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Suruba: Azul (2008)

Year: 2008
Genre: latino, anal, oral sex, circle-jerk, big cocks, cumshots, orgy, poolside sex, outdoor, rimming, voyeurism, threesomes
Duration: 01:09:40
Director: Dennis Bell
Studio: AMG Brasil
Cast: Lucas Lucky, Roger Carneiro, Leonardo Reis, Rick Garcia, Will Castelo, Jonny Saullo, Jeff Silva, Jack Benelli, Diego Fontinelle, Alex Frias

Filmed On Location In Brazil! Azul (Portuguese) noun. Blue. Suruba (Portuguese) noun. 1. Orgy, gangbang. 2. Excessive indulgence. 3. Unrestrained sexual activity. That’s what you get in this film!

Bronzed and muscular, Lucas Lucky sits perched above a pool of clear blue water. The South Atlantic stretches for miles behind him. In front of him, a slender Brazilian boy with a dark tan kneels before a hung and equally tanned young man. His name is Leonardo Reis and as he wades in the water of the pool he slides his comrade, Alex Frias’, thick, uncut cock between his expectant lips. Moved to action by the boy’s obvious skills, Lucas jumps down from the cobalt blue tile wall and approaches the couple, his throbbing member swinging in front of him.

Without saying a word, he positions himself opposite Alex. As if by instinct, Leonardo turns to Lucas enveloping his cock in his warm, wet mouth. The boys stand on either side of Leonardo as he alternates between them, feasting on each of their massive, rock hard dicks. While he sucks one, he tugs on the other, driving both men right to the point of climax. For Alex, the pressure is too much and within minutes, gobs of sticky white cum fly from his shaft coating Leonardo’s face.

Jack Benelli, a slight Carioca (Rio native) with compact muscles and sun-kissed skin, emerges from the same pool. Beads of water glide down his rock-hard abs. At the edge of the pool, Johnny Saullo (Piroca), a man built of firm, thick muscle, strokes his cock. The sun catches its radiance. It is long, with a slight curve and the foreskin recedes as it grows harder. The site of Johnny’s near-perfect member proves too much for Jack to resist. He moves across the crystalline water, and attaches himself, mouth first, to Johnny’s magnificent tool. Jack takes Johnny deep inside his mouth, swallowing it to the hilt and rarely emerging for air. As he buries his face deep in the boy’s crotch, saliva drips from his greedy lips. Invigorated by the blowjob, Johnny turns to his partners cock, and Jack proves that he enjoys giving as much as he does receiving. He bucks his hips, forcing his cock deep into Johnny’s throat.

Under a cascade of crisp blue water, Leonardo waits on all fours. Behind him, Diego Fontinelle slides on a condom and prepares to penetrate Leonardo’s exceptionally tight hole. As Diego pushes the head of his solid dick against the boy’s pulsating pucker, an expression, marked by both pleasure and pain, comes across his face. He clenches his teeth as Diego forces himself inside, with one forceful thrust. The pain in his face gives way to ecstasy as Diego drives his concrete cock deep into Leonardo.

The boys move from their positions poolside and stand straight up in a single-file line in the shallow end of the pool. The water rises to just below heir knees. Jeff bends at the waste whilst Rick slams his cock into his hungry hole. Roger follows suit, fucking Rick in rhythm. Behind Roger, Will completes the train driving his cock deep inside Roger’s muscular ass. Will reaches forward forcing his fingers into Jeff’s mouth. Jeff sucks them as if they were a cock. Will then moves down the line stopping and penetrating each of the boy’s mouths with his fingers. Jeff maybe at the front of this fuck train, but Rick makes sure that he gets his, too. He reaches around and strokes his shaft.

File size: 599 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: 640×480 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~1062 kbps avg, 0.12 bit/pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

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