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Intotheattic – Lilith (Posted 02-17-2011)

It has been a long time since we’ve seen this extreme introvert here at The Attic. She has written several times over the last two years wanting to come back in but somehow schedules never lined up.
She is a very pretty girl. A girl who doesn’t like that beauty distorted. But that’s all JR wants to do, turn her into a freak, twist up her face and hook her mouth, her nose. Make her a side show performer. It bothers her. But it isn’t enough to turn her into a freak, then he wants to freak her out. Make her panic. Make her do things involuntarily – out of sheer terror.

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Facials Distortion Japanese Teen Bondage Cum Teens Semen Suplex Hold 3 DVDRip 2011

The first scene, Yuria gets asked a few questions and then she kneels down and men cum all over her face, but mostly the top of her head and on her hair. It’s really thick and messy. On the second scene, she gives a guy a blowjob and he cums on her face. It’s a really messy and large cumshot and covers more of her face than you’d think. Third scene, Pig nosed shoots from the box cover. This is a bondage scene. Even if you don’t like bondage it doesn’t ruin the movie and it’s pretty tame. They put a dog collar on her and then a black wire nose hook and then cum all over her face. Then on the fourth scene, she’s wearing pink glasses during a messy facial scene. The fifth scene, sex and the last and final facial scene. It’s a good one!

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IntoTheAttic – Lilith Posted 17 Febr 2011

It has been a long time since we’ve seen this extreme introvert here at The Attic. She has written several times over the last two years wanting to come back in but somehow schedules never lined up.
She is a very pretty girl. A girl who doesn’t like that beauty distorted. But that’s all JR wants to do, turn her into a freak, twist up her face and hook her mouth, her nose. Make her a side show performer. It bothers her. But it isn’t enough to turn her into a freak, then he wants to freak her out. Make her panic. Make her do things involuntarily –out of sheer terror.

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Elise by first binding

Things get rolling for Elise by first binding her elbows and wrists together behind her back. Then I bring the wrists up high and tie them off to a rope winding above her breasts. Once that’s in place she gets her neck tied off to the ceiling while she stands on her tip toes. Lovely. From this position we get to hear what Elise has been up to lately. After peppering her with several personal questions I get busy seeing whether or not she is ticklish. I grab one foot and hold it still. I take the sharp end of a cane and begin lightly running it down the bottom of that foot. Yes, she is ticklish. She is hoping around now, on that one free foot. Which, of course, is still up on its tippy toes. A little dance if you will. Oh, and those toenails are all painted up nice and red. After toying with her a bit the focus turns toward caning her ass. Her perfect ass. So that’s what happens. She seems to like it as she smiles through the whole thing. In spite of the pain, in spite of the obvious anguish she still seems to keep that smile. I mean, she actually starts to quiver there for a bit. After punishing her ass I pull up a stool and sit next to her, still strung up by the neck. I tell her to sit in my lap. She obviously can’t believe what I just asked her since she’ll choke herself doing so. But I insist and she gives it a go. Yep, the rope is too short. Finally I take her down, have her sit in my lap and stick the vaginal stimulator in her box. That gets hooked up to the e-Stim device and Elise gets her first experience with electricity in her pussy. We run through several settings giving her pussy a good shocking. Then out with the Hitachi. Her pussy gets shocked and vibed until she can’t take it anymore. Next up for Elise is a little time in a latex vacuum bed. But before placing her in there she gets the vaginal stimulator re-inserted and a tight crotch rope installed. A breast tie rounds out the decoration. Then into the bed. Her crotch rope is so tight she can’t bend over. Once inside we seal her in and watch as the air is removed. The latex molds to her body like a second skin. She looks fantastic, amazing. Every nuance of her skin, her body, the ropes –even the fineness of her hair– can be seen in perfect detail. The latex having molded itself so supremely to her body. So then I turn on the electricity. I send waves of power to her cunt. I shock it. I keep the power turned up the whole time. And then I bring out the Hitachi and vibe her pussy through the latex and through the crotch rope. She moans to the bittersweet pleasure. The frustration of the crotch rope combined with the sensual feel of the latex sends her into a crazed sort of bliss. She moans rather incessantly. She quivers. And we see it all in fine detail. Right through the latex. I bring her to the brink of orgasm several times. But instead of letting her orgasm she has been told to ask me to turn the power up in her pussy. And that’s what I do. Orgasm denied. Finally, when she was ready to have one again I told her that if she asked me real nicely I’d let her. So when the time came she did just that. She very nicely asked me if she could cum. I changed my mind. Orgasm denied. By this time the power to her pussy has been turned up so high that she cannot have an orgasm even if she wanted to. The desperate sounds emanating from her are constant. I lay the Hitachi in her crotch and leave her. Orgasms denied. Elise is now found with her arms bound to her legs. The elbows are tied at the knee and the wrists are tied at the ankles. A ring gag gets placed in her face hole. The Fucksall comes out and briefly terrorizes her. Each time it comes on the lights dim. A little intimidating I think. She’s then leaned back against the wall and her legs are tied up and outward back to the wall. Now she is exposed. The Fucksall makes an entrance. It starts to work her cunt over. Its brutal. So fast. It can pound that cunt at 150 thrusts a minute. We watch it. Up close. Relentlessly thrusting. Turning her insides to jello. I take a very brief reprieve and pull it out. I take the opportunity to wipe the business end on her face, under her nose. I make her stick her tongue through the ring gag to lick it. Then back to fucking her. You see the whole thigh quiver as it pounds her box. The lights dim a bit and she constantly moans, trance like. I stop briefly and, in spite of the ring gag, make her tell me how it feels. How it feels to be pounded by this mechanical device. Then back to the fucking. She actually screams several times, when the Fucksall is at its highest TPM. When I finally stop she gasps. I waste no time getting the Hitachi on her clit. When it becomes too much for her I take the riding crop and beat the back of her thighs. Afterward, the small Hitachi gets popped on her clit. She lets us know she could cum from it. Oh my god, you’d think she was over there dying or something. Apparently it feels good? I mean, it sounds like she’s suffering. As a reprieve I stop and tickle the bottom of her feet before finally caning her ass. Once caned she gets the Eroscillator put on her clit. She again lets us know she can cum from the vib. But of course, that’s denied. And when she is at the pinnacle of need I grab a clothespin and clip her clit with it. Then vib the clothespin. I torment that little clit. I manipulate it with the clothespin. Once I can see the little clit in there I take the Eroscillator to it. I mean that’s got to hurt. It sure sounded like it hurt. Judging from her reaction I’d say it hurt. When I went to remove the clothespin I tugged it off. Then I vibbed it again. She was shaking. One leg was off kicking like it had a mind of its own. So I stopped and clothespined both poo lips and then stuck the Hitachi on her cunt until she was screaming hysterically. She needed a moment to pull herself back together. Finally we find Elise hanging from the ceiling in a suspension. She’s horizontal, face down. Given that her ass is face up it gets canned once more. And after some delicious red marks are left I take a ruler to her ass –like what they used in Catholic school. Her ass is so perfect it simply must be punished. So it gets whacked with the ruler. And once I have that ass plenty red I spend a little time tickling her. Her whole body. From the bottom of her feet to the sides of her torso. She gets worked over in spite of all the bucking around she does to escape it. But then it’s time for Big Blue. She let me know it was the biggest thing she’s ever had in her pussy. So I fuck her hard with it. I make her tell me how she likes it while fucking her with it. I fuck her so hard with it that juice runs out her hole. It makes a little river down, or, rather, up her waist toward her belly button. It has a mind of its own. Now that everything is all wet from her cunt I make her ask me to wipe Big Blue on her face. I get it all shiny. Then out comes the Hitachi on her clit. I work it over until she begs for an orgasm. This time she gets it. Two of them in fairly quick succession. Her cunt is wet and juicy.

Clean your jack-off towel ’cause you’re gonna need a fresh one for this update.

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27 year old Mia is back

27 year old Mia is back for her second visit at The Attic. Mia began her adventure here as a Good Girl. After that experience she decided she really needed to be a Bad Girl. Mia is a very sexual person. Check out her interview if you wish to know a bit more about her. Let’s get started.First up for Mia is a tough strappado, my favorite. Her elbows and wrists are brought together and pulled up high to the ceiling. A spreader bar is attached to her ankles. She is wearing a black evening gown. A hair tie has her hair and head pulled back into a subservient position. Her natural DDs are hanging off her chest. Lovely, delicate heels grace her feet as I insert a large, red ball gag. Mia has never had a stranger touch her intimately. As the vib works her cunt over I warn her, if it starts to feel too good then you must ask me to spank your ass instead. Real quick she gets a smile beneath that ball gag and I hear her mumble out something about spanking her ass instead. Because I can’t quite understand her I ask her to tell me again what it is she wants. Suddenly, she breaks out into some uncontrolled response that requires me to remove her vib and set her aside for a little break. Clearly, she’s lost control all of the sudden. In fact, I just grab the paddle and start wailing on her in an effort to bring her back to where the rest of us are. Yeah, that seems to have done the trick. Now we see her face first as she receives the paddling. Mouth all stuffed with that big ball gag, each whack sends her head reeling and her demeanor has become much more agreeable. She is provided a small reprieve with the Hitachi. We watch as the vib sends her into another headspace. Drool falls from behind the ball gag and smacks the floor in loud recoils. Then she gets the flogger taken to her ass. Mia likes having her ass whipped. So I flog it and then take up the thumper as well. Punishing that ass. Watching it recoil beneath the efforts. She’s clearly becoming more and more distressed from the position. The strappado. She has heels on. She is beginning to sweat profusely, it is dripping from her nose, her arm pits and her hair is a mess; I can begin to smell the musky odor of her cunt. She is in need. Now we find Mia standing. She is attached to the ceiling by her chest harness, arms tied behind her back. One leg is pulled to the ceiling via a rope just behind the knee. She is still wearing her evening dress and heels. Right away we find the Hitachi working over her clit. Mia has such a beautiful smile (and eyes). We find her in this predicament, head thrown back, eyes closed, and she is telling us how good the vib feels. Soon we see her pelvis reaching for a better spot. Her body language suggesting a more sensual experience than her face is. Oh my, those shoes she has on are so lovely. Suddenly, she begins to make a noise of distress. Was that distress or was that the noise she makes when she’s building to something more powerful than herself? Uh oh, now she’s asking to cum. But I politely deny her permission –think about something else instead, like the strangers in the room. She asks for something to be stuffed in her cunt. So I do, pushing it past her pierced labia, the fuck stick begins to work things over. As I reach for something else, I can see her watching me from the corner of my eye. I work the fuck stick harder and then pop the Hitachi on her clit. Her head is thrown back, eyes shut and she’s gritting her teeth now. For some reason she just cannot look at what is taking place, keeping her head thrown back, to the side or her eyes closed. But she is clearly enjoying the process. She bites her lower lip, closes her eyes toward a state of ecstasy and her breathing is labored. Sweat begins to fall down her face and she is emitting sounds of agony? Those lovely shoes still posses her feet. At this point, I think she is just wishing that it was all over….Next up for Mia we see her bound onto the floor. Her elbows and wrists are brought together and bound to the ceiling. Her legs spread and bound outward. In this position she has the ass hook inserted. After a small amount of vocal discomfort we see it pushed into place. Did I hear her say “CHRIST!, FUCK!”? Once it was in I tied it off to her hair just to make certain she’d feel every move of the hook as she was flogged, whipped and fuck stick’d. I made certain I tied off that ass hook to her hair in such a way as to keep her head completely pulled up off the floor. Afterward, I popped the Hitachi right on her cunt so as to keep her in a heightened state of arousal. The labia piercing vibbing right off the Hitachi as I held it there. About this time I noticed just how much her pussy was starting to smell ripe. Like she need it to be fucked. I pulled out Big Blue and made her take it to the hilt. She told me she could feel it hitting the ball on the end of the ass hook. At least, that’s what I thought she said through the ball gag she was wearing. The camera gets put right in her face and she’s made to tell us that she doesn’t like getting fucked that hard. She’s made to resign herself to the fact that we will watch her have her sex stolen from her. That we will watch her in her discomfort –as she accepts these intruders to her backside. She’s very much submissive now. For you, The Viewer. You see all this understanding rush across her face as she’s pounded by this stranger. And then suddenly, unexpectantly to her, Big Blue is pulled from her cunt and, quite heartily wiped across her face. She shakes her head in defiance. But really, she is so well bound there is nowhere to go for this. She doesn’t like this at all. She steals a glance at the camera to see what it captured. She doesn’t like it. But her focus changes rapidly. Big Blue is back in her cunt. So much pussy juice is leaking from her cunt I’m thinking she’s already cum. She swears otherwise. I take out the riding crop and begin to wail on her backside. I repeatedly hit the same spot over and over again. She is completely immobile and cannot get away, cannot move a single inch to remove herself from the focus. We watch her process this pain. We watch because the camera is shoved right in her face so she has nowhere to turn. She must deal with it on our terms. There will be no privacy for this. Nor do I in my efforts to beat her ass. When I pull out the cane for the next area of focus she begins to cry. She knows. I cane both cheeks at once. The ass hook just settled into her crack, just below where the cane is striking. She lets me know it hurts. I like that. She lets me know it hurts so bad she is at her maximum. So that’s where I keep it. Knowing she can’t move to get away from it. She starts to sound like a small child before I finally and give her a vib on the clit. Did I mention she still has those nice shoes on? Last scene has Mia worshipping Luther. After a small conversation with her to determine her cock sucking skills I have her get busy. Wow, she delicately places the cock in her mouth and shoves. Three inches are immediately imparted before she pulls out, takes a breath and dives in again. We watch her get it right back to three inches but then it seems stuck. But she’s holding it there. Like it really is stuck. And we begin to see her try to push her weight on it, to push it further down her throat. She wiggles it back and forth, armless because, of course, her elbows and wrists are bound behind her back. Her eyes are open to the maximum. She is trying to shove that cock down her throat. She coughs and backs off but does not lose it from her lips. She smiles. Suddenly the most copious amount of drool falls, quite unexpectantly to her, from her lower lip. She briefly glances down to where it fell and looks at it, just for a second, just so she can see that it was what she thought it was, and then she’s back to sucking Luther. Oh my god, more drool, not just drool, but a volume of spit, of liquid just emerges from her lower jaw. Again, she appears to completely find this unexpectant. Nice. I finally had to tell Mia to stop trying to break a Luther record and just try to make it shoot a wad of cum in her face. If you like your cock sucking conducted with great effort, drool, distress and the occasional smile –grab a towel.In the exit interview we find out that Mia actually wanted to pull out of the driveway and run away hen she arrived! She almost bailed on us. But then, we also find out she was very glad that she didn’t. Good girl Mia.

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