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Molly Cavalli, Nina James – My greek goddess

We all know Molly loves to have friends over and party. Molly invited her friend Nina over to help get ready for the Greek theme party, but what Nina did not know was that Molly was luring her into eating her juicy pussy. It did not take much effort, and Nina began licking Molly all over her body. Molly smiled and laid back as Nina went on a pussy licking assault. Molly was so horny from looking down on Ninas pretty face and long legs, she needed to get her some of that Greek godess ass. Having Ninas yummy pussy in her face reminded her why she invited her before anyone else. Molly thanked her with an ass and pussy licking she will not be forgetting anytime soon. Ninas amazing tits, ass and long legs had Molly dripping for the rest of the night during the party. Molly knows how to party.

Released: 2011
Genre: 1on1 asslick bigass bigtits blonde brunette latin lesbian lingerie shaved white
Starring: Molly Cavalli, Nina James

File size: 304.2 MB

Orgasm during a massage prostate

A private video where a man gets an orgasm by prostate massage.
Ancient civilizations have been practicing prostate massage for centuries.
Today, this practice continues with the same goal of total sexual satisfaction for men.
But, gaining profound pleasure from male prostate stimulation is a very delicate art.
You need to know the exact steps to take in order to achieve an amazing climax that only prostate massage can deliver.

Duration: 00:09:19

File Type: MP4

File size: 125.6 MB

Silky Smooth Sadists

Year of manufacture:2011
Genre: Strapon, Femdom, Dildo, Feminization, Humilation, Kunilingus, Anal,
In roles:Mistress Monica, Slave Twitch, Mistress Kozmina
Description:Mistress Monica teams with Mistress Kozmina (Her first appearance) in a 64 minute pain filled humiliation of slave twitch. The Ladies have a great time together at his expense and spare no energy in kicking, trampling, face sitting and humiliating the handsome slave. He licks the bottom of their boots clean and Mistress Monica dominates him with bare feet before slipping into Pantyhose. Mistress Kozmina holds his pantyhose leash and makes him suck a big dildo as he gets a prostate massage. Then Mistress Monica fucks him up the ass with her strap-on as her partner amuses herself at all angles. Finally, in the CBT chair, he is milked out into a dog bowl, but not before Mistress Kozmina applies the violet wand to his big black bound balls.The Ladies stride in as their handsome black slave is led by the pantyhose leash around his neck by Mistress Kozmina. Both wear shiny black boots and Mistress Kozmina has on a sheer set of Pantyhose and her nipples peek through the black string bra. Mistress Monica kicks and slaps slave twitch and both establish their dominance while enjoying each other’s company.

File size: 572.3 MB

BrokeStraightBoys – Colin

Colin needed some extra cash so he got in touch with the guys from Broke Straight Boys to see if they could help him out. As we all know these guys always have some extra cash laying around for hot straight guys who want to get naughty on camera. Things started out easy. Colin took off his shirt and showed off his washboard abs and his tattoos. The guys asked Colin to to pull out his cock. He was a little bit nervous at first, but he slowly pulled down his boxers and whipped it out.

With a little assurance he stood up and started stroking his cock. His hand worked his shaft and got himself hard in matter of minutes. Colin made his way to the couch and as he slid his hand up and down his shaft. He reached down and massaged his balls. It felt so good he let out a little moan. The guys thought Colin was a hot piece of ass so the asked him to roll over and show off his ass. He laid face down on the couch and spread his sweet ass wide open.

That ass was begging to be fucked, but today they were going to have to let Colin take care of himself. He started massaging his asshole as he stroked his cock and told the guys he liked a little ass play. It is cool to see a straight guy who ins’t afraid to take a little in the ass. As he got close to cumming he slid a finger into his ass and rubbed his prostate. It felt so amazing that he exploded. He came so hard his entire body was flexed and shaking with pleasure as the cum fired out like a hot jizz shower.

Genres: solo
File: mp4

File size: 226.0 MB

Gut Reaction

Description: SCENE 1 Furry-assed Mark Evrett is bent over like a butt hungry centaur. Harness daddy Jeff Baron smacks his ass and rims his pink hole then begins fingering him. Evrett’s no stranger to ass play and he passes Baron a fat, foot-long black dildo who slides it in and out of Evrett’s ass with surprising ease.

SCENE 2 Mark Kent has Frank Sylvano’s pretty-boy ass at his full-disposal. The super-sexy Kent begins by probing Sylvano’s ass, but quickly moves on to larger tools, starting with a thick, veiny dildo that Kent works in and out of his sling-hung friend. Devon Rexman watches the action from the sidelines, jousting his hole with a sword-like dildo that goes deep into his gut.
Jeff Baron walks in one them and Kent passes him the baton — and Sylvano’s asshole. Baron stretches and prods the moaning stud while rocking him back and forth in the sling. Showing that behind every good top daddy is a well-worked asshole, Baron takes his turn on the sling. Face down and flexing his glutes, Baron works his way through the massive bulbs of a spectacularly large plastic phallus. Sylvano takes a turn working Baron with his fist, and with Baron’s hungry ass it isn’t a problem.
Sylvano’s back in the sling as Baron works him over with a massive black dildo while Devon Rexman gives a tongue lashing to Harris’ ass. Rexman works his own cock and shoves his open ass into Rexman’s willing face, then shoots his hot load on Rexman’s tan chest.
SCENE 3 Mark Evrett gets an energetic finger fuck from Rob Harris who’s seated in a sling. Harris pulls back Evrett’s cock and tries to force it up Evrett’s own ass. Harris let’s Evrett’s ass breathe for a moment, then returns with a wide black dildo to stretch it with. Evrett’s ass eats the toy whole; so Harris decides to really reach him with his hands — both of them. After prying his sphincter apart, Harris goes in deep and buries his fist in Evrett’s warm cavern. After having his prostate massaged by Harris, Evrett shoots his load with a series of loud moans.
SCENE 4 When Mark Masterson ties his legs up and lies next to a bowl full of pool balls, even the camera steams up. Masterson’s impressive ass swallows ball after ball, then shoots them out of his blooming anus in a heated game of table tennis. Masterson finishes with a little self-spelunking of his own, working his own hand up his pliant loose lips.

Format: avi
Duration: 01:23:32

File size: 275.1 MB