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Patricia Kennedy: Animal Cruelty for Kitty

Voyeur Brittany Andrews watches Patricia Kennedy work over her slave, Kitty. First she gets Kitty down on her hands and knees with her shapely ass in the air. Her back and ass get flogged, and oh how her round ass jiggles when it’s hit! She loves it and moans for more. Patricia gets in a groove and really starts to put some muscle into it, exposing Kitty’s perky tits and slapping those tassels over her nips. Kitty’s pussy is next on the list of parts to be whacked, and soon she’s getting her nipples clamped! Patricia tugs on the chains to tease those little raisins then gags her, restrains her wrists, and pulls out a monster fucking vibrator! Forced to stand, Kitty shows impressive endurance as her legs start to give out. But she hangs tough, the little trooper! A true slave indeed!
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