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We and Our Wild Ideas 2

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Acceed
Genres: Asian, Twinks, Muscle, Oral/Anal Sex, Masturbation, Threesome, Toys, Cumshot
Video language: Japanese

Everyone! Suddenly, I thought that such a thing is or is not?
I passed on the street you want to commit the Twink! ” Twink cock with gallantry want to sit next to on the train “or”! “
Rolling up to stop the time you want SEX! ” Want to develop in the public bath “or”! “
~Tsu Your cock that had been freshly delusion I will have everyone once or twice. “The delusion of your grant” such
· If this … if there is any news program.
What do you do when the sudden onset SEX always in boring news program? And rookie caster Twink go … suddenly being fucked.
Twink desperately trying to convey the news casters firmly while being fucked. However, gradually to become the nasty pleasure does not win, sucking out his own cock.
Still goes on … news.
· If this … if there is any swimming lessons.
“Twink instructor” was burnt in his black bread … competition. Do you want to look odious to such a man received a private lesson?
Mara Mushaburitsuki to rub one’s penis erection protruding from the pan competition, became each other’s Gingin.
Meet demand in the world of the unknown that water! Spray up each time the hip shake, gleaming six-pack abs to be beaten.
“Ssu dangerous coach! Seriously!”
· If there is a time clock be stopped … if.
What will you do if you could stop time? I’ll Lay committed a near Twink of course!
Particularly with respect to this part is not necessary speak! SANAE committed to stop the time! Please have your desire can not be dumped everyday!
When it was invented in the future, please … preparation.
· If this … if there is a public bath.
Man’s dream! The romance of a man! ~ ~ It’s ~A bathhouse!
It is not there “- I wish I had been asked to wash all over the whole body in boys red loincloth wound Japan, half were under the mat, and even get healed up penis! Such bathhouse!”
Squeeze the bottle in the bathtub Standing cock fit disinfected with saliva the whole body was washed the whole body!
In addition, massage until lotion. Twink hot naked boys and socializing!
I stopped masturbation delusion “- if there is such ○ ○ 2 to group delusion if we’re” runs out of the delusion of a man as long as, in reality! Your dreams

Format: avi
Duration: 2:15:04
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1686kbps
Audio: 54kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

Steam Heat

Release Year: 1978
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Dick Fisk, Jeff Carsen, Jack Egan, Tom Anza, Billy Putnam, Don Talon, Skip Wilson
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Solos, Muscle, Lockerroom, Sports, Vintage
Video language: English

Four unlreated shorts

1. Mr. Egan Gets His New Paperboy
Jack Egan OrgAtRrg, Billy Putnam OgrAbRgr
Jack Egan comes home at night but can’t find his newspaper and has to call to get one sent. Rain soaked paperboy, Billy Putnam comes to the door during the phone call and Jack invites him in. By a burning fire, Billy strips out of his wet clothes into a robe. Jack chats Billy up, gropes him and starts sucking. Billy returns the favor and they go to sucking and rimming 69 style on the rug. The older man put the paperboy feet in the air and fucks youthful hole and cums on Billy stomach. Jack sucks Billy some more until Billy can jack himself off to orgasm on Jack’s tongue.
2. Steam Heat (loop)
Dick Fisk solo
Dick Fisk does a locker room strip and a shower with a drip style cumshot.
3. One to One: The Runner
Dick Fisk OgAbtRgr, Tom Anza OrAbtRrg
Dick Fisk hurts his ankle while running. Coach Tom Anza gets Dick on a massage table to work on the leg but ends up massaging more that is required for the situation. Dick responds nicely and quickly they are both naked on the table. Dick works on the coach’s big dark uncut cock, but can’t do too much with that amount of flesh. Tom eats Dick’s ass and then puts Dick on his stomach for an ass fuck. Dick manages to flip back over just in time to get his stomach and chest sprayed with coach cum. Tom gets on his back for a rim and a fuck too and Dick dumps a small load on Tom’s equipment.
4. The Ax Master
Don Talon OrgAt, Jeff Carsen OgrAb, Skip Wilson OgAt
In the morning at a campsite with three guys in a tent, a big muscled hairy Don Talon wakes up puts on jeans and a cap and goes to chop wood. Skip Wilson wakes up next and steps out for a piss. When he gets back to the tent, he lifts the covers off blond Jeff Carsen to find a morning piss hard-on. Jeff wakes up and they commence to 69ing and stripping off their shirts. Jeff gives Skip a good hard fuck but then Don comes back in the midst of the rutting. Don carries their naked young hides out of the tent, ass first. He stands over them and gives them a hard glare that they respond to by pulling his pants down and sucking him. Don lays down for a little bit, sucking on Jeff while Skip plays between his splayed legs. Skip gets on his back and Don fucks the willing ass missionary style. Jeff demands his turn and he gets it doggie style. Don cums on Jeff’s back and Jeff jerks off to cum on his own stomach.

Format: avi
Duration: 59:34
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1511kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 718.1 MB

Newscasters Etsuko

Year: from 25.06.2004 to 24.09.2004
Genre: Violence, Rape, Humiliation
Series: ep. 1-2 of 2
Duration: ~ 27min
Censorship: None
Directed by: Hisashi Okezawa
Studio: Discovery, AT-2 Project
Language: Russian
Postproduction: Home (odnogolosoe: Collapse)
Subtitles: Built-in switchable ASS (Dante) (editor: Renji)
Subtitles: Built-in switchable ASS (kotakota) (editor: CDMax)
Language: English
Postproduction: Professional (full duplication)
Subtitles: inline (switchable ASS)
Language: Japanese
Postproduction: Original
Description: Etsuko Yamanobe – a top leading TV news on Tokyo TV. What it will go, that would stay on top? What will 40 – year-old man suddenly left without a job? What will his father to protect his daughter? And who is to unravel the tangle of sexual crimes?
Video Quality: DVDRip by [KH]
Video Format: MKV
Video Codec: H.264/AVC
Audio Codec: AAC
Video: 640×480, 29.97fps ~ 1080Kbps
Audio 1: RUS AAC 192kbps, stereo, 48kHz
Audio 2: ENG AAC 192kbps, stereo, 48kHz
Audio 3: JPN AAC 192kbps, stereo, 48kHz

File size: 652.6 MB

[Nebula Video-Nova Films-Bijou] – Jocks

Well, Lake Placid is behind us and Moscow is in jeopardy, but the aura of the athlete continues undisturbed. The competition itself – bodies hone to perfection with hard muscles working and reflecting from their fine sheen of sweat flashes of beauty as they seek to prove their superior skills – is only one part of the marvelous excitement which makes athletics special, Another and equally unique part of sports is that area of post-competition sensuality and masculinity – the lockerroom.

And that is the arena we enter with NOVAs Special Release No. * – THE JOCKS.
We are right there where you can feel the sweat, smell the masculine intensity, taste the fetid air, hear the almost mystic pre-civilized instinctual communication, and see the sense-blinding, libido-blowing array of seat-covered flesh, strained naked muscle, jock-restrained organs seeking and seeking fulfillment through bonding with their own in a different kind of competition that brings union and closeness rather than the separation and distance of the sport that they have just left.

We are with THE JOCKS.

And what jocks we have. Among the familiar and favorite NOVA faces are Todd Russell, David Shaw and Rick Steele. And equally favored are newcomers Chad Scott and Rusty Evans of whom you will want to see and will be seeing more. These hot studs and their fine-bodied, hard-muscled buddies give their best – revealing fully what being a jock is all about and sending the temperature and humidity to a new high!

So, visit our lockerroom, meet our jocks, and work yourself into a sweat!
Scene 7 appears in the Nebula version only.


1. Pumping Eight
Chad Scott Ogr, Todd Russell

Working out on a slant board leads to all kinds of muscle-enlarging exercises – including a very unique manner of fucking. What can not be achieved on the slant is worked out on the lockerroom floor as two hunky bodybuilders become buddies – pumping blood and juices with dedication.

2. Lapping It Up
Don Michael, Peter Watson

Towel-flipping horseplay by a couple of speed swimmers leads to a stinging sore cock. But after it is been kissed and made well, additional stroking seems to be in order – by hand, by mouth, by ass, and, by gosh, it is a lot of fun and gets those hot juices flying.

3. Hard Tackle
Rusty Evans, Rick Scott

Strained shoulder muscles send a star tackle in to see the masseur. The rubdown that follows soon becomes a different kind of ball game with throats and anal canals getting thorough massages from manipulating cocks muscles. The final result is two very wild and wet scores.
See picture magazine Lockerroom #4 and Jock Strap #1.

4. No Holds Barred (Nova)
Jim Lucas, David Shaw

Wrestling is the kind of body contact sport that arouses tremendous responses – even when you end up on the bottom. But even when you can not pin your buddy, there are ways to become top man. When a bear hug leads to a bare ass, deep thrust is certain to follow.

5. Extra Innings
Rick Steele, Greg Samuels

When the final inning is over on the field, a new game begins in the lockerroom as a couple of baseball buddies discover that heaving action with bats and balls can lead to home runs where everyone wins – and the game goes on forever.

6. Hard Kicks

A leg injury brings two soccer players into the jock aroma of the lockerroom and helping a buddy becomes a two-way sport of hot lips and hips with cock and ass action when hard, tense muscles give and take pleasure whose is a sport all its own – making teammates into buddies.

7. Coming Clean
Rod Sawyer solo

After a long, hard day, there is nothing more than a long, hot shower in the peace and quiet of a deserted gym. So thinks Rod Sawyer. However, his big, hot cock and a fascinating mirror keep distracting him until he is all hot, sweaty and cum-covered. Watch Rod watch it happening!

Market Reports Newsletter

Setting: locker room, gray locker bank & red vinyl upholstered bench – tiled multiple occupancy shower room
Performer: age about 17, Caucasian, hair brown neck length , wavy shag, body medium frame, good body very clean, cut
Special Interest Classification: solo masturbation

Action Sequence: cadet enters locker room, strips to jock & fishnet tee shirt gets cock out of the jock & starts to beat off while watching in a full length mirror. He smiles and plays around, then removes the shirt and the jock, jacks himself some before getting a towel and heading for the shower room. He lathers up his entire torso to the point that he almost looks like he is topped with whipped cream, plays with his crotch and rubs with his sudsy hands – he is not hard at all in the sequence. He rinses off, still detumescent, but working on it, and squeezes and plays with his buns – he bends over and gives a good look at his clean, nearly hairless cleft. Back in the locker room on a bench, the cock rises to the occasion – he straddles the bench and humps against the friction of the vinyl over, shows some more cleft briefly, then lays back to jack and play with his balls. Then he speeds up and the load spends on his belly.


(Author unknown)

Six vignettes:

Pumping Eight with Todd Russell and Chad Scott. Working out on a slant board leads to all kinds of muscle-enlarging exercises, including a very unique manner of fucking.

Lapping It Up with Don Michaels and Peter Watson. Towel-snapping horseplay by a couple of speed swimmers leads to a stinging, sore cock.

Hard Tickle with Rust Evans and Rick Scott. Strained shoulder muscles send a star tackle to see the masseur for a rubdown.

No Holds Barred with David Shaw and Jim Lucas. Wrestling is the kind of body contact sport that arouses tremendous responses, even when you end up on the bottom.

Extra Innings with Rick Steele and Greg Samuels. When the final inning is over on the field, a new game begins in the locker room with bats and balls and home runs that lets everyone in.

Hard Kicks with Chet Samson and Dan Taylor. A leg injury brings two soccer players into the jock aroma of the locker room, and helping a buddy becomes a two-way sport of hot lips and hips with cock and ass action that makes pleasure a sport all its own.

Stars: Chad Scott, David Shaw, Don Michaels, Greg Samuels, Jim Lucas, Peter Watson, Rick Scott, Rick Steele, Rod Sawyer, Rusty Evans, Todd Russell

Produced: 1978 (re credits)

Released: 1981

File size: 710.8 MB

Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard (1996)

Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Black Men, Interracial, Piercing, Threesomes, Humor, Parody/Spoof
Starring: Jim Buck, Matthew Easton, Jack Simmons, Dax Kelly, Troy Dillon, Bryan Kidd, Ryan Wagner, Tristan Sax, Mason Walker
Studio: BIG Video

Best Editing — Adult Video News (AVN)
Best Actor (Jim Buck) and Best Sex Comedy — Gay Video Guide (GVG) Erotic Video Awards
Best Director and Best Non-Sexual Role (Lola Cornfeld) — Grabby Awards
Poor Dr. Jerkoff. He’s alone, he’s a dork. That is, until he drinks a potion given to him by a fortune teller, which turns him into studly, desirable Mr. Hard. (And desirable he is, trust.) Director Wash West presents a dreamily photographed and funny takeoff on the Jekyll/Hyde legend, chock-full of the hottest men. In Jim Buck, Brit director West (Naked Highway; Toolbox) has given the world one of the truly gifted porn studs: pierced dick, hairy hole, killer abs, wicked smile and the ability to act! “Watch the transformation!” Incredibly sexy, funny and cum-inducing, this was one of 1996’s best flixxx. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:26:57
Resolution: 512×384
Size: 0.936 GB

File size: 891.1 MB