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Condensed Milk – Kurumi Morishita

Another great Kurumi Morishita movie. This time it’s mainly gokkun with a bit of bukkake on the side.
Lots of scenes in this one. A short scene where she’s on a secluded street, collects cum in a cup from 4 guys and then spits it in the face of a woman that happens to be walking by.
She’s at an office meeting. Her co-workers cum on her food that she’s eating. I’m not into the cum on food stuff but it gets better. All the guys then cum in a wine glass. She then drinks it.
Again at the office, this time she’s kneeling down holding the silver tray. Lots and lots of guys cum in and around her mouth with it eventually collecting on the tray. When they’re all done she plays with the cum for several minutes. Sucking it up and spitting it back out. Finally she swallows it all down.
Those are just 3 of my favorites. There’s a couple small bukkakes, some nude, cum-splattered public stuff, and the usual japanese bukkake things.
And Kurumi of course has a smile on her face throughout most of the movie.

Genres: asian, bukkake
File: wmv

File size: 1.3 GB