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Barn Whore | Rain Degrey | Master A 2010

Master A has decided he wants to play mind games with Rain DeGrey. Normally that would just involve a bit of corporal punishment, but today he is feeling especially sadistic. He has her fucking herself with an ass hook before the games have even started. The series of clamps he sets up later is pretty impressive. Every time she shifts her weight, even a little, the entire apparatus tugs on her tits and cunt. The vibrator that is pressed firmly against her clit makes it one hell of a challenge to hold still, too. Eventually it is impossible to tell if she is screaming out in pain, pleasure or a just the intense combination of the two.

Name: Barn Whore
Genre: BDSM
Starring: Rain Degrey
Format: WMV
Size: 788 MB

File size: 788.5 MB