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Princess of lust and devil Renika

Parthian Kingdom. About 04 west of the continent huge / massive empire retained the five large. The kingdom is now ruled on behalf of the Queen fell ill, the daughter of first-von-Renika Saxony. Princess skill set store Renika were things about everyone.?Rawarezu the concept of the past, the first thought policy of peace and happiness of the people always get overwhelming support in the country. The ruling, diplomacy and rightly dignified manner without being shaken by the pressure of other countries. The figure will resound his name all over the world just as the image of the Kingdom leader.

¦ Renika princess was demonic possession was caught in love with his sister hostage to trust people, will bear the humiliation of her six-day girl ?tentacle, rape fantasy [Elmere of convicted super Kurejuesu? gaining popularity in again. The sudden visit of the devil, Parthian castle fell overnight secret. Renika princess who dedicate themselves to something to restore calm in the former variant, the truth and get to the end of the insult. The total number of videos to send more than 100 animated rape fantasy rape juice heterogeneous ADV!

:: CPU Pentium4 1.3GHz or more
:: ? holds an ? 2000 · XP: 256MB or above / Vista · 7 512MB or more
:: HDD 800MB or more
:: VIDEO 800×600 16bit high color or more
:: DirectX 8 or more
:: ? ? he MPEG-1 ?Activity ? environment

Release: 2010/09/03
File size: 690.7 MB