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Kidnapped Dancer

Description: Krystal Star could feel the car come to a stop, she didn’t know how long she had been locked up in the trunk, she lost all track of time. Her back and shoulders ached from being so tightly bound and cramped into the trunk of the car. All she knew is that she wanted out. The bright sunlight hurt her eyes as she looked up at her k’dnapper, she tried to move but her muscles were stiff and sore from being jostled around in the trunk. He orders her to get up, Krystal tries to comply but it was hard being so tightly bound. He grabbed the ropes and pulled her up. crystal looked around as her eyes got adjusted to the bright sunlight. She saw she was at an old abandoned factory as he forced her to sit on the edge of the trunk and pulled her legs out and began untying them. It felt good to have her legs untied and hoped he would untie her hands next. But he pulled her out of the trunk and then forced her along beside him holding the ropes around her chest, arms and back in his grasp. Cyrstal tried to resist but she was overpowered as she stumbled along beside the brut. He forced her up the stairs and unlocked the steel door. Inside was an old abandoned boiler room, he marched her across the floor and down a set of steps into a pit. He then forced her to sit on an old concrete block and ties her ankles and knees back together. A rope was tied from her bound knees over her shoulder and then attached to the rope work at her back forcing her into a tight little ball with her knees pressed against her ample breasts. crystal cried and pleaded into her tightly taped gag as he walked away leaving her helpless and alone. She had no why he brought her here or what he planned to do with her.

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:07:43

File size: 88.4 MB