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Brandi Belle Presents-The Upskirt Perv

Year of manufacture:2010
Genre: Masturbation
In roles:Brandi Belle
Description:What would you guys do without me to help you fullfill all your little perverted fantasies, allot of you would be getting into alot of trouble imagine, like this guy for instance, yeah hed been emailing me for along time about me doing an upskirt video he was so adimate about it being in it i thought it be in his best interest if i did rather than him wandering the streets with a pocket mirror strapped to his tennis shoe just waiting to get arrested. Thats actually how he showed up to the shoot he mirror intact, what a cute little pervert. So i gave him his thrill and than my friend and i gave a little more, well actually a lot more i would think its the ultimate in an upskirt experience check it out boys and girls…..oh and remember guys i love you and dont want to any of you getting into any trouble so whenever you get some kinda perverted little urge try emailing me and ill do my best to see it fullfilled in a legal and safe envirenment i love you guys!!!!

File size: 293.6 MB