouse looking for a phone. Loudly cursing the unfortune of his car breaking down nearby, he telephones for assistance. Then, Caesar receives more bad news – the tow will not arrive for three hours. However, before Caesar can leave, he is swept into an ongoing sex-gang initiation. The initiate is the long and lean Stonie, one of the construction workers. Stonie is informed that his tome has come to grow up and take it like a man. Stonie first gets on his knees and sucks the surrounding crew, all guys who are dripping with machismo. However after circling Stonie and talking dirty, the group turns its sights instead to the white piece of ass in the room. On his knees, Caesar sucks all eight hard cocks. The group consists of younger guys, built guys and older daddy There is something for everyone among these tops. Then, Caesar is on his back, and all the guys take turns gang-banging the blonde for a full 45 minutes. Nothing matters now to except intense focus on cock to cock slurping, uncut dick worship and other forms of sexual displays.

File size: 743.2 MB

XL Files 6

Year: 2007
Genre: solo, auditions
Duration: 1:53
Translation: Not required
Russian subtitles: none
Director: Marty Stevens
Studio: Bel Ami
Cast: Kurt Diesel, Manuel Rios, Paul Valery, Keith Johansson, Ralph Woods, many sea

The three elements of a star model are a handsome face, a muscular body and a large penis. All the young men in XL Files – Part 6 are outrageously over-qualified in the dick department. It `s always a surprise and a joy when Bel Ami` s model scouts uncover young men with major meat. Bel Ami quickly puts them on their Casting Couch and gives them screen tests. They just keep on cumming!
In this sixth installment of the XL Files series Bel Ami is happy to be able to present another sixteen sexy guys with bulging baskets. All of these super-endowed studs `casting auditions are being commercially issued in this video for the first time.
Watch out for BelAmi guest star Ralph Woods – they don’t get any bigger than this!
Make sure to sit far back from your video screen because when they get hard, any of these horsecocks could poke your eyes out! “

REUPLOADED 25.02.2011

File size: 1.2 GB

This video has been removed.

XL Files 4

Country: Bel Ami
Genre: solo, auditions
Length: 1:46:32
Translation: Not required
Russian subtitles: none
Director: Marty Stevens
Studio: Bel Ami

Continued XL files!
20 newcomers from Bel Ami in hot solos and they have every thing to become stars: a handsome face, a muscular body and a large penis. BelAmi quickly puts them on their Casting Couch and gives them screen tests to show us how horny they are. …

File size: 902.5 MB

This video has been removed.

Russian Slaves # 34 – Bad Habit

Here we have six, count them, six tarts, coming into the changing and assembly area from all over town, stripping down and changing into some sort of workout clothes. All sizes and shapes of tarts here. Some nice, big asses too. For those peepers who like watching girls strip down and change clothes, this is a buffet for you. And that choir music. These girls get dressed in the dark, stripes with plaids. Its gym silly us. Healthy, beefy girls here. Teacher is a butch, dark-haired lady who looks fairly mean. Sit-ups are erotic. Nice close-up of the ass on the bike seat. Teacher should be jumping rope, not dead lifting the dumbbell. That’s it?? Geritol people could do that work out. And sneaking that smoke break. Dyke has a bloodhound sniffer and has caught the two sweeties. An example for the is about to made. That is one nasty, rattan cane. This is going to be a project on correction. And she is laying them in there real hard, right on the bare bottom. The cane rips in and sears the flesh. This dyke packs a wallop and the cane is contoured such that it rains down harder. One down, one to go. How she can even put her panties and shorts back on defies pain. This one has a real whippable bum. The other girls cannot bear to watch as blow after blow smashes into her welted flanks. This is totally vicious F/F caning, birching, whipping and correction. This one also can put her panties and capris on with no problem so they must be used to the floggings as the filthy ashtray fades us out into the next number. Looks like another huge cast here. Cucumbers for salad?? Not. She wants those kooks to go with the squash in the bedroom. God, Moscow is a dirty, depressing town. Choices?? Actual Giant Eagle?? You sure this is USSR? Sure is. Booze and a sandwich equal a day’s pay. And Rubles. Beer, hard-boiled eggs and a can of kippers. What a feast. Seems we have a problem with the check out girls. Bit of petty thievery here. Angela shall do the honors of implementation. She’s double dipping and the eye caught her. This one has a really good plot line to it. The hard-core, yet cute girl dyke manager weighs in and we are getting closer to punishment time. And Jack, the jack-off customer is going to play peeper. This is heaven for the voyeurs and window peepers out there. The birch canes are housed in a violin case?? They must be hand-crafted. This girl can take a caning. Distressed to be sure, but she is not howling like a wounded animal. Great butch, F/F whipping here. She is yelping more now. Over a dozen separate welts we see. Yanks her tights right back up so she has done this picture before. And they made a security tape of it for the Xmas party. Nice props and really inventive effects in this one. And Jack faked like he was fixing some window trim.

Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Spanking/Caning, Subordination, Bondage, Castles/Dungeons, Domination
Studio: Nettles Production
Duration: 00:40:23
Starring: not professional casting

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: 640*480, 1486 kbps – 1496 kbps, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps
Size of archive: 473 Mb

File size: 473.2 MB