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Tokyo-Hot n0139 – A Teacher Slut – Aya Sugisaki

Sometime don’t you dream to fuck with disgusting and affected female teacher? The TOKYO HOT achieved such dream. AYA SUGISAKI who put on the red suit wonderfully fall a prey to TOKYO HOT in this time. Beautiful teacher AYA is very popular among the students. Students can’t concentrate their study because of her pheromone is too strong. In this situation makes a student fall. Teacher AYA, how do you take responsibility? For this reason, AYA is tied, inserted dirty cock and made vaginal cum shot and have made AYA as toy. A picture of the state that a female teacher falls is content as a cock becomes uncontrollable. Lascivious AYA who has attractive slender body and under hair was shaved is being trained by the principal in the staff room. First of all, she was bound, blindfold and spanked hip. AYA is compelled to have a lesson with the remote control vibs toy installed. AYA has sunk down in by the movement of vibs toy. Hot blooded students know the vibs toy is installed in the pussy make the cock stiffen and begin to train AYA. AYA is bound the legs by the open leg pose and is stimulated the whole body with two or more vibs and rotor toys and the huge vibs toy is compulsorily inserted in the vagina. It becomes impossible for AYA who gives a loud voice and reacts to do by special apparatus’s is being installed in the mouth when the groan voice is raised. Next, the spank starts by the backing style and the meat of hips swells up in red in a moment. The students’ attacks drive recklessly further and attack her pussy with the electric massage machine. The joy juice gushes in the vagina to the merciless attack. AYA made female ejaculation by powerful finger fuck, and a bubble joy juice drips and is thrown in the vagina. It got excited to see the pussy that pulsates after made female ejaculation. In the continuing scene, one of the students compels the stretching exercise and fellatio to AYA who put on the leotard that the nipple and the crotch are transparent. Other students also intrude into to the place where student’s cock is sucked and then the compulsion fellatio party to AYA by four students is begun. Then, cock of pupil that completely erected by the fellatio and hand job is inserted in her pussy. AYA who was violently rubbed in the vagina by four cocks discharges a sticky joy juice from her pussy. Though AYA is puzzled to the indecent behavior of raw fucking with students, she tunes into the slat pig and begun to greed for the cock avariciously whether AYA become pleasant if the several cocks are inserted. AYA is fucked by the students at the missionary and back posture as like as they want. Cock become enlarge and hard attacks in the pussy lasciviously and it is vaginal cum shot. Her pussy was covered semen by continues vaginal cum shot and face also covered by the dirty semen which made by facial cum shot and such AYA receives the impact of not raising the voice and stupefaction. Cuzco is inserted in the vagina that temporarily liberated from enhancing with canon cock and the inside of the pussy is made dew. A large amount of semen remained in the pussy and the inside of the vagina has been made dirty pure white. The last is insult to the face by 13 students of the and semen is splashed to her face one after another. AYA who insulted by the semen that scatters to the hair and the hole of the nose alias of semen toy is more suitable than the female teacher. AYA is to be going to bring the entire together as not the standpoint of female teacher but toy that get rid of sexual desire of student in the future. My life had changed greatly, if there was a teacher like AYA when I was a student. It is not play truant school and always concentrates on the and made vaginal cum shot in the when cock stiffens. There was not what spent vernal years in the agony either. Who told it to emit by sports in the sexual desire? The semen that was not able to be discharged at that time is still collecting in the ball bag. It is not too late now, I want to tell to put me in of AYA by all means.

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