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Year: 2007
Country: US
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Group
Length: 1h 44m
Directed by: Paul Morris
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Starring: Dawson
And Christian (TIM Exclusive), Jerry Stearns (TIM Exclusive), Steve Parker, Fyerfli, Spit, Jake Fillups, Jay Taylor, John Andrews, DJ Hunter, Mason Garrett, Jake Wood, Lukas Rockard, Russdog, Allen Adams, Dex Quest, Eddie Kent, Peter Burroughs, and Many More!

Description: I get this all the time: “More DAWSON ! I can’t get enough! There’s never been anyone like him. But is there any way to show him when he isn’t so perfect? Does he have an even filthier side?”

DEEPER is my answer to all those e-mails I’ve received. This is the vid that exposes the darker, raunchier side of the world’s premier male cum-whore.
I flew Dawson to San Francisco and gave him a full day of fucking and sucking, ONE SOLID UNENDING DAY of cock after cock, man after man, load after load. By the end of it, all the niceness was peeled away and what was left? DAWSON the dog in heat, the insatiable whore, the cock-driven cum-addict.
He couldn’t stop, even when he was worn out. Late in the night, after more cock and fucking than most men get in a lifetime, the Primal Slut was still begging for “just one more load”.
You’ll see a side of Dawson that’s usually hidden, edited out. Here’s the grimy, dirty, on-his-knees, pissed-off, “Gimme-the-fuckin’-load, man!” Dawson.
After DEEPER you’ll never think of DAWSON in quite the same way again.
File size: 1.0 GB