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Intro into slavery!

Unusual Russian style!

Production year: 2010
Genre:BDSM, Humiliating, Bondage, Spanking, Domination, Sex, Anal
Length: 18 min (High-quality BDSM With Russian beauties)
Studio: RusBDSM
Description:Intro into slavery! “Dear Master, I am greeting you on Slaves in Love site. Welcome please. Here we are, the most submissive girls on the Net. Me and other girl slaves would be glad to satisfy you any way you wish. We are happy to submit to you because you are the Master. Take a tour please to convince that we are the real slaves in love, we are happy to be humiliated and tortured by our Masters. Every girl slave on the site belongs to her Master as a property. Please join to our Masters society and choose a slave you wish. We have tons of photos and videos to please our Masters. Take a look how beautiful we are in submission and humiliation before your eyes. Thank you for your time, Master.”
Video Quality: CamRip
Video Format: WMV
Video: WMV9 640×480 25.00fps 800kbps
Audio: WMA 44100Hz stereo 96kbps
Size:43 Mb

Click on the screen they will open:

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Fiercesome Threesomes

Year: 2004
Genre: Anal, Oral, Double Penetration, Rimming
Length: 1:48:15
Director: Paul Barresi
Studio: Toy Boxxx Films
Starring: Erec Estrada, Chase Roberts, Lazlo Cross, Hans Ebson, Maxx Diesel,
Orion Cross, Justin Pounders, Erik Jensen, Axel Marceau, Jagger, Sean Tarantini, Marc Winters

Pretty Orion to slim lover, “Lets call that boy from the gym-Justin? I wanna try and get two dicks up my ass.” Justin, a crew-cut redhead. kisses the naked lovers as they undress him. They circle-suck. Orion takes two fat dick-heads orally. (And noisily). His lover fucks him first, loosening him for Justins joint. Stretched enough, Justin sets his glory-hole on Justin and bends forward so his lover can slide in on top of the guest. The lover fucks, massaging both Orions intestine and Justins joint. The fuckers try it also with Orion practically standing on his head, so they can jointly jam him from above. They cum on his tits.
A twink and a man say its their first times to DP Their bottom, tiny blond twink Winters, says hes practiced with friends. Theyre all obviously experienced cocksuckers. Winters makes noise like it hurts when he sits on the mans cock and the twink shoves his in with it, but he doesnt say, “Stop.” His hole looks like a war-wound when they take a break. The twinks tit-rings jiggle as he fucks. In a sitting position where he can bounce on the conjoined cocks, Winters says, “Yeah!” He deserves loads on his tits, and gets them.
Two twinks are already groping each other in a hall. They grab a third coming down stairs and all three suck. One rims both the others side-by-side, peachy asses above him. They wind up in a beautiful, squeaky sandwich-fuck, with great undershots of their big, steak-colored cocks up pink, pretty, spread boy pussies. They cum on themselves and each other.
Pretty twink Estrada gets DPd by his “favorite porn-stars,” bald Maxx Diesel and moussed Jagger. During a suck-around, he rims Diesels perfect rectum. Diesels almost unbelievably big and straight dick gets into Estrada first, then separately Jagger jams him, both doggy-style. “Ow!” Eric moans when the time comes and Jagger slips in with Diesel. Jagger excited resembles a thinner, but still crazy, Bill Paxton. Estrada is stuffed, but theres still enough of Diesel outside of him to make most mens dicks.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio: MP3
Video: DivX 5 480×360 29.97fps 1249Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

This video has been removed.

Hard Landing / 2004

Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: Military, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Deep Throating, Older Guys, Rimming, Redhead, Uniforms
Length: 01:22:16
Starring: Stonie, Justin, Jasper Collins, Marshall O’Boy, Mike Bates, Aiden, Randy Summers, Marc Farran
Studio: Regiment Productions
Directed by: Paul Barresi
Description: Despite the iffy acting in Hard Landing, just give in and jack yourself silly to this hot military fuck-fantasy.
Officer Justin surprises pretty airman Marc Farran by demanding him to suck him off. Farran deepthroats Justin with gusto, taking the long, uncut cock like a pro. Justin then bends Farran over a desk and shafts his ass for all it’s worth.
Officer Jasper Collins inspects airman Aiden’s quarters, and then he inspects his mouth with his tongue. Not satisfied, Collins makes a full inspection of Aiden’s asshole with his rod. Officer Collins cums all over Aiden, then Aiden adds to the pretty mess.
New recruit Stonie and welcoming officer Bates are up next. Stonie says to Bates, “I’ve heard about you.” Bates proceeds to prove that all that Stonie heard is absolutely true. Stonie sucks Bates’ surprising endowment, then stands up for an ass rimming, which Bates does like he’s eating his lunch. With both guys in just their officer shirts, this nasty, tingly ass eating scene is as hot as can be. Bates then abruptly bends Stonie over and fucks his ass like it was the last ass he’ll ever sink his thick cock into. Plunging his cock in deeper and deeper, Bates’ swinging balls slap against Stonie’s balls and ass. His hot load on Stonie’s tight stomach makes Stonie cum as well.
Older officer, Marshall O’Boy, gets caught pounding his pud by General Summers, who proves to O’Boy that a warm throat is better than a rough hand. Returning the favor, O’Boy downs the general’s meat. He does a virtuoso job while Summers fondles O’Boy ass, then eats and power-fucks it. Summers’ huge dick-head sprays and O’Boy’s cock oozes its own hot lava.

File size: 667.3 MB