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Sweltering Lake

Release Year: 2000
Studio: Catalina
Cast: Erik Michaels, Alec Martinez, Boyd Thomas, Brent Banes, Eric Evans, Hans Ebson, Joe Stack, Ray Harley, Robert Black
Genres: Anal, Oral, Muscle

Description: “Sweltering Lake tells the story of some pals getting together at a lush retreat for a gay weekend of fun. Ray Harley and his lover Boyd Thomas are checking out the action on shore from their houseboat. Joe Stack and Robert Black are parking cars as the guests arrive at the retreat. Director Mark Jensen has put together a tight script with much detail and sweltering man-action.
Joe Stack and Robert Black are amazed at the turnout for the gay weekend. After some playful dialogue about what the guests will be doing, Joe suggests that he has what “those gay guys are looking for.” Robert coaxes Joe into showing him his cock. As the two go at it in the parking lot, Hans Ebson arrives in an RV. Hans checks out the action from inside the RV. He pulls out his cock and does a slow, seductive jack-off with lots of butt-play. Meanwhile, Joe and Robert have traded some throatspanking. Joe rims Robert then drives his cock deep into Robert’s eager ass.
Erik and Alec are there to relax. Both are feeling frisky and the scene heats up quick. Seeing “little” Erik top “big” Alec makes for true viewing pleasure.
The group leader for the weekend, Eric Evans has to cancel at the last minute to stay home and watch after his new business – Wet Daddy Plumbing. His service call to Brent Banes makes up for the action he missed at Sweltering Lake. The pair flip-flop fuck with each getting his hairy ass plowed by the other.
The lake as gorgeous backdrop enhances the beauty of watching Ray and Boyd get down to business. Ray makes a lollipop out of Boyd’s boner before offering up his ass for a good rimming and fucking. Then they jump in the water for a playful ending. “

Format: avi
Duration: 1:13:55
Video: 360×240, DivX 5, 775kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 494.6 MB

Rentboy – King Of The Meat Rack (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Fingering, Cumshots
Duration: 01:37:09
Director: Jonno
Studio: UKNakedMen
Cast: Tommy, Trey Thornton, Harley Everett, Giovanne Cruz, Stefan Colby, Steven Daigle, Matt Brookes, Jay Roberts, Harry Louis, Danny B., Drew Brody, Mark Summers, Lucas Sartori

Matt is a handsome young man who knows how to turn a trick or two in RentBoy: King Of The Meat Rack. He’s been selling his hot uncut cock and tight arse around London – and hard work as it can be! Danny’s one of his favourite clients – handsome, horny and very greedy. Matt arrives at the hotel and Danny’s ready and waiting for him, prick stiff in his pants and the money on the table. Danny’s horny as hell and can’t wait to taste what’s on offer. UKNM doesn’t often stray into smooth young man territory but they’ve made a few exceptions lately. Danny B is an exception – blonde, blue-eyed and full of cockney charm. He’s paired with the insatiable cock hound Matt Brookes who never fails to give an outstanding performance. Matt’s cock gets hard as soon as a camera points at it and stays that way. He loves to be watched and knows how to put on a show. Danny’s in good hands! Cast: Matt Brookes, Danny B, Others

Format: WMV
Video: 640×480, 1180 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

File size: 953.2 MB

This video has been removed.


Year: 2004
Genre: Hunks; Cumshots; Oral/Anal Sex;
Duration: 02:26:48
Director: Josh Eliot
Studio: Catalina Video
Cast: Andreas Stern, Cameron Fox, Rob Romoni, Maxime Cannon, Ray Harley, Steve Rambo, Arpad Miklos, Andy Hunter, Brad Benton, Jack Ryan, Adriano, Alex Steele, Jessie Cooper, Jack Van Dean, Mario Ortiz, Riley Porter, Brunno Storni, Jonathan Gabriel, Chip Noll

With the of 69: Discover the Secret, Hall of Fame Director Josh Eliot continues his unsurpassed reign as all-male action’s most prolific director. 69 is the story of Skyler, taking place over an approximate 35-year span starting in 1969. Played by three different models: Young Skyler is played by Chip Noll; we next see him played by Cameron Fox; and finally by Catalina’s leading man Steve Rambo. Josh includes sixteen more hard-action studs in this intriguing tale of scientists, experiments, and love.
In the first scene, Andreas Stern and Rob Romoni have some man-fun that culminates with Andreas attacking Rob’s ass with his tongue and then his huge, uncut cock. Chip Noll spies on the pair and jacks his juicy boy-cock to a cute-boy climax. The next scene is a five-way fuckfest with Mario Ortiz, Riley Porter, Cameron Fox, Adriano, and Jonathon Gabriel. The guys have their man-ways with each other including more tongue up the butt action and intense ass fucking. We next get a hint of the developing love story as Cameron Fox (Skyler) and Adriano are paired in a touching scene. Director Eliot portrays the mood perfectly with a montage of shots of the boys cavorting in a series of sexual escapades.
69: Discover the Secret is Ray Harley’s last video. Ray has had a spectacular eight-year career as Catalina’s hirsute bottom boy. He asked Josh for a way to make this scene exceptionally stunning. Josh asked him, “You mean like sticking a Cannon up your ass?” Ray and Maxime Cannon both starred in His Terrible Twin and Stag Show, but this is their first scene together, and is Ray’s last scene ever. The way Ray takes Maxime’s immense manhood up his fuzzy butt, you could say that Ray is going out with a really huge bang.
We’re off to a thrilling three-way with Arpad Miklos, Jack Ryan, and Brad Benton. Brad plays the appreciative bottom boy for handsome Jack and amazing Arpad. Arpad fucks Brad first. Just when you think he’s been fucked out (because he is!) Arpad passes his ass over to Jack, who finishes the fantastic fucking of Brad’s eager boy-hole.
69: Discover the Secret finishes with one of Josh’s signature six-way man-flings. It seems like there is no end to all the delicious sucking and fucking for these six steamy studs. The groupings vary with the action, but it ends up with Brunno Storni fucking Steve Rambo, Jessie Cooper fucking Alex Steele, and Andy Hunter fucking Jack Van Dean. It’s inspiring, especially if you’re inspired by a raging hard-on.

Format: MPEG
Video: MPEG1 Video 352×240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1150Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio 48000Hz stereo 224Kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

The Renegade

1. A desolate cliffside road…the rumble of a Harley Davidson echoes across the rugged hillside. Ken Ryker and Hal Rockland are looking for some hot action. Stopping to take a piss by an abandoned bunker, the two renegades are spotted by Joe Kent, a handsome young hitch-hiker willing to do anything for a ride. First Ken, then Hal, take turns with his slurping willing mouth, ramming their cocks down his gaping throat. They force their young sex slave to the floor, fingering and slapping Joe’s sweet white ass as he licks their boots. Hal can hold back no longer, shooting gobs of hot cum into the cold mountain air. Ken soon erupts, spurting thick streams of cum.

2. After Ken Ryer takes his bike in for some repair work, he and Hal Rockland wander into a nearby bar where Hal spies a three-way going on. Sexy Matt Bradshaw squirms with pleasure as he wriggles over Kevin Wolf’s face, feeling the blond’s gifted tongue probe his tight hole. Todd Stevens groans lusftully as the velvety muscles of Matt’s cocksucking throat ripple up and down his meaty rock-hard cockshaft. As Kevin shoves a fat buttplug into Matt’s freshly lubed hole, the asslips stretch wide to accommodate the plunging sextool. The powerful intrusion turns into rhythmic pleasure as Matt fucks himself with the buttplug, sucking it deep into his hole. Todd and Kevin take turns slamming their big cock’s into Matt’s sex-starved holes, filling him at both ends. They take on one another’s sweat-glistened forms in every combination, fucking and sucking themselves to multiple cum-drenching orgasms.
3. Hunky mechanic Trent Reed has been servicing Ken’s bike, but after sniffing the sweaty leather vest Ken’s left behind, servicing Ken sounds hotter. Pulling his cockmeat out of his tight jeans, Trent starts stroking his thick cut meat until blast after blast shoots all over his smooth muscled torso…Ken walks in and fucks the muscular mechanic’s mouth uintil he shoots his load all over Trent’s chest. The feel of Ken’s load drives Trent over the edge and he shoots his second load. Then Ken bends Trent over the workbench and pounds his tight ass slow and hard. When the blindingly powerful orgasm finally hits trent, it is as if a bolt of loigtning went coursing up his spine from the base of his balls to explode in a wave of pleasure. As Trent collapses after his third ball-draining orgasm, Ken slowly drags his massive fuckpole out of the mechanic’s ravaged ass.
4. Bartender Chris Ramsey runs his hot wet tongue up into the sweaty crack between Hal Rockland’s asscheeks. Hal’s slick hole and hard fuck-reeady tool make Chris rock hard and hornier than ever. Hal throws Chris onto the pinball machine and shoves his cock into the bartender’s hot young ass. Over and over, Hal bangs away, jamming Chris against the cool metal surface until his rampaging cock shoots. As Hall grinds his satisfied groin into the bartender’s asscheeks, Chris blasts his load all over the the pinball machine…”tilt!”
5. Next to the campfire, the sexual tension between Ken Ryker and biker buddy Hal Rockland cracles electrically. Hal is the first to reach out and say with a touch what cannot be siad with words. Tentatively at first, Ken’s trembling hands pull Hal to him…their lips meet in a searing tongue-tangling kiss that bonds these two hot men together in a way they never dared to believe. Passion flares and gives way to raw energy as the two men suck and squeeze each other’s rock-hard cocks. Soon Hal and Ken are entangled in a winner-takes-all sixty-nine, each one trying to stuff as much of the other’s cocks down their throat as possible. Grunts and moans of desire echo in the still night air as the two horsehung young men revel in each other’s virile bodies, each one satifying the other; each one satisfying himself. After an eternity of frenzied man-to-man sex, Hal and Ken bring each other off, spraying the inside of their tent with gushers of cum.

File size: 582.2 MB


Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Muscle Men, Big Balls, Big Cock, Beards, Extreme Assplay, Fisting, Fetish, Leather, Sounding, BDSM, Pissing, Latino Men, Piercing, Rough Sex, Tattoo
Starring: J.R. Matthews, David Anthony, Shay Michaels, Dirk Caber, Harley Everett, Lance Navarro
Studio: TitanMen Rough, TitanMen

A warning from the producers: This film portrays realistic and authentic BDSM and fetish sex. These are not actors, but experienced BDSM players doing what they love to do. This is hardcore extreme sex at its most raw and most realistic, and should be viewed only by those that can handle it.
Need your fill of rubber gear and twisted sex? From the filthy imagination of director Paul Wilde comes Violated, the latest title from TitanMen’s Rough fetish series. We’ve got enough gear play, piss play, fisting, and ass fucking to get you rising to attention.
Rubber pig Lance Navarro and muscleman Haley Everett grapple in a flip-fucking, piss-spraying, ass-fisting frenzy.
Thick-chested Shay Michaels takes complete advantage of the bound and helpless redhead, J.R. Matthews, in a scene that features a rubber sleep sack suspended from the ceiling.
David Anthony roughly manhandles a tied-up Dirk Caber, slapping the stud’s round ass mercilessly, then pounding him in a sling until both are covered in sweat, piss, and cum. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:01:30
Resolution: 720×416
Size: 2.04 GB

File size: 1.8 GB