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Manplay Xtreme

Year: 2002
Country: USA
Genre: Hunks, Anal, Oral, SM, Pissing, Fisting, Toys, Group
Length: 117 min
Translation: Not required
Directed by: Unknown
Studio: Titan Media
Cast: Buck, Steve, Papi, Sam, Kasey, Alexandros, Leo

Description: This scorcher starts a whole new series. ManPlay Xtreme is still Real Men having Real Sex. But now there’s No Rules and it’s Real Nasty. With these seven men wearing leather, armed with toys, laying back in slings, greasing up their arms and shooting piss like human Niagaras, you’ll think you’re at the IML after-party. TLAVideo called this one “guerrilla porn with a good dose of Fallen Angel thrown in,” and that was the plan-it’s a leatherman’s fistful of kink. When not devouring Alex’s and Papi’s foreskins while riding a huge black dildo, Steve guzzles and spits gallons of piss. Buck gives him an unbelievable fisting-elbow-deep piston punching, Steve’s asshole parting like water for a rock, the “cooze ooze” (TLAVideo), running down his Prince Albert and Buck’s elbow. Kasey’s so hosed down he might dissolve, and Alexandros and Buck slam onto a double-ended dildo. The intense agility of the flip-flop fucking and even self-fistings make this sexpig party a mind-blower. It’s the sort of concentrated kink you’ve only dreamed about ’til now.
File size: 1.3 GB