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Breaking In The New Girl

As much as we hate to pick favorites, this video was one of the most exciting ones we have ever shot…due to the fact that we were able to work with one of the true superstars of bondage, Molly Matthews. As if the sight of our own gorgeous Caroline bound and gagged wasn’t enough, you now get to enjoy the sight of helpless Caroline and Molly Matthews struggling to escape their bonds while moaning into silken gags while their boss assaults them.
Our high-powered executive is preparing an important speech for the board of directors and he’s counting on the help of his sexy secretary Caroline to bail him out once again. Molly Matthews has recently been hired to be Caroline’s assistant and the boss demands that the two of them finish this important presentation. Once the big shot leaves the room Caroline and Molly become a bit frisky feeling each other through their sexy outfits while taking time gagging and blindfolding one another with the silky scarves they are each wearing.
When the boss arrives back at the hotel room to find the two girls fondling each other and playing with all this silk. He loses his temper and decides to teach the two of them a lesson they will not soon forget. Once he has Molly tightly tied to a chair, he proceeds to sit Caroline down to ponder the business end of his now-swollen and throbbing cock for a mind numbing blowjob. All Molly can do is moan into her gag and struggle. After moving the two secretaries to the bed and some really serious bondage he proceeds to roughly fuck Caroline forcing Molly to watch his stiff cock invade Caroline’s soaking wet pussy from just inches away. These scenes will make your jaw drop wide open.
Perhaps the best scene of all is when he strings the both of them up with their hand over their heads and strips them almost completely naked…except for the stockings, garters and pantyhose and then proceeds to push them up against the wall while finishing the ravaging of Caroline and shooting his steamy load all over the two of them. Just to teach them a lesson he ties them together on the bed to wiggle around naked while he delivers his big speech. Maybe next time the two gals will focus on their work instead of molesting and tying each other.
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