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The Heartland (1999)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks, Dildos, Big Cock, Cumshot, Gang Bang, Outdoor Sex
Starring: Ashton Ryan, Christian Taylor, Chase Carter, Enrique Rivera, Brendan Sterling, Bryce Crisler, Michael Dillon, Austin Martin (II)
Studio: Junior Studio

A sequel of sorts to The American Way, which was one of 1999’s best reviewed and best selling titles. Guess what, guys: This one is even better. The Heartland was one of our most eagerly awaited flicks of 1999. We had more guys calling and e-mailing us asking; “Well, where is it?” Put your pants back on guys, ’cause here it is. (Better yet… take ’em off, you’re gonna want to about five minutes into this one!) I liked, not loved, The American Way, but y’all seemed to go crazy for it. Well, The Heartland is even better.
Extremely romantic and erotic (a near cum-gobbling and some almost-but-not-quite “no condom in sight” fuck scenes had me rock-hard and hitting replay) this should have taken home a ton of awards, no question about it. Ryan and Taylor’s chemistry is nearly heart-stopping, especially if you lean towards liking your twinks blonde, buff and bashful.
Every single guy in this one smiled, kept full massive hard-ons throughout and came in bucket-loads – quite surprising for such young lads. The outdoor sex romps are beyond reproach, the music is unobtrusive (even warming) and the storyline is nearly letter perfect. There’s also some serious dildo play that would give even a lot of Falcon superstars second thoughts, that aforementioned facial, and a gangbang that had me slackjawed. Special mention must go to Ashton Ryan and Christian Taylor: they both deliver career-making “performances” here.
If this sounds like a rave review, well, I guess it kind of is. Normally “lil’ twinklette boys” don’t do it for me, but this flick is not only one of the year’s best, it’s a near-classic of the genre as well. A sure-fire crowd-pleaser, you won’t be disappointed with The Heartland. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:36:19
Resolution: 720×540

File size: 1.7 GB