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Tony Parker and Kyle

Video language: English

Tony Parker and Kyle get down and dirty with each other. Soon these dirty chavs are stripped and tasting each other from cock to the butt, getting it all wet and ready for Tony’s delicious cock to be thrust all the way inside his mates ass. Talk about some tight hole being pounded! These guys can’t get enough and work each other up until they shoot their loads and wind up totally drenched in cum. Tony’s gives a great cumshot, leaking huge amounts of jizz all over Kyle.

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 20:57
Video: 720×480, MP4V, 2648kbps
Audio: 85kbps

File size: 420.3 MB

Food Fuck (2005)

Power Play: Scene 2: Hunter Marx & Johnny Parker

Staxus – Web Of Sperm (2013)

Kurt Maddox, John Parker & Justin Conway

GayRoom / ManRoyale – Blue Bailey & Derek Parker: Outdoor Frolic (2013)

Quid Pro Joe

Alex, John & Xander

Jocked and Loaded

Rush for Lunch

Good Enough to Eat

Lusted & Busted

Staxus – Jesse, Jason & John

Nip it in the Butt


Doin’ It Daily

John Parker and Scott Haux

High Performance Men – Joe Parker & CJ Madison

Dylan Parker, Will Jamieson and Seth Parker

Report To Miss Parker

Full Release

Fisting All-Stars

Joe Parker and Johnny Parker

Barely Legal – Tiffany Brookes HD

It’s their 1st day on the job and these horny honeys are all ready to break all the rules! They don’t want to just sell you magazines or walk your dog. These barely legal babes want to get on their knees and show you what they can really do!

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Amateur, Teen
Starring: Tiffany Brookes

File size: 542.1 MB

Extra Big Dicks: Parker, Ryan & Ethan (Trio)

Whoever said “Two is company; but three is a crowd” obviously wasn’t in the “right” company. You won’t have to worry about that this afternoon and there are 3 very good reasons why: Ryan Buckley, Ethan Ayers and Parker Perry. Ethan is 32 today and this Austin native is about to have a pretty amazing birthday as he gets better acquainted with 23 year old, Boston boy Ryan Buckley and Parker, a fellow Texan who at 22 is living proof that they really do grow ‘em big in Texas. We asked these studs what their favorite TV shows were and Golden Girls and Bewitched were among the top contenders. For their modern day favorites Ryan loves The Closer while Ethan and Parker are self admitted fang bangers and all about True Blood. All three of these studs are horny and have all been caught getting their freak on. Ryan had his friend walk in on him which was awkward for her; Parker was caught fucking on the rooftop of a club while Ethan was sucking a dick in the bush when some unsuspecting old man walking his dog got way more than he was looking for. Well, unlike old faithful we’re not sure we could ever get enough of these three. Let the games begin.
File size: 216.6 MB

Straight Fraternity: Parker’s BIG Surprise

Parker: Joner’s friend Parker gets a HUGE surprise when I start blowing his HUGE 8-inch cock. It’s a bigger surprise when he likes it…

Scene 1 – Joner sent his friend Parker over to do a shoot. What Joner didn’t tell his sexy buddy is that I was going to try to get him off any way I could…
Scene 2 – What Joner didn’t tell ME is that Parker has a huge 8-inch cock. It might even be bigger than that. It’s big and fat and looks great against Parker’s ripped abs…
Scene 3 – When I oiled him down, Parker seemed a little bit uncomfortable, but he let me touch his cock and then stroke it…
Scene 4 – I started stroking his cock back on the bed and then giving him head. “Did Joner do this?” he asked, “because he didn’t say anything about this to me…”
Scene 5 – Once the shock wore off, Parker started getting into it as I licked his balls, fingered his ass and sucked his rod…
Scene 6 – With a jolt, Parker shot his load all over my face and then shot even more in my mouth as I sucked him dry. That big dick had lots of cum in it…
File size: 255.4 MB

Straight Fraternity: Parker & Ink

Ink and Parker have never met before this shoot, but they are going to get to know each other VERY well, very soon. SF told them they were going to be doing a challenge shoot…The first challenge was for them to have a big, wet, sloppy french kiss. Then Parker would get his cock hard by rubbing it on Ink’s ass crack…Next Parker “assumed the position” as Ink got busy on Parker’s ass…
File size: 355.7 MB

This video has been removed.

Other Side of Aspen

Year: 1979
Country: USA
Genre: Vintage, Precondom, Oral / Anal Sex, Orgy, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshot
Length: 0:39:01
Director: Bill Clayton
Studio: Falcon Studios

Starring: Casey Donovan, Al Parker, Chad Benson, Dick Fisk, Jeff Turk

Description: The Legend Begins. Never before has such a great cast been seen together
in such a daring and explicit exposure of their male sexuality!
Filmed on location at a beautiful and famous ski resort,
“The Other Side of Aspen # 1″ is a forbidden adventure into the unique and unusual.

File size: 457.4 MB

Strange Places, Strange Things

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 1:27:10
Director: Al Parker
Studio: Surge Studio
Starring: David Ashfield, Derrick Stanton, Ivan, Melchor, Michael Charles, Rydar Hanson, Scott Taylor, Tony Kennedy
Description: 1. Manhole
David Ashfield OgrAtRr, Michael Charles (80s) OrgAbRg
Two maintenance men work on the pipes.
found in compilation The Best of Surge 1
2. Ivan, Scott Taylor
Two guys work on their dicks with vacuum pumps.
3. Melchor (Diaz) OrgAb, Rydar Hanson OrgAt
Melchor (Diaz) plays doctor to Rydar Hanson.
See picture magazine Horny Intern.
found in compilation Gays Galore
found in compilation Foreskin (Vidco): Stroke 10
found in compilation Mo ‘Better Jizz
4. Derrick Stanton At, Tony Kennedy Ab
Two guys on a scoffold high in the air.

File size: 329.9 MB

Broke Straight Boys – Jack and Mark

Two of the shyest boys on Broke Straight Boys are in the studio together; Mark and Jack. Today, Jack is going to have the pleasure of riding Mark’s tight ass. While Mark has had his ass fucked before on camera, Jack, on the other hand, has never topped another guy before. Both boys had discussed what they were going to get up to during the scene before we started shooting and such, it was easy to see that Mark and Jack were pretty comfortable with each other. The boys stood up and stripped off their clothes, throwing them on the ground before sitting back down on the bed. As they each grasped their cocks, I told them to jack themselves off while giving each other a good snog so Jack and Mark immediately leaned in towards each other and locked lips.

Although they were somewhat hesitant while kissing, nonetheless, they both put a little tongue into it. After a moment or two, they broke away from each other, both shyly grinning and nodding when I asked if it had felt strange. As I told them to pretend the other guy was a girl, Mark and Jack started kissing each other again, Jack even daring to kiss the back of Mark’s neck. It didn’t take long for Jack to get rock hard and as such, it was time for Mark to get the main show on the road. Jack hopped onto the bed while Mark knelt in front of him, swallowing down Jack’s thick dick. Right away, it was easy to see that Mark had been paying attention in his previous BSB appearances as he quickly had a smooth rhythm going as he bobbed up and down. Jack gently rested his hands on the back of Mark’s head, hinting for Mark to go deeper. As Mark slid the dick further into his mouth, Jack couldn’t help but grin as he enjoyed the feel of a hot, wet mouth around his cock, all the while, Mark was putting in some serious wrist action as he jerked himself off.

Mark was doing such a great job at cock sucking, Jack was getting weak at the knees so he decided to lay down on the bed, propping himself up on his elbows. Grasping hold of Jack’s dick, Mark slid the dick straight back into his mouth as Jack groaned in pleasure. His hand on the back of Mark’s neck, Jack gently but persistently pushed down, giving Mark a not so subtle plea for him to take it all the way down. Finally, Jack was more than ready to get down to some fucking. The boys got themselves slicked up, Mark then laying on the bed on his side with Jack spooning him from behind. Holding Mark’s leg up in the air, Jack steadily worked his cock into Mark’s tight ass even as Mark jerked himself off. Once all the way into the straight boy ass, Jack immediately riding Mark in a hard and fast pace. Mark was soon panting from the feel of a cock sliding in and out of his tight ass, while Jack’s face was a picture of pure concentration.

I suggested that Mark and Jack kiss while they were fucking and without skipping a beat, their lips met and they breathlessly kissed each other. However, the position and speed in which Jack was hammering into Mark made it difficult to keep kissing. It was obvious though, that Mark was getting totally turned on by a cock in his ass as he was moaning in pleasure while stroking Jack’s neck and shoulders. The boys decided to shift into their next position but, surprisingly, they gave each other a peck on the lips as they did so. Mark, on his back and ass hanging off the edge of the bed, lifted his legs in the air, ready for some more fucking. Jack grabbed hold of Mark’s ankles and slammed right back into the tight hole. Right away, Jack rode Mark hard and brutal, all the while, Mark jerked himself off and panted for more. It wasn’t going to be long before one of these boys came but it was anybody’s guess as to who was going to shoot first. His hips snapping back and forth, Jack suddenly pulled out and tore off the condom, wanking off furiously as he climbed onto the bed and knelt next to Mark’s face. Mark, panting hard, stuck out his tongue and waited for Jack’s offering.

One.. two.. three tugs on his cock and Jack shot a stream of cum into Mark’s mouth, the cum rolling down the side of his face and neck. With a fingertip, Jack scooped up the cum dribble and popped it into Mark’s mouth. Now it was Mark’s turn for the money shot and with a tight grip around his dick, Mark quickly sprayed cum in every direction before it dribbled down his shaft and into his pubes. Both boys were panting breathlessly from all their hard work but good naturedly ended the scene with a kiss.

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: wmv

File size: 214.0 MB