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ShadowPlayers – Ponygirl Anna DVD

Six beautiful ponygirls are trained in spectacular outdoor Western locations.Over 70 minutes of exciting outdoor pony scenes.Petra is harnessed and gets a butt plug tail by her handler Gypsy. Naked and harnessed, she pulls a cart through the desert around Monument Valley. She is led naked and barefoot to a desert stream where she splashes and plays. She gets a strap-on fucking and is saddle trained.Tracy Hilton is abducted while hitch-hiking. Shackled and gagged in the back on a van, her clothes cut and ripped off, she is taken to a remote location. Naked and barefoot, she is led across a rocky trail to be trained as a ponygirl.Rose Algren is lassoed, harnessed to a cart, and works a mountain trail.Moonshine is towed naked and bound behind a car to a high mountain forest where she gets a butt plug tail and harness and pulls a cart.

File size: 264.4 MB