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Year: 2010
Genre: shemale post op
Length: 00:29:58
Studio: brokenbrick

Description: scene with that dude tom moore, a shemale with a huge cock and a super hot post-op tranny. banging on the sofa, pretty nice stuff. the post-op is unreal.
File size: 298.7 MB

This video has been removed.

Studio 2000 – Jakes Hard Ride

Country: Czech Republic
Studio : Studio 2000 International
Cast: Jake Havoc, Andy Frakes, Casper Watts, Lucky Taylor, Carey Lexes, Fernando Kruz, Drago Lembeck, Giorgio Black, Roger Gharney, Ruslan Brodovich, Bruce Bennett, Dion Davydov, Jerome Reynolds, Gary McAdams, Lewis Grant, Tommy Rodriguez, Max Fonda, Lacius Gross, Robert Driveman, Jay Renfro
Director: Danny Ray

Acclaimed Euro-helmer Danny Ray takes mega-hung Jake Havoc on an erotic bicycling tour of the Czech countryside in Jake’s Hard Ride. Grab your helmet and kneepads for three pulsing hours of sex, sex and more sex with 19 gorgeous, athletic, horned-up Czech studs and one American.

Jake is pedaling through the countryside – wearing only blue, skintight bicycling togs that leave nothing to the imagination – when he stops for a quick break. He eyes three local studs as they ride by, and when one of them drops his water bottle, Jake is quickly in hot pursuit. He follows them to a local farmhouse and finds their equipment and clothes scattered and two of the three (burly Robert Driveman and blue-eyed, ripped Fernando Kruz) already fooling around. When Jake sneaks up for a closer look, dreamy Casper Watts surprises him from behind and drags the all-too-willing American visitor into their sex-play.

As Fernando sucks off Robert, Casper sets to work driving his tongue between Jake’s tight buns. When Jake’s chute is prepped Casper stuffs his cock inside and plows away. All thoughts of Jake’s tour of the Czech countryside go right out the window! Soon Robert wants a try at the American and jams his stiff boner into Jake, fucking him until they all cum in spurts. But they’re not done yet! The quartet move inside a barn for a round of rimming, make-out sessions and more blowjobs, then Jake and Casper climb into the laps of Robert and Fernando, respectively, to aggressively ride their top men reverse-cowboy. Their sweaty fuck session closes with a second round of money shots.

Nearby, Max Fonda and Jerome Reynolds give into their lust as they passionately kiss deep within the wooded forest. A noise nearby sends them back onto their bikes and a search for privacy, which they find in an abandoned farmhouse. As the sun sets, the two young bucks kiss with gleeful energy as their sizable boners grow and grow and grow! They kiss and suck with frenzied zeal and both blast loads of cum. The next day they take advantage of their morning wood for a quick rim session and a spirited flip-fuck up against a pole and on a broad wooden bench. Once again, their passion is apparent (side note: Jerome and Max were so turned on by each other they hooked up in real life afterwards) and their sex produces two more cumshots.
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Elsewhere, cuties Carey Lexes and Lewis Grant have decided to work off some excess energy by taking a break for a friendly wank session. Hunky Ruslan Brodovich watches nearby, intrigued, and soon he can’t help but join them. He drops to his knees to suck both probing erections, working as much as he can down his throat. All three then jack each other to orgasm. Ruslan is still horny, though! He rims and then aggressively humps first Carey, then Lewis, and the three jocks pop more spooge.

Lean, adorable Tommy Rodriguez is bicycling with a group of pals when he decides to perpetrate a bit of mischief. He quickly speeds away to a nearby barn and downs a liquid that could be Spanish fly and that his friends mistake for drugs. Hunky (and hung) Giorgio Black, athletic Tommy Frakes and matinee Roger Gharney punish him by stripping and then “forcing” the eager Tommy to his knees to their bulging cocks. He happily suckles all three until they coat his face and shoulders with cum. Tommy then cradles his head in Tommy’s lap as Giorgio rims and fucks him, while Roger rims and humps Giorgio. Tommy’s moans and groans fill the barn as he switches positions and the group erupts with more cum.

Jake Havoc is back for the fifth vignette. His earlier sexcapades have left him hungry for a second helping of Czech beef. Soon he encounters gorgeously hunky Drago Lembeck taking a piss in the woods and teasing fellow bicyclist Lucius Gross with his muscled body and sizable dick. Jake lets the air out of their tires to entice them to follow him and the guys take the bait. They follow him inside a farmhouse and up to the second floor, where he is already naked and working his imposingly thick python into readiness. Jake wastes no time getting to work, sucking them hungrily until they both cum. Then Drago takes over, turning both Jake and Lucius around to rim their holes and fuck them, back and forth, one after another. The men switch positions for a fuck train, with Drago inside Lucius, who is stuffed into Jake. They hump until all three produce more of the white stuff.

The final scene takes place inside a locker room where eight men (five previous cast members joined by Bruce Bennett, Dion Davydov and Gary McAdams) are stripping down for their workouts. Cutie Lucky Taylor sits on the bench in a towel, a wry grin on his face, drinking in the beefcake around him. As the guys get naked, Lucky initiates a suck session with one of them. Naturally this catches everyone’s attention! Within minutes they’re all ragingly erect and lined up to give lucky Lucky a chance to polish their boners. When he’s worked them right up to the edge, Lucky repositions himself so he’s in the middle of the group and soon they begin to erupt, drenching Lucky with their cum, eight loads in a row, until he produces his own well-earned climax.

Length: 1.56 GiB Duration: 2h 16mn 16s 802ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 500 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 540 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 1.5 GB

Where My Wang Go?!?

Description: Ladyboys who make it big usually go on to have their sex change surgery. With their peniss sliced ​​down the middle and their ball bags being folded into pussy lips. These Post-Op Ladyboys are left saying, “Where My Wang Go?!?” Cover girl Yella looks like a super model. She is tall and slanky, with long legs, pretty eyes, puffy lips, and now a fully functional slice too. May used to be a little gay, but now she has big tits, a pretty face and a workable cunt that she uses to have sex with foreign men like Allen. Jib has light colored hair and a pretty smile. She has large tits, shapely hips and a two year old vagina that our boy Allen is ready to explore. Maya is really pretty and 100% convincingly a girl. Other than a few fading scars, there is no evidence that she was ever a boy with a 8 inch dangling weenie. She has a Ladyboy pussy now and is horny for sex all the time.

File size: 1.0 GB

Sarina Valentina and Carmen Casper

Year of manufacture:2011
Genre: shemale on female, white, usa, oral, straight
In roles:Sarina Valentina and Carmen Casper
Description:I was flipping through these pictures of the lovely Shemale Pornstar Sarina Valentina the other day, and something really struck me as ‘familiar’ about the girl she was fucking. I couldn’t quite place it in my mind, just thinking, ‘Well, whoever she is, she is really, really pretty!’

Then, as things are wont to do, it hit me in the middle of the night… Carmen Kasper! I suppose that is it the ultimate in compliments to her SRS person that I didn’t even think twice about just assuming that Sarina Valentina found a pretty girl to play with… Now that I know it is Post-Op Transsexual, Carmen Kasper, I have to say, this shoot takes on a whole new level of sexy!

File size: 1.0 GB

Vaniity and Danielle Foxxx

Vaniiti inserts post-op Daniele. A beautiful show with a famous shemale, she is beautiful all the body and the dildo and chest. DO NOT MISS!

Genre: shemale on shemale, white, usa, post-op, anal, oral, cumshot, cum in mouth, swallow, 720p
Length: 00:22:07
Video Format: WMV
File size: 327.5 MB

This video has been removed.