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Bad Behavior (Falcon Pac 132)

Country: US
Studio : Falcon Studios
Cast: Marcus Iron, Kristian Alvarez, Nino Bacci, Caesar, Sam Crockett, Jeremy Jordan, Chad Kennedy, Scott Matthews, Gage Michaels, Addison Scott, Spike, Enrico Vega, Nick Young
Director: John Rutherford

This Falcon fuck-a-thon is a steamy tour of mildly kinky pleasures (and some not-so-mild). Dreamboat hunk Marcus Iron and voracious sexpot Chad Kennedy play two innocent Bible-bonkers who are charged to go forth into nearby neighborhood pits of despair and offer salvation to the scandalous. Fat chance!

Cherubic Marcus and Chad, looking adorable in collared shirts and ties, knock innocently on big butch leather daddy Addison Scott’s door and are immediately yanked down into his sex lair, a leathery den of iniquity that comes fully equipped with a stock, a sling and a row of frightfully huge dildos. Incidentally, Addison sorta reminds me of the leader of that psycho biker gang in The Road Warrior, a post-apocalyptic parallel I curiously found to be quite sexy. And highly appropriate, given the theme of sin and salvation here.

Marcus is locked away in the stock while he’s forced to witness Chad deprave himself at the behest of no less than six muscular leather studs, some of them cut, some uncut, all of them massively hung. The group breaks up into a four-way and a three-way: Chad performs some seriously proficient cocksucking on Addison and long-dong’d Spike while, across the room, goatee’d Enrico Vega manages to shove two fat dongs into his face, each one an impressive mouthful in its own right. Enrico is especially good at docking his tongue with the foreskin of Nick Young’s magnificent horse cock.

The group rejoins for a ball-flapping, ass-slammin’, nut-bursting climax, unforgettably capped off by Spike’s gushing geyser of come, which just might be the most thrillingly spectacular eruption ever caught on porn!

Marcus is then unclamped from the restraining stock and brought into the sordid fray. Caesar is strapped into the sling, legs spread, his hole being probed by Addison’s fingers and, soon after, those large dildos I mentioned. Marcus, his flawlessly ripped muscles flexing, pounds into Caesar with conviction, while his available hole is soon filled by Addison. Marcus and Caesar soon share a ludicrously large 24-inch double-headed dildo and do a male-to-male reinterpretation of the lesbian “ass-to-ass” scene in Requiem for a Dream.
DVD covers

We next have a rather hot sequence that opens with Nino Bacci being blown by hairless twinkie boy Jeremy Jordan, who’s buck-naked except for boots and laying spread-eagle face-down on a sinfully-red billiards table. He also looks like he just turned 18 the very day of the shoot. Nevertheless, Jeremy’s voracious mouth handles Nino’s large fuck-rod with extreme prowess. Nico spits into his mouth to ensure proper lubrication, and he’s soon plowing his tool all the way deep into Jeremy, who rides it like a champ.

Later, the brief tour of the inferno suddenly over, Marcus is shown safe in the sanctuary of his own house. Two new Bible-boys (Gage Michaels and Sam Crockett) knock on his door and the recently corrupted Marcus immediately yanks the unsuspecting lads into his bedroom for some smoldering cocksucking and power fucking. There’s some terrific deep-throating going on involving all three studly muscle hunks, as Marcus sucks off Sam while Gage feasts on Marcus’ glorious hole. There’s some creative positioning, too, including a bit where Marcus gets slammed by Sam, while still engaged in a sixty-nine with Gage. By the way, there’s some serious heat going on between Gage and Marcus that really comes across onscreen. Literally. These guys ought to fuck together more often.

The whole affair ends with a “wink-wink” coda that shows saintly Chad praying for the cum-drenched souls of his fallen fellow Bible-bonkers, laid out in bed in an unmistakably Christ-like pose. Good heavens!

This sinfully delicious fuck-fest will have you reaching for the lube instead of the prayer hymnal. It’s the porn: minimal plot, high-voltage raunchy sex, hot leather hunks, jaw-cramming cocks, strong production values, gushing streams of hot man juice. ‘Nuf said. Happy whacking!

Length: 782 MiB Duration: 1h 28mn 10s 200ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 101 Kbps, Aspect: 448 x 336 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 782.3 MB