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Bareback Cumparty 3 – Back For More

Year: 2006
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Bareback Sex, Foreign Language, Latin Men, Twinks – Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Cum eating, Deep Throating, Facial Cumshots, Kissing, Live Sound, Multiple Orgasms, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Pierced Body Parts, Rimming, Snowballing (Cum Kisses), Solos, Threeways
Length: 02:02:48
Starring: Gustavo, Jesid, Alfonso, Ferdynan, Walter, Cesar, Damian, Juan Carlos, William, Leonardo
Studio: Original Teen Boy Video
Description: If only every film could feature this many cumshots and this much cum worship! Jizz hounds will love every luscious drop that gets spilled and snowballed at this totally bareback cum party. Ten gorgeous, young, well-hung Brazilian guys treat us to five amazing scenes. Every scene has multiple money shots, cum eating, post-orgasmic fucking, and all-around joyous sex. It’s nonstop hardcore action at its best.
The guys are beyond horny and virtually devour one another. If you’re into sensual body worship, you’ll especially enjoy watching these guys lick and kiss each other’s naked flesh in between sucking and fucking like wildmen. The guys do just about everything: deepthroating, 69ing, ball sucking, jacking, butt fucking, rimming, double-sucking, solos, threesomes. When they shoot off, it’s either into an ass or (more often) into an eager mouth. The guys don’t just swallow the jizz, either. They worship it with their tongues, playing with the cream and savoring the flavor. Oral cumshots are typically shared during mouth-watering snowball sessions. If a guy shoots off while getting fucked, you can expect his top buddy to use the jizz as massage lube before licking it up. Of course, when guys are this horny, the first orgasm just gets things slicked up for another round. That’s one especially fine feature of this film — the guys get a rhythm going and stick with it. Each orgasm simply rekindles their sexual fire.
Don’t miss the amazing 69 action about an hour into the film. Alfonso and Leonardo, who look almost like twins, power-jack each other’s cocks while they suck, and it’s incredibly hot. When these guys buttfuck, it’s even hotter. At one point during the mad humping, their foreheads lock together, and it’s beautifully symbolic of how deeply connected the two guys are as they make love.
Also not to be missed is the threesome finale that takes place outdoors, in a scenic mountaintop gazebo. It’s as if the guys are literally starving for cum, but they aren’t greedy — they share each sticky load with their buddies. It’s a genuine thrill to watch two of these guys lick up fresh jizz as it pumps from a swollen cock slit, then snowball the thick cream together, then let the top guy feast on his own cum off their tongues. I lost count of the orgasms during this threesome. The cum flows constantly and flies everywhere, and any drops that don’t land on a tongue get licked up with There’s more luscious snowballing in this scene alone than in the last twenty bareback films I’ve seen, combined.
If you’re a cum lover, this film comes with the highest possible recommendation.

File size: 1.2 GB