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Bad Boys Club

Year: 1988
Genre: Precondom, Oral, Anal, Vintage
Length: 1:21:34
Description: Three directors, Doug Jeffries, Derek Kent, and John Travis, contribute four scenes in Bad Boys Club – but all that viewers will care about is that five hot Studio 2000 exclusives (Trevor Knight, Ryan Alexander, Rafael Alencar, Matt Van Dorn, Tommy Brandt) showed up to join this engaging gang. First beautiful Brazilian Rafael Alencar seduces supposedly straight Chip Noll in a locker room. This coupling is a study in contrasts, as Alencar’s dark good looks and manly physique are nicely juxtaposed with Noll’s pale frame and cock. Together, they get wet in the shower, with Noll swallowing Alencar’s many uncut inches. Rafael initiates Noll into the joys of butt-fucking, pounding a nice load out of him before delivering a juicy one of his own. Next, Luciano Haas takes a piss in an alley, where he is accosted by unruly Trevor Knight. This is a mismatched couple, but who cares. The next scene is a highlight, as perfectly paired cuties Ryan Alexander and Tommy Brandt go at each other in their dorm room. Alexander claims to be straight, but in a fit of horniness agrees to blow Brandt. Fucking soon follows, and Alexander and Brandt show how they earned their exclusive contracts. Finally, Matt Van Dorn jacks off at his window for an appreciative audience, including a cop (Cody Cash) who decides to take matters in his own hands. Van Dorn is as smooth and nubile as ever. He and newcomer Cash flip-flop nicely. Picture quality is great for the most part, and every vein on Alencar’s luscious cock is clearly visible to prove it.
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