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Tokyo-Hot n0077 – 100perc Raw Fucking – Mai Satsuki

The beautiful slut MAI SATSUKI appears in TOKYO HOT this time. Well, it is a gem on after a long time for the author. This will make a storm of the excitement because though MAI is slender, she has the wonderful tits and leg. It is so envies if someone can make hard battle such as Raw fuck, continues vaginal cum shot with such lovely slut! Now be satisfied of the world of hard-core unfolded for 72 minutes while getting excited with your son. MAI is very well known as beautiful office lady in the company has found something’s in the desk that should not be there. MAI who is desired for it starts masturbation at the sofa in the company because there is no one in the office. MAI who getting just acme was just found by the boss and staffs whom back from business and she shakes it. The superior who wanted to fuck with her once attacks her because she was done such lascivious behavior. After bullying her pussy with the rotor toy, MAI beautifully cleans up superior and subordinates’ cocks by the mouth. MAI fills erected cock in the mouth and sucked up it with lewd noise. It is wonderful having stimulated glans by using the tongue though MAI suck up it in her mouth. It is tears of gratitude to the service of MAI who holds many cocks in her mouth though it is pushed into the interior of the throat and it becomes a painful expression. The invitation of sex entertainment comes one after another to MAI who has been educated as sex slave as this. MAI sucks the cock desperately in hand rub service & fellatio service to the executive and made mouthful cum shot. The following is to stimulate her crotch in customer’s toy test and MAI was got acme with screaming, it digests the thing that cannot be tasted in female office worker life usual. Especially, a lot of toy start from massage machine bullies the clitoris and pussy in the toy test. There is a test tube that never put thing in the pussy, and she is compliant though she says that it is not in the one to put it in the pussy, but it is not possible to complain about the action of the superior who stabs it without mercy. It elbows one’s way through the major labia and various toys stimulate her vagina one after another. The pain and pleasure feeling is mix and MAI can not to keep normal sprit in a gradually and its appearance is so wonderful. The uterus mouth is checked with our patent illuminator vaginal speculum at the end. It is the natural obligation to check what kind of uterus mouth she has. Please don’t over look this piss shot scene afterwards because you may be experienced sham piss flood. When variously inspect the condition of the pussy, then want to try it is very natural way. Then, real battle of raw fucking starts from Standing back posture. It is the like dream that to insert cock to slut thought roll up the skirt with puts on the pin heel. MAI move her hip up and down voluntarily and taste cock at the sitting posture after they move to sofa, it will bring much desire after you look at such MAI. It is the continues fucking battle with superior and the subordinate at the end after MAI enjoy the fuck at bending, side and back posture on the floor. At the first, the superior made mouthful cum shot while violently poke, and second one made vaginal cum shot within few mins after he inserted his cock, however pussy of MAI absorbed his semen and it is not flow out at all. The third cock made facial cum shot to the beautiful face of MAI and let her clean up his cock by her mouth, and fourth one made vaginal cum shot again while MAI screaming. The semen has flowed back from her pussy and it can be seen by the close up. Afterwards, the semen that reaming in the pussy was confirmed by the Sakurai Type of Speculum. It is not a guaranteed that doesn’t get pregnant by 100% even take pills, but like a great content maker that TOKYO HOT is, it is so wonderful. And we like thing extremely very much.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 1h 11mn
Video: XVID 1277 Kbps 512×384 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 45.0 Kbps 2 channels 48.0 KHz

File size: 692.5 MB