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PAIN GATE – Pain hostel

Extreme severe branch whipping for sweet Tina till her oiled ass is cutted in stripes.

File size: 155.9 MB


Justine always breaks the rules of the boarding school and got a lot of corporal punishments already.
But this time she was going much too far: coming home too late in a sexy ‘school’ dress that has nothing to do with the official uniform. The headmaster drives crazy and gives the sweet long legged blonde the punishment of her lifetime.
Cane and singletail cut her sexy ass in stripes. And her erogenous zones are next. She gets so many lashes on her tits and pussy till she breaks down in crying.

File size: 165.9 MB

Let’s Insert! Let’s Do it by Rotation!

This is a CG collection about a busy girl who balances her duties as representative and total craven slut.

– Tons of scenes!
Thick, endless goobs of semen in the p**sy, in the an*s, spread all over her body.
Syrupy smears of cum dribbling from her insides as she devotes herself to service.

– Facial and cumshot variations!
Every scene has multiple variations prepared.
Overflowing semen causes different expressions from the girl. Check them all out!

– Pregnancy, swallowing, urination!
Who knows who the father is, she’s having sex with a ripe belly, guzzling p*ss and taking urine into her vaginal opening.

– Glasses variations and text/effects!
Toggle CG images on and off for glasses, sound effects and other elements.

A total of more than 600 CG images!

Semen overflows in scene after scene with high viscosity, with variations representing all sorts of moments in cum-time. See her smothered in dripping cum, change to variations with her face plastered, having sex with her bloated womb, urinating in her mouth and vagina… scenes of all are included.

File size: 578.2 MB

InfernalRestraints [2008-02-15] THE PROSECUTOR 1 featuring Bronte

Bronte’s twenty-years-old, and she’s been doing BDSM with her boyfriend since she was eighteen. With clear eyes and creamy skin, she’s restrained with cable ties as PD interviews her. And it’s obvious, her love of the play. As soon as he slaps her face her body goes into a sexual meltdown.
Cable ties pull her wrists to her knees, moving her into an awkward, vulnerable position – her back arched, her pussy pushed outward. An avid cocksucker, she works a dildo with gusto. And later, she’s locked into the Fiddle so that she’s made to kneel. PD whips her with a singletail until she’s striped red. She takes it like she’s had quite a lot of practice. And her pussy’s dripping wet.
Wearing a metal bit-gag and a waist belt that pokes a huge wooden prod inside her cunt, Bronte fusses when PD canes her. But within minutes of the vibrator on her pussy, she comes, later saying that the bondage was just the right kind of hurt. Bronte promises to return. She claims she’s ready to suffer for PD.
One has to wonder if she’s done the research, if she’s ever seriously watched Insex.

File size: 154.0 MB

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Hogtied – Madison Young

A self-proclaimed rope and pain slut, Madison Young is one of our toughest and sexiest girls. It is truly a pleasure to watch such a beautiful woman enjoy her pain and submission to the ropes.
We put her in challenging scenarios, one with her wrists and head through a tabletop, her ass and pussy sticking up in the air above the table. She is totally prone and cannot see what is being inflicted on her lovely backside. Her hair is tied to a bowling ball, holding her head down in very severe hair bondage.
We bend her body in two and bind her to a post, leaving her bound legs and ass exposed to a brutal caning that leaves dark pink stripes up and down her ivory skin. Heavy weights pull her nipples down to her face, which is distorted beautifully by the onslaught of orgasms.
We tie her up in an ever-changing suspension, like a cruel dance, making her come, changing positions, then making her come again. We leave her inverted, exhausted, and deep into sub space.

Studio: Hogtied / Kink

File size: 607.5 MB