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Rick Savage – Medical Scene Torture 6 DVD

Brunette pain slut, Spanky pays a visit to Dr. Savage. She waits for the doctor in the exam room, wearing a short black skirt, black top and black open-toed high heels. Seems the young bondage bimbo is suffering from insomnia. Spanky’s medical scene begins rather abruptly, or one might say rudely with a not-so-gentle proctology exam. Savage puts on the latex glove, instructs her to bend over, slides her panties down, instructs her to pull her butt cheeks apart, apologizes because he ran out of K-Y, then roughly pushes his finger past her sphincter. As wicked Rick’s finger explores the depths of Spanky’s Hershey highway, Spanky grimaces. Much to her discomfort, Rick’s finger twists and plunges with abruptness. He announces, “Boy, you must really be having a hard time sleeping.” Hmmm. ..

File size: 422.5 MB