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We and Our Wild Ideas 2

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Acceed
Genres: Asian, Twinks, Muscle, Oral/Anal Sex, Masturbation, Threesome, Toys, Cumshot
Video language: Japanese

Everyone! Suddenly, I thought that such a thing is or is not?
I passed on the street you want to commit the Twink! ” Twink cock with gallantry want to sit next to on the train “or”! “
Rolling up to stop the time you want SEX! ” Want to develop in the public bath “or”! “
~Tsu Your cock that had been freshly delusion I will have everyone once or twice. “The delusion of your grant” such
· If this … if there is any news program.
What do you do when the sudden onset SEX always in boring news program? And rookie caster Twink go … suddenly being fucked.
Twink desperately trying to convey the news casters firmly while being fucked. However, gradually to become the nasty pleasure does not win, sucking out his own cock.
Still goes on … news.
· If this … if there is any swimming lessons.
“Twink instructor” was burnt in his black bread … competition. Do you want to look odious to such a man received a private lesson?
Mara Mushaburitsuki to rub one’s penis erection protruding from the pan competition, became each other’s Gingin.
Meet demand in the world of the unknown that water! Spray up each time the hip shake, gleaming six-pack abs to be beaten.
“Ssu dangerous coach! Seriously!”
· If there is a time clock be stopped … if.
What will you do if you could stop time? I’ll Lay committed a near Twink of course!
Particularly with respect to this part is not necessary speak! SANAE committed to stop the time! Please have your desire can not be dumped everyday!
When it was invented in the future, please … preparation.
· If this … if there is a public bath.
Man’s dream! The romance of a man! ~ ~ It’s ~A bathhouse!
It is not there “- I wish I had been asked to wash all over the whole body in boys red loincloth wound Japan, half were under the mat, and even get healed up penis! Such bathhouse!”
Squeeze the bottle in the bathtub Standing cock fit disinfected with saliva the whole body was washed the whole body!
In addition, massage until lotion. Twink hot naked boys and socializing!
I stopped masturbation delusion “- if there is such ○ ○ 2 to group delusion if we’re” runs out of the delusion of a man as long as, in reality! Your dreams

Format: avi
Duration: 2:15:04
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1686kbps
Audio: 54kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

Steam Heat

Release Year: 1978
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Dick Fisk, Jeff Carsen, Jack Egan, Tom Anza, Billy Putnam, Don Talon, Skip Wilson
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Solos, Muscle, Lockerroom, Sports, Vintage
Video language: English

Four unlreated shorts

1. Mr. Egan Gets His New Paperboy
Jack Egan OrgAtRrg, Billy Putnam OgrAbRgr
Jack Egan comes home at night but can’t find his newspaper and has to call to get one sent. Rain soaked paperboy, Billy Putnam comes to the door during the phone call and Jack invites him in. By a burning fire, Billy strips out of his wet clothes into a robe. Jack chats Billy up, gropes him and starts sucking. Billy returns the favor and they go to sucking and rimming 69 style on the rug. The older man put the paperboy feet in the air and fucks youthful hole and cums on Billy stomach. Jack sucks Billy some more until Billy can jack himself off to orgasm on Jack’s tongue.
2. Steam Heat (loop)
Dick Fisk solo
Dick Fisk does a locker room strip and a shower with a drip style cumshot.
3. One to One: The Runner
Dick Fisk OgAbtRgr, Tom Anza OrAbtRrg
Dick Fisk hurts his ankle while running. Coach Tom Anza gets Dick on a massage table to work on the leg but ends up massaging more that is required for the situation. Dick responds nicely and quickly they are both naked on the table. Dick works on the coach’s big dark uncut cock, but can’t do too much with that amount of flesh. Tom eats Dick’s ass and then puts Dick on his stomach for an ass fuck. Dick manages to flip back over just in time to get his stomach and chest sprayed with coach cum. Tom gets on his back for a rim and a fuck too and Dick dumps a small load on Tom’s equipment.
4. The Ax Master
Don Talon OrgAt, Jeff Carsen OgrAb, Skip Wilson OgAt
In the morning at a campsite with three guys in a tent, a big muscled hairy Don Talon wakes up puts on jeans and a cap and goes to chop wood. Skip Wilson wakes up next and steps out for a piss. When he gets back to the tent, he lifts the covers off blond Jeff Carsen to find a morning piss hard-on. Jeff wakes up and they commence to 69ing and stripping off their shirts. Jeff gives Skip a good hard fuck but then Don comes back in the midst of the rutting. Don carries their naked young hides out of the tent, ass first. He stands over them and gives them a hard glare that they respond to by pulling his pants down and sucking him. Don lays down for a little bit, sucking on Jeff while Skip plays between his splayed legs. Skip gets on his back and Don fucks the willing ass missionary style. Jeff demands his turn and he gets it doggie style. Don cums on Jeff’s back and Jeff jerks off to cum on his own stomach.

Format: avi
Duration: 59:34
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1511kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 718.1 MB

Newscasters Etsuko

Year: from 25.06.2004 to 24.09.2004
Genre: Violence, Rape, Humiliation
Series: ep. 1-2 of 2
Duration: ~ 27min
Censorship: None
Directed by: Hisashi Okezawa
Studio: Discovery, AT-2 Project
Language: Russian
Postproduction: Home (odnogolosoe: Collapse)
Subtitles: Built-in switchable ASS (Dante) (editor: Renji)
Subtitles: Built-in switchable ASS (kotakota) (editor: CDMax)
Language: English
Postproduction: Professional (full duplication)
Subtitles: inline (switchable ASS)
Language: Japanese
Postproduction: Original
Description: Etsuko Yamanobe – a top leading TV news on Tokyo TV. What it will go, that would stay on top? What will 40 – year-old man suddenly left without a job? What will his father to protect his daughter? And who is to unravel the tangle of sexual crimes?
Video Quality: DVDRip by [KH]
Video Format: MKV
Video Codec: H.264/AVC
Audio Codec: AAC
Video: 640×480, 29.97fps ~ 1080Kbps
Audio 1: RUS AAC 192kbps, stereo, 48kHz
Audio 2: ENG AAC 192kbps, stereo, 48kHz
Audio 3: JPN AAC 192kbps, stereo, 48kHz

File size: 652.6 MB

[Nebula Video-Nova Films-Bijou] – Jocks

Well, Lake Placid is behind us and Moscow is in jeopardy, but the aura of the athlete continues undisturbed. The competition itself – bodies hone to perfection with hard muscles working and reflecting from their fine sheen of sweat flashes of beauty as they seek to prove their superior skills – is only one part of the marvelous excitement which makes athletics special, Another and equally unique part of sports is that area of post-competition sensuality and masculinity – the lockerroom.

And that is the arena we enter with NOVAs Special Release No. * – THE JOCKS.
We are right there where you can feel the sweat, smell the masculine intensity, taste the fetid air, hear the almost mystic pre-civilized instinctual communication, and see the sense-blinding, libido-blowing array of seat-covered flesh, strained naked muscle, jock-restrained organs seeking and seeking fulfillment through bonding with their own in a different kind of competition that brings union and closeness rather than the separation and distance of the sport that they have just left.

We are with THE JOCKS.

And what jocks we have. Among the familiar and favorite NOVA faces are Todd Russell, David Shaw and Rick Steele. And equally favored are newcomers Chad Scott and Rusty Evans of whom you will want to see and will be seeing more. These hot studs and their fine-bodied, hard-muscled buddies give their best – revealing fully what being a jock is all about and sending the temperature and humidity to a new high!

So, visit our lockerroom, meet our jocks, and work yourself into a sweat!
Scene 7 appears in the Nebula version only.


1. Pumping Eight
Chad Scott Ogr, Todd Russell

Working out on a slant board leads to all kinds of muscle-enlarging exercises – including a very unique manner of fucking. What can not be achieved on the slant is worked out on the lockerroom floor as two hunky bodybuilders become buddies – pumping blood and juices with dedication.

2. Lapping It Up
Don Michael, Peter Watson

Towel-flipping horseplay by a couple of speed swimmers leads to a stinging sore cock. But after it is been kissed and made well, additional stroking seems to be in order – by hand, by mouth, by ass, and, by gosh, it is a lot of fun and gets those hot juices flying.

3. Hard Tackle
Rusty Evans, Rick Scott

Strained shoulder muscles send a star tackle in to see the masseur. The rubdown that follows soon becomes a different kind of ball game with throats and anal canals getting thorough massages from manipulating cocks muscles. The final result is two very wild and wet scores.
See picture magazine Lockerroom #4 and Jock Strap #1.

4. No Holds Barred (Nova)
Jim Lucas, David Shaw

Wrestling is the kind of body contact sport that arouses tremendous responses – even when you end up on the bottom. But even when you can not pin your buddy, there are ways to become top man. When a bear hug leads to a bare ass, deep thrust is certain to follow.

5. Extra Innings
Rick Steele, Greg Samuels

When the final inning is over on the field, a new game begins in the lockerroom as a couple of baseball buddies discover that heaving action with bats and balls can lead to home runs where everyone wins – and the game goes on forever.

6. Hard Kicks

A leg injury brings two soccer players into the jock aroma of the lockerroom and helping a buddy becomes a two-way sport of hot lips and hips with cock and ass action when hard, tense muscles give and take pleasure whose is a sport all its own – making teammates into buddies.

7. Coming Clean
Rod Sawyer solo

After a long, hard day, there is nothing more than a long, hot shower in the peace and quiet of a deserted gym. So thinks Rod Sawyer. However, his big, hot cock and a fascinating mirror keep distracting him until he is all hot, sweaty and cum-covered. Watch Rod watch it happening!

Market Reports Newsletter

Setting: locker room, gray locker bank & red vinyl upholstered bench – tiled multiple occupancy shower room
Performer: age about 17, Caucasian, hair brown neck length , wavy shag, body medium frame, good body very clean, cut
Special Interest Classification: solo masturbation

Action Sequence: cadet enters locker room, strips to jock & fishnet tee shirt gets cock out of the jock & starts to beat off while watching in a full length mirror. He smiles and plays around, then removes the shirt and the jock, jacks himself some before getting a towel and heading for the shower room. He lathers up his entire torso to the point that he almost looks like he is topped with whipped cream, plays with his crotch and rubs with his sudsy hands – he is not hard at all in the sequence. He rinses off, still detumescent, but working on it, and squeezes and plays with his buns – he bends over and gives a good look at his clean, nearly hairless cleft. Back in the locker room on a bench, the cock rises to the occasion – he straddles the bench and humps against the friction of the vinyl over, shows some more cleft briefly, then lays back to jack and play with his balls. Then he speeds up and the load spends on his belly.


(Author unknown)

Six vignettes:

Pumping Eight with Todd Russell and Chad Scott. Working out on a slant board leads to all kinds of muscle-enlarging exercises, including a very unique manner of fucking.

Lapping It Up with Don Michaels and Peter Watson. Towel-snapping horseplay by a couple of speed swimmers leads to a stinging, sore cock.

Hard Tickle with Rust Evans and Rick Scott. Strained shoulder muscles send a star tackle to see the masseur for a rubdown.

No Holds Barred with David Shaw and Jim Lucas. Wrestling is the kind of body contact sport that arouses tremendous responses, even when you end up on the bottom.

Extra Innings with Rick Steele and Greg Samuels. When the final inning is over on the field, a new game begins in the locker room with bats and balls and home runs that lets everyone in.

Hard Kicks with Chet Samson and Dan Taylor. A leg injury brings two soccer players into the jock aroma of the locker room, and helping a buddy becomes a two-way sport of hot lips and hips with cock and ass action that makes pleasure a sport all its own.

Stars: Chad Scott, David Shaw, Don Michaels, Greg Samuels, Jim Lucas, Peter Watson, Rick Scott, Rick Steele, Rod Sawyer, Rusty Evans, Todd Russell

Produced: 1978 (re credits)

Released: 1981

File size: 710.8 MB

Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard (1996)

Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Black Men, Interracial, Piercing, Threesomes, Humor, Parody/Spoof
Starring: Jim Buck, Matthew Easton, Jack Simmons, Dax Kelly, Troy Dillon, Bryan Kidd, Ryan Wagner, Tristan Sax, Mason Walker
Studio: BIG Video

Best Editing — Adult Video News (AVN)
Best Actor (Jim Buck) and Best Sex Comedy — Gay Video Guide (GVG) Erotic Video Awards
Best Director and Best Non-Sexual Role (Lola Cornfeld) — Grabby Awards
Poor Dr. Jerkoff. He’s alone, he’s a dork. That is, until he drinks a potion given to him by a fortune teller, which turns him into studly, desirable Mr. Hard. (And desirable he is, trust.) Director Wash West presents a dreamily photographed and funny takeoff on the Jekyll/Hyde legend, chock-full of the hottest men. In Jim Buck, Brit director West (Naked Highway; Toolbox) has given the world one of the truly gifted porn studs: pierced dick, hairy hole, killer abs, wicked smile and the ability to act! “Watch the transformation!” Incredibly sexy, funny and cum-inducing, this was one of 1996’s best flixxx. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:26:57
Resolution: 512×384
Size: 0.936 GB

File size: 891.1 MB

Asylum / 2009 – Falcon Studios /

Year: 2009
Length: 01:31:50
Starring: Erik Rhodes, T.J. Hawke, Rod Daily, Dominic Pacifico, Leo Giamani, Ryan Raz, Ty Colt, Diesel Washington
Directed by: John Bruno
Studio: Falcon Studios
Description: Exposing the truth about the “Asylum” could be the biggest story of his career, so news reporter Erik Rhodes goes undercover to find out — first-hand — what’s going on behind the curtain. His intention is to destroy the madness, but will the quest be more than he can handle?

Scene 1:
Smuggled into the “Asylum” by Leo Giamani, undercover reporter Erik Rhodes is ready to dive into his investigation. But he hits a roadblock when the sexed-up janitor demands more than money to grease his palms; the risk he took sneaking Erik in dictates more compensation. Whether he wants to silence the hunky handyman or because he can’t pass up the opportunity to go mano-a-mano with him, the intrepid reporter gives in. He begins to erase his debt by gobbling up Leo’s cock with gusto. This quickly evolves into an intense sexual exercise with both men trading off topping and bottoming because Erik is the total pro who will go to any lengths to get to the bottom of the mystery … and the man.

Scene 2:
Camera in hand, Erik sneaks down the decrepit hallways and past the feline sentrys to find the treatment center he’s heard about. TJ Hawke is administering to Dominic Pacifico. The patient appears unconscious as he lays on the bed, his legs up in stirrups and a series of tubes inserted into his anus, fueling his asshole with a concoction of fluids. As part of the treatment, Dr. Hawke attempts to resuscitate Dominic by sucking on his uncut cock. The patient responds well to the oral attention. Then the medic removes the anal feeding lines to digitally probe the puckered asshole, inserting one finger, then two. Dominic is revived and starts sucking TJ’s meaty thermometer. Then he willingly submits to the doc’s pole in his hole. The physician fucks his grateful patient every which way until they both finally cum, injecting the air with spasms of manjuice.

Scene 3:
Erik continues his quest for more evidence of shocking behavior. He spies Diesel Washington toting a large bag of dildos and follows the security guard as he enters an isolated cell housing one of the more depraved residents of the asylum. Ryan Raz is chained to the wall, naked and wide-eyed. Diesel knows what will trigger the inmate’s crazy libido. He empties the bag and douses Ryan in a dildo shower. The madman is out of control stuffing as many toys possible into his holes. The guard further taunts him by pulling out his big black cock. Ryan excitedly devours the chocolate stick, stretching his lips and mouth wide open to accommodate its enormous girth. Both men surrender to their manlust. Diesel locks Ryan in an embrace and fucks him hard. Ryan is soon down on his back, then on all fours, getting plugged and moaning like a loon. Diesel stands back to beat his meat, then rains cum down on Ryan who follows with his own burst of spooge.

Scene 4:
Erik hits the mother lode when he discovers the records room, its shelves pregnant with files of incriminating evidence. More interesting, he catches Ty Colt, one of the deviant doctors masturbating over some of the heinous documents. But it’s lights out as Erik is knocked unconscious. When he comes to, he’s muzzled and bound in a straightjacket. He begins to freak out as the crazed scientist and his assistant, Rod Daily, subject their human guinea pig to experimentation. With probes attached all over his crotch, they shock Erik into blind submission. The therapy proves successful with the patient subdued, submissive and sporting a raging hard-on. Ty and Rod take advantage of their victim’s vulnerability and subject him to a two-on-one assault – intense sucking and fucking, plus a double punching of Erik’s asshole with Rod’s hard rod and a wicked nightstick. Finally reaching their breaking point, the three men climax one by one. Aftermath: Erik is left alone, beaten down and vanquished. He was on track to destroy the madness, but instead became what he was seeking.

File size: 1.3 GB

The cum shooting contest

Informed that these 2 boys are very good “shooters”. Amber asks them who can shoot the furthest and one makes the claim he can and the other briefly agrees until his friend gets a little to sure of himself. Amber decides to have a little “contest” to see who can shoot the furthest. Both naked guys are jerked across a landing zone of newspaper with the sportpages at the back end of the landing strip. The loser ends up in the and gets kicked out the door and the winner makes the sports pages and raises his arms in triumph!
File name: fm0226_hi.wmv
File size: 198.5 Mb
Duration: 18 min 35 sec
Video: WMV1, 640×480 (1.333:1), 29.970 fps, 1 368 /
Audio: WMA2, 44100 Hz, CBR 128 /

File size: 198.4 MB

The Mouse Wheel – Nakedgord

More exercising in the garden! This time Petal Benson instructs Sasha Monet on the finer points of high stepping within the wheel, making sure Sasha maintains proper speed at all times. Unfortunately for us, a low-flying prop engine plane noticed these two busty babes frolicking in the afternoon sun, and broadcast the news on VHF radio. Suddenly we became barraged with aeriel peeping toms as pilots from all over flew in to check it out! Not to worry loyal fans, our trusty 12 gauge keeps them away! However, a passing 747 full of Japanese tourists or a formation of local Navy jets may be more problematic.

Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination
Studio: Nakedgord/Houseofgord
Duration: 00:11:42
Starring: Sasha Monet, Seven, Gord

Quality: SiteRip
Format: AVI
Video: 720*480, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 319 kbps

File size: 111.5 MB

The Dirty Facts Of Life

Directed by: Oren Cohen
Studio: Abigail Productions
Cast: Jada Fire, Raquel Devine, Lindsey Meadows, Jordan Kingsley, Lexi Bardot, Annabelle Lee

Description: The girls of Eastwood school get scared when they suspect long time lesbian and den
mother Mrs. Gariss of going straight after a visit by the plumber. Together they devise a
plan to win her back to the gay side by seducing her. Throughout the day Mrs. Garris
defends herself against their sexual advances in the name of good housekeeping. In the
end, everyone wins in a triumphant orgy.

File size: 1.3 GB

Cadet / 1998

Year: 1998
Country: USA
Genre: Muscle Men, Military – Uniform, Hairy Men, Straight Guys, Oral, Anal
Length: 01:28:52
Starring: Mark Slade, Chris Steele, Nick Savage, Brenden Keith, Jon Eric, John Ross, Ethan Marc, Derek Michaels, Marcus Caine, Matt West
Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: John Travis
Description: gnn (the Gay News Network?) reports that military cadet Thomas Girrard (played by Ethan Marc) is being court-martialed after he was found “under suspicious circumstances” in his room, with some semen in his rectum (partaking in a little barebacking, huh Thomas?). Apparently, all of Thomas’ fellow military cadets are afraid he’s going to name names at the trial, and they’re afraid of being outed.

Lovers John Ross and Chris Steele discuss the impending proceedings, with Chris being reassuring to a concerned John. The men share a tender kiss, and John expresses his happiness that at least he has Chris. John is a muscular smooth guy with a preppy haircut, and muscular and hairy Chris is obviously the dominant partner in this They engage in some more torrid kissing while John removes Chris’ white shirt and pulls down his trousers to reveal Chris’ large soldier standing at full attention. Chris facefucks John before Chris removes John’s trousers and plunges tongue first into John’s fuckhole. Chris’ rimjob is well shown, and Chris himself remains hard throughout. John gets on all fours as Chris fucks him silly with his thick dick. There are some great shots of Chris’ muscular body as he fucks, as well as some underneath close-ups of his hairy ass as his cock plunges into the depths of John love canal. Chris then continues his aggressive pounding missionary, and John shoots a nice load onto his belly as his ass is ravaged. Chris pulls out and delivers several spurts of mancream onto John’s pubes. They end the scene with John in Chris’ muscular arms, talking about how they’ll always have each other. Chris’ muscular hairy chest with dark quarter-sized nipples is awesome here!

As the news reports continue, discussing the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, Mark Slade walks to the garage. Woof! Mark is huge! thick arms, muscular chest, and broad back, looking like a fucking hulk! As a formerly straight pornstar Frank Towers, the new gay pornstar Mark goes off about how he likes sex with men, not women, and that being kicked out of the military for this is not something he can take. Cutie Nick Savage is listening to this, and offers to take Mark’s mind off this issue. Mark plunges his tongue down Nick’s throat, before Mark is stripped and Nick is sucking on his thick cock (while Nick’s straight brother Jon Eric briefly spies on them). True to expectation, a naked Mark does not disappoint. His huge muscular chest is covered with a light dusting of light-colored fur, and his cock is thick with a huge cockhead! Although Mark moans and groans out of proportion to the blowjob, Nick’s expert mouth does make Mark fully hard. Mark fondles his own chest and nipples as he’s being blown. As hot as Mark is to look at, his acting sucks. He goes to go down on Nick, and it appears that he forgets to lick Nick’s torso a little, as he kneels to suck his cock but then quickly gets up again to lick Nick’s chest. Nick is fully soft as the underwear comes off, and Mark’s robotic blowjob does make him hard, however, Nick’s very average in the cock department, though he does have a full hairy ballsac. Mark gives what appears to be adequate head before he bends Nick over and fills his hole with his thick meat. Again, the fuck is somewhat robotic on Mark’s part, and Nick appears a little bored, although it is a nice sight of a heavily muscular man like Mark plowing ass (and it would’ve even been better to have such a muscular stud on the receiving end of some cock!). While missionary, Nick and Mark both deliver good-sized loads onto Nick’s pubes. The size of Mark’s huge thick cock and large cockhead are very evident as his cock lies against Nick’s much smaller dick.

Dark haired and handsome Jon Eric says he’s Nick’s straight older twin brother, and that he doesn’t understand what’s so good about gay sex. As blond Brenden Keith explains to him, only another man knows what a man wants. Jon’s willing to try letting Brenden show him. Despite Jon’s excellent delivery of lines, his straightness is less believable, given how quickly he engages in a kiss with Brenden. Jon has a decent dick and a full, slightly hairy ballsac. Soon it’s Brenden’s turn to receive a blow, and Jon’s “novice” mouth manages to make Brenden hard in a hurry. A very average fuck ensues, with Brenden taking Jon on all fours initially, and then missionary. Unfortunately, Brenden appears somewhat bored for part of the scene as Jon fills his hungry hairy hole. Both men deliver great cumshots onto Brenden’s belly and pubes, with Jon delivering a larger and thicker load that shoots farther.

Thomas Girard, played by Ethan Marc, returns from his trial and he has news. He hasn’t revealed any names, and the damage will be limited to himself. All men are The delivery of lines in the scene needs some work, but “straight” big brother Jon Eric is upset that men who like men can’t be themselves. Nick appreciates his brother’s concerns, and soon the men split up and pair up to go their own separate ways.

Marcus Caine and Nick Savage pair up and go to their corner, while Derek Michaels and Matt West pair up in their own corner. Dark-haired Marcus removes his shirt to reveal a very muscular, slightly furry chest and his cock, while soft at first, grows to his full size with Nick’s expert mouth. Unfortunately, Marcus shaves his cock hair, at the top and around his balls. Marcus then slurps on Nick’s smallish cock. Meanwhile, in their own corner, Matt fills his mouth with Derek’s thick cock. Marcus plunges his cock up Nick’s willing ass, and Matt does the same to Derek. The men deliver their loads in sequence, with Derek shooting an especially large, thick glop of goo onto his belly. Nick’s load is not as large but very thick.

Well, the secret’s finally out! It was Mark’s thick dick that delivered the semen in Ethan’s tight ass, and the men discuss their family since this whole incident came into the open. Of course, they have sex. They start slowly with a kiss, and Mark removes his shirt to reveal that delicious chest of his, which Ethan eagerly licks. Ethan removes Mark’s briefs to reveal his thick monster, and Ethan gives him what appears to be a great blowjob. Ethan strips as he’s servicing Mark, and Mark plows Ethan’s tight little hole with Ethan bent over the couch. Ethan’s a great bottom, showing us how pleasurable a thick cock in one’s asshole can be! Like his other fuck, Mark is somewhat robotic, but it is nice to see his dick spreading Ethan’s asshole wide! They fuck missionary before both men deliver good loads onto Ethan’s pubes, with Ethan shooting up his stomach. The scene ends with a fully clothed Ethan saying goodbye to a still naked Mark. Mark again does his overacting, and asks deep philosophical questions like “Why does life have to be so hard?” Young Ethan has all the answers apparently, and knows what’s best for the both of them. Mark cannot call Ethan, and he must give up sex to avoid getting caught. Mark’s obviously not happy as Ethan leaves to go home.

This was a very enjoyable video. Although heavy on plot, the sex was nevertheless arousing. If for no other reason, watch this video to see hulk Mark Slade and his thick dick and large cockhead (that is, if you like men with football player builds). The sex is average, but the bodies are fantastic, with few unnaturally shaven bodies. The acting and delivery of lines varies from forced and fake to very natural. As would be expected from Studio 2000 and John Travis, production values are solid throughout this video. While the names with pictures at the beginning of the video is appreciated, the small picture size and the hats that the men were wearing make very difficult. Otherwise, former straight pornstar Mark Slade has potential to become more than the typical gay-for-pay actors if he loosens up a bit.

File size: 809.0 MB

HIS Video – Dreamer (1976)

1. Clay Grant – 1976
Clay Grant solo
On a bed, Clay Grant pulls his pud with the aid of Vaseline and starts to fantasize. The rest of the scenes are interspersed with this hand job and climaxes with Clay ‘s money shot.
Griffin promo:
six Foot two, masculine Clay Grant [Dreamer] dries himself after showering and goes to bed for the night. Sleep evades him as his hands begin to explore his restless body, down his chest, his stomach, and finally, under the sheets.
He finds his cock already stiff and ready to respond. With a generous amount of Vaseline, Clay’s slippery strokes bring him to his eminent gushing climax.
This magnificent climax is photographed from three angles one in super-low motion, so as not to miss a single drop, His body and mind exhausted, the Dreamer rolls over and turns out the light.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Setting: bedroom with flocked-print wall paper, green & black
Performer: age about 22, Caucasian, hair dark brown mid-ear length, body big frame, well build clean
Action Sequence: Model (title) is seen drying off after his shower. He gets into bed – his fingers start tracing his erogenous zones. With his cock up, the sheets get tossed off and he starts jacking. He cums on his belly. Then a reprise, side view, in slow motion: it is the longest drawn out cum scene seen on film. He wipes off, covers himself, and goes to sleep.

2. Cell Block, pt 1 – 1976
Richard Locke Ogr, Clay Grant Org
Policeman Richard Locke starts topping Clay at gunpoint in a prison cell. By the time the scene is over, Clay has the uniform on and Richard is on the bottom.
Clay, a prisoner in a jail cell, has no defense against a rugged uniformed motorcycle cop, Richard Locke. The cop enters the cell and, with his gun drawn, forces Clay into one sexual act after another. The action is so hot that it took two reels of film to hold it all!
Richard Locke, a motorcycle cop, tests out Clay, a young stud in his jail cell, and takes more than a helping hand from his new prisoner!
Griffin promo:
Clay, now a prisoner in a jail cell, has no defense against a rugged uniformed motorcycle cop, Richard Locke. The cop enters the cell and with his gun drawn, forces Clay into one sexual act after another.
The action is so hot that it took two reels of film to hold it all.
Definitely one of the highlights of the entire feature, the COP section contains some of the greatest “behind bars” footage ever captured.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Action Sequence: A hairy cop, with moustache and dark glasses, looks through the bars at the “inmate”, then enters the cell. He rubs his crotch; the prisoner opens his fly, extracts his cock and sucks it. Cop holds him by the hair. Then he takes out his .38 and makes him suck that, too. The cop undresses; the prisoner licks his boots. There is some footage of the two kissing, then the copy goes down on the prisoner – they trade back and forth. There is more necking, mutual masturbation, then the prisoner goes down on the cop again. They 69, then the prisoner beats off and cums on his belly.

3. Cell Block, pt 2 – 1976
Clay Grant Atb, Richard Locke OrAtb
Policeman Richard Locke starts topping Clay at gunpoint in a prison cell. By the time the scene is over, Clay has the uniform on and Richard is on the bottom.
Definitely one of the highlights of the entire series, this film contains some of the greatest “behind bars” footage ever captured. Clay continues to be at the mercy of the cop, Richard Locke; sucking his cock and submitting to the powerful thrustings of a massive tool. These two films are not to be missed!
Clay accommodates Richard in every way possible until Richard, the motorcycle cop, proves to Clay that.ignorance of the law is no excuse. This jail has no problem with prisoners busting out; instead new recruits are always trying to get in!
Market Reports Newsletter:
Action Sequence: They continue, 69ing on the floor. The prisoner sucks the cop’s cock, who mouth-fucks him. More kissyface. The cop then feeds his cock up the prisoner’s ass, fucks him face to face, as the prisoner beats his meat. Then the cop sucks his cock, and the prisoner works to get it back up by jacking it as the cop licks his balls. The cop uniform then starts showing up on the prisoner piecemeal as they continue to play body games. The cop finally jacks off on the prisoner’s face, and the prisoner is seen jacking himself again as the film ends.

4. Forest Fantasy – 1976
Dave Daniel, Clay Grant
Dave Daniel and Clay Grant horse around in a field and then shift to tenderly using their mouths on each others erections.
This feature takes our hero with his playmate Dave Daniel, into a lush, wooded forest. The scene is spectacularly photographed and is generous with warmth and beauty generated by the communication between these two blonde youths. The film is a must for those who truly appreciate the juxtaposition of youth and beauty.
Rick and David meet after outdoor track practice! The woods behind the college dorm becomes the setting where these two young athletes get their second wind, and break a few records of their own!
Griffin promo:
A perfect balance for the feature, the FOREST FANTASY takes our hero, with his playmate Dave Daniel, into a lush wooded, Walt Disney forest.
The scene is spectacularly photographed and is generous with warmth and beauty generated by the communication between these two blond youths.
This film is a must for those who truly appreciate the juxtaposition of youth and beauty with nature in the raw.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Action Sequence: Two guys play Frisbee on a lawn (don’t know how!) – then wrestle in the grass (good tight Levis, stretched tighter). Cut to the models naked on a blanket, fondling and kissing (this they are good at). 1 goes down, with variations – then they 69. Model 2 goes down. They act like superlovers, but the act seems transparent: perhaps overdone a little. They 69, then jack off and cum. They are seen wrestling on the lawn again. A fairly good sex film, but it tends to get buried by arty technique.

5. Box Car – 1976
Clay Grant Ogr, Dave Daniel Org, Mike Mitchell Ogr, Richard Locke Org
As the country moves by their boxcar, Clay and Mike Mitchell slurp on each other’s rods. Magically, Dave and Richard appear to join in the oral train ride.
Clay dreams of hopping onto a speeding freight train where some surprises await him. His imaginary fantasy bursts into full swing when Richard Locke and Dave Daniel, both naked and ready, appear out of nowhere. This fantastic threesome becomes a sea of cocks and asses as their spurting climaxes flood the ending of the film.
A speeding boxcar becomes the setting for three young studs who want to get somewhere in a hurry. Their direction of travel now turns toward each other as these three engage in maneuvers one normally doesn’t encounter on a speeding train.
Griffin promo:
The Dreamer’s vivid imatination really comes into play inthis sizzling 200 footer.
Clay, at home in his bedroom imagines himself hopping onto a speeding freight train where some surprises await him in what appears to be an empty boxcar.
Clay’s imaginary fantasy bursts into full swing when Richard Locke and Dave Daniel, hot naked and ready, appear out of nowhere.
This fantastic threesome becomes a sea of silvery arms and legs, cock and asses, as their spurting climaxes flood the ending of the film.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Action Sequence: A railroad yard, a line of boxcars shown close, then a guy comes up to the door of one and piles aboard. Another guy, hairy, drunk and asleep gets awakened the interesting way by being stripped by the newcomer. They neck, then more stripping, then fully naked they dry hump and masturbate. Then they 69, trade going down, and dry hump some more. A third guy enters the scene, and they daisy chain. Two of then lick the same cone and kiss as they do – then another daisy chain, and a 3-way jack-off. The cum flows from jacking and sucking. The two originals 69 again, beat off and cum again.

Genres: vintage, oral, anal sex, rimming, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 835.1 MB

Sexy Leotard

Production year: 2011
Country: japan
Genre: Pantyhose, Leotard. Swimsuit, Flexible, Asian
Length: 00:22:53
Studio: AVS
Starring: Azumi Mizushima
Scene From DPHN-142 (Yoga Instructor Azumi)

Description: The charming girl is engaged in gymnastics.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: H.264 768×432 29.97fps 1007kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer3 24000Hz Stereo 56kbps

File size: 175.2 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0419 – Soak in Semen – Chisato Morikawa

The new face announcer exceeded the narrow gate and has entered a company this year. It is dynamite tits slut CHISATO MORIKAWA who seems to be delicious. She aims at the lovely announcer who is loved by everyone with a smile cute though it is the lisp animated cartoon voice that despite a news reporter. However, the report mistake of the superior and she makes a mistake in the manuscript reading. It was a little too cruel though the failure is indispensable to new face. CHISATO who is removed from site in the front was assigned special work as an pussy announcer in charge of the treating semen. After she joins a company, CHISATO immediately greets the senior superior. It replies with a smile to the question on being sexual harassment as like lost virgin and erogenous zone, etc. The basic of announcer’ is a smile. And, she faces the greeting to the chairman afterwards. The chairman is at the height of the cards game with the friend. CHISATO is immediately defeated and clothes will be taken off though she also participates in the game together. The rule seems that defeated person is taking off clothes. The game continues and CHISATO becomes stark-naked. In addition, she is being defeated and the pussy is stared at and the whole body is groped instead of taking it off. Chairmen get excited greatly by body of CHISATO. The chairman becomes trivial cards game and thrown cock in to mouth of CHISATAO. CHISATO who is made to do various things as double fellatio, tit rub service compulsorily is inserted cock at woman on top posture. The woman voluntarily does the report with smutty word the state that it is attacked a vagina. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes while she is poking at backward woman on top and back posture. The connecting part is drenched. And, CHISATO who stimulated the interior of the vagina many times at back posture ejaculates and she was made acme. However, men poke her by missionary posture without mercy and made vaginal cum shot. The second cock inserted immediately and semen injected at missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, CHISATO is made the lick of the taken backflow semen by the finger and swallows. The medicine of the throat of a professional specification that the announcer drinking every day is presented from the chairman to CHISATO who is continuousness played as incomprehensible and makes it to blank surprise. And the semen is launched one after another to mouth of CHISATO who wait with opening the mouth by instructions. CHISATO is poured the semen of five totals and swallows it in addition at a dash. CHISATO challenges the first work after the image scene. It is a newscaster of the report program. However, the result is the worst. It arouses the sponsor’s anger and the two superior in the bureau apologizes instead but they cannot get out of control. CHISATO takes the responsibility and will offer her body to the sponsor. CHISATO who is made taking off clothes immediately is made to take off stockings and the panty and pussy is opened by standing backing pose. Two superiors in the bureau also take advantage and they join the caress and made finger fuck. Then it was rotor & vibs toy attack. CHISATO who was ransacked a vagina intensely pants and got acme. Immediately aftermath, thick vibs toy is inserted in the pussy that widely opened. After it is stirred many times, the clitoris is attacked by the rotor in the open leg pose. CHISATO ejaculates while dripping the cloudiness joy juice from the vaginal orifice and she is made acme again. Immediately aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. The uterine ostium to which the cloudiness joy juice sticks is exposed. And, after polite fellatio by the six nine, the cock is inserted by missionary posture. She is made doing the compulsion tit rub service at the same time. The cock wrapped in a soft & beauty dynamite tits seems to be pleasant. Then first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture after she is intensely pierced at bending, side, back and M-leg backward woman on top posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock inserted and semen injected. The third cock inserted at once. Immediately aftermath, men who gather launch semen to face of CHISATO one after another. And, cock is put in the mouth after ejaculated. Also cleaning fellatio was made. The face of CHISATO who was poured the semen of ten totals at the same time while being fucked becomes muddy. Immediately aftermath, it was third vaginal cum shot. CHISATO cannot open eyes and being exhausted. CHISATO became the erotic weather forecaster of the program of midnight after this. She amuses oneself to the masturbation after the weather forecast was made by the stark-naked. But there are many complaint from the sponsor and programs come to discontinue immediately though mania’s popularity was high. It is decided that CHISATO takes responsibility, and she is sold to the business world of Adult Video.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 01:32:16.630
Video: WMV 4000 Kbps 1280×720 16:9 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA 361 Kbps VBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese
File size: 3.0 GB

WaterBondage – Dec 13, 2010 – Gianna Lynn

I’m in love again! And if you’re not in love with her yet, you will be after this shoot. Beautiful Gianna Lynn has all the qualities of a terrific WB model: Great ballgag lips, terrific high heel legs, perfect bondage body, lovely orgasm noises and a willingness to push hard for us. Her hardest orgasm was during a full bamboo suspension bondage with the Wet Dreams fucking machine! Hot! Be sure to tell her how much you love her so she’ll come back to play with us again!

File size: 401.8 MB

Insex – 6 X 6

Video + full photoset

Release: 2004

33 tortured up close and personal as she goes one on one with PD and a 6 X 6 post. She’s close enough to lick, every inch of her skin, her pussy, those magnificent curves of her body. 33 is succulent, her breasts ripe like she’s fresh out of a French painting. You get to each moment of her anguish, tears, drool, screams, and welts. But it’s the nipple clamps she hates.

33 starts in handcuffs. Thumbcuffs on her toes keep her legs secured around the post so that she can’t wander far. She eats and drinks this way, and . . .well, what do you think the newspaper is for? It’s in this state that she learns the basics – how to lick a boot, how to rub a cock. He stuffs her face between his legs and tells her to make it “nice and big.”

Bound with elbows tight together behind her back, her body, alluring, arrests the eye. She’s fixed to the post, naked, like one of the saints soon to be martyred. But when her long hair is tied back to one ankle, her pose is of her head drawn grievously back, one ankle kicked up. The arch of her body is brilliant, one of Renoir’s dancers caught mid-step. It’s in this position that he can slowly examine both her pussy and her pain.

Rope, nipple clamps, and the post. These are the worst of torments when applied correctly. And 33 is heroic, facing it head-on, nipples distended by clamps, her body tied in positions that maximize her misery. She rubs his cock. He gropes her, the tips of his fingers wet from the sweet slime of her pussy. In the final position, she’s tied to the post while lying flat on a table, her nipples clamped and stretched outward to the table legs. Her hair is bound back to her wrists. Ramping up her torment, he canes her, but then his fingers are in her cunt again. He the clamps and savagely rubs each nipple. She screams. The table is taken away and she’s suspended straight out from the post. As he rubs her toward orgasm, 33’s body writhes in mid-air. Reminiscent of another painting, perhaps Bosch, and she’s one of the angels, contorted, lost in the appalling throes of hellish ecstasy.

Genre: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism, Torture, Fetish, Spanking, Rubber

Format: avi

Duration: 00:57:33

Resolution: 320×240

Size: 487 Mb

File size: 487.3 MB

Desk Tops

Year: 2009
Genre: fetish, big dicks, studs, uniforms (suits), anal, oral, toilet sex
Duration: 1:32:49 (movie 1 hour 16 min. + “Behind DeskTops” 16 min.)
Director: J?rg Andreas
Studio: Cazzo FilmV Cast: Tim Kruger, Nicolas Torri, Ivan Daniloff, Alex, Yennier, Frank Phillip, Leon Hardie, Roberto Sangrego and others

If you like men in business suits than you are sure to get your fill with this film! Outwardly these studs appear incredibly serious. But behind every chic suit you can be sure to find an absolute sex pig – which is just a portion of the sex appeal of men in suits.
Ivan (Ivan Daniloff) arrives for his interview, and he knows that he’s an attractive man. He is also ready to give everything, do anything necessary to get this job. His potential boss is a sexy muscle pig (Marko Hansom), who requires his employees to really give it their all. He kicks back while Ivan services him by sucking his cock, then Marko flips him around and fucks the cum out of him.
Tim (Tim Kruger) looks absolutely stunning in a suit. On his way to the office he gets followed by the little punk rocker Nicolas (Nicolas Torri). Apparently opposites attract! From beneath the desk Nicolas sucks off Tim’s huge tool before he gets mercilessly ploughed by the same.
In the company’s warehouse managers get it on with the sweaty labourers. All four of them are powerful men – and all have a variety of enchanting qualities. One after the other, all of them gets worked over by the others until everyone’s gotten their fill. Flextime from a completely different point of view. Overtime has never been so fun!
File size: 804.3 MB

This video has been removed.

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NakedNews 2010-02-05

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File size: 129.8 MB

This video has been removed.

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