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My Sisters Hot Friend – Chloe Dash (2009) HD

Ttle: My Sisters Hot Friend-Chloe Dash
release year: 2009
section: Teens
time: 32 m
genre: Brunettes, Hardcore, Blowjob, Cum shots, Facial

Chloe is making cookies for the community at bake sale, but her friend flaked on helping and now she? s running late.
When Will comes by to pick them up and realizes his sister isn? t there and the cookies aren? t ready, he decides to sample the cookie dough, and she decides to sample him.

Quality: HD (SD) Rip
Size: 489.75 MB
Time: 00: 32: 31
Video: VC-1 (WMV3) 850×480, 2000Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA2 96.0 Kbps (CBR) 48.0 KHz, 2 ch, 1 st
size: 489.75 Mb
File size: 489.7 MB

This video has been removed.

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Emma Alba ( My Sisters Hot Friend )

Categories: Big Tits, Black Hair, Blow Job, Facial, Fake Tits, High Heels, Piercings, Shaved

Emma Alba has had her eye on her friend’s brother for a while and now has a chance to corner him while they are both alone at his sister’s place. He tells Emma that he’s already late for a date and doesn’t have time to talk with her, but Emma makes it clear that she isn’t interested in talking, just sucking and fucking him before his date…

Format: AVI
Duration: 00:27:46
Resolution: 1280×720
Size: 1018 MB

File size: 1.0 GB

This video has been removed.

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Dont Ask, Just Fuck

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Beefy / Muscle Men, Cum Shots, Facial Cum Shots, Hairy, Hunks, Oral / Anal Sex, Safe Sex, Uncut Cocks.
Length: 2:38:49
Directed by: Tony DiMarco.
Studio: Monster Bang, Raging Stallion Studios.
Cast: DO, Angelo Marconi, Kennedy Carter, Chris Porter, Jake Tyler, Tommy Defendi, Rusty Stevens, Girth Brooks, Andreas Cavalli.

Dont Ask Just Fuck is a major for Raging Stallions Monster Bang Studios – a Tony DiMarco event, this army themed movie offers a first look at our new batch of exclusive big-dicked superstars! These hung men are going to be the face of Raging Stallion Studios for the next year, and this is a chance for you to meet them for the first time. You will be amazed by D.O. who reigns supreme as one of the finest porn actors of all time! Watch as Tommy Defendi turns into a man right before your eyes! Be astounded at how hot Rusty Stevens actually is! Get to know Chris Porter – everyones favorite private! Jake Tyler shows off his perfect, hairy chest! And dont miss red headed Kennedy Carter in his first RSS role. All of these men so impressed us on this shoot that we immediately signed them to valuable exclusive contracts! Add RSS superstar Angelo Marconi to the cast and you have seven RSS stars in this one production. This is a major movie event with the best porn actors on earth. Dont Ask Just Fuck is a must own for all Raging Stallion fans.
Tommy Defendi is alone stroking his thick meat to a girly magazine, or at least he thinks he is alone. But Rusty Stevens is watching, salivating over Tommys thick meaty cock. This is a new Tommy Defendi – the twink is gone and the man has arrived! Watch as he strokes his huge cock and flexes his hairy chest. And that face! Soon Tommy is deep in Rustys eager throat. Tommy returns the favor sucking Rustys fat dick before he bends him over to lick his tight quivering pink hole. With Rusty bent over artillery shells, Tommy drives his tool deep into Rustys hole in a barrage of friendly fire! Rusty takes it like a man. Tommy flips his bottom over. Rustys pecs and abs flex and ripple as he takes a good pounding, both men explode their juices all over camp. This is a first scene!
Jake wakes up in the middle of the night to take a leak at an outside urinal. His Sergeant has to take a leak as well. With dicks in hand and horned up they start talking about getting laid. Both men look great – hairy, just like you expect your RSS men to be! The Sergeant baits the private to suck his cock. Jake obliges Girth. Its a hugely thick cock but Jake makes it look easy, he deep throats that big fucker – a task not many could accomplish. As good as it feels its just not enough … so Girth bends Jake over and fucks his perfect round ass, doggy style. Jake then takes control sitting on Girths fat cock he rides it long and hard. Girth wants to ride him! So he moves him on his back and fucks the cum out of him before finally pulling out and spraying his dark chest hair with his own jizz. Jake is left in a collective pool of seed.
Chris is keeping Kennedy in military form with a clean haircut. Who knew haircuts could be so sexy! The guys talk about their tattoos and what they all mean. Chris reaches down to ask about the tattoo across his lower abdomen. He reaches lower and their eyes connect, soon Chris is going down on Kennedys thick uncut cock and juicy foreskin. Kennedy and Chris are hot young men, and we all knows what happens when you mix guys like this together! Chris is the bottom and Kennedy takes command, fucking his partner in three or four amazing positions. When you see this scene you will know why we signed both men to contract on the spot!
We dont want to say that we saved the best for last … Before you watch this scene you need to sit down and take a breath. Get ready for one of those moments in your porn watching career that will stay with you forever. This is the first scene D.O. has shot for Raging Stallion. D.O. had been a major star over at sister studio Black Scorpion before joining team Raging Stallion. This is a new DO, more mature – with a nice thick beard and a dusting of hair all over his ripped body. He is perhaps the greatest porn actor on earth and this scene is a perfect display of why this man is a sex god. He rivals Francois Sagat, Damien Crosse, Logan McCree, and many others as a contender for the greatest Raging Stallion stud of all time. We knew this was going to be an important scene – and that guys would watch this for years to come, so we selected our best bottom – Angelo Marconi – to costar with DO for his initial RSS scene. Rather than explain the details of this scene, suffice it to say that this is some of the best fucking we have ever filmed. This scene alone is the porn event of the year. Its Monster Bang at its best!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: Xvid 720×480 29.97fps 1499kbps [Video 1]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128kbps [Audio 0]
Size: 1.82 Gb

File size: 1.8 GB

My Sister’s Husband

Year: 1999
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Oral Sex
Duration: 87 minutes
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Studio: All Worlds Video
Starring: Cory Evans, Jake Taylor, Adam Wilde, Daryl Brock, Mike Nichols, Dino DiMarco, Brian Kidd.

Adam Wilde, looking handsome with just a touch of hair on his chest, starts by making out with his brunet bombshell of a boyfriend, Daryl Brock. Kissing and groping, Daryl soon makes it down to the cock and chomps away. Holding onto it with a strong hand, he sucks every last inch of Adam’s dick, and excellent camerawork is there to capture it all. Adam then goes down on Daryl’s same-size cock with equally good results, not to mention the addition of some foreskin play. Daryl then rubs his dick around Adam’s butt a bit before shoving it in. Daryl squeezes upward and Adam bounces, the cock shooting up his ass fully. In one swooping motion, they flip over, still inserted, and Daryl begins to smack Adam hard, with manly encouraging mutterings from both guys to keep it humming. Adam’s wide-open ass helps the deep fuck. A sideways fuck, gorgeous to watch, is their final position, and Adam cums being fucked. After Daryl finishes, Adam’s sister calls, excited that he’s coming to visit and going to meet her new hubby.
Adam arrives at spunky sister Sharon’s pad, and in comes her hunk of a husband, the estimable Cory Evans, a thrillingly handsome full order of perfectly toned muscles. Just out of the shower, he’s wet and wearing nothing. Later, neighbor Brian Kidd comes over for coffee and to his pal Mike Nichols that he has a crush on Adam, just like the one Michael has on Cory. They decide to take out their lust on each other and the adorable Brian gets to go down on Mike’s massive meat. His gigantic cock is enough for Brian’s hardworking mouth and a hand or two, but Brian works to conquer it. There’s a great moment when he’s forced to share the dick with Mike himself, who bends in half to suck the tip of his cock and meet Brian’s mouth there. Mike then gulps up Brian’s more manageable dick, slowly sucking it all under twinkly music. Brian then speedily lowers himself down the entire length of Mike’s gargantuan shaft and rides facing away from him. Mike is able to swat his way upwards with lots of steam, and Brian handles every millimeter with great style. Mike actually does the bulk of the work, but once Brian, with the dick still in his ass, turns around on the dick, he takes over and his bouncing gets more authoritative. Big Mike, with Brian’s ripe un-tanned ass facing him, drops a load right there and then, fingered by his partner, Brian finishes next.
Cory goes to wash his car, thankfully shirtless. He makes the boring drudgery of washing a car seem like porn itself, wetting himself and stretching his whole body to show off all of his wowing musculature. Adam can’t help but watch, and gets an added bonus when he watches Cory pee on the driveway. Later, Adam walks in on Sharon and Cory making out and when Cory rolls off, he sports a boner that Adam has to pretend to ignore. But, when Cory goes to bathe later, Adam slips into the bathroom to watch, and what a sight it is! The solo is a celebration of a truly beautiful man, worshipped and adored by a smitten camera. With soap and water, he makes it sizzle and winds it up with a very impressive cum-shot.
Cory decides to take Adam to a titty bar, which doesn’t thrill Adam at all. As lithe Brook Waters goes about her gyrations to the delight of the audience (a great collection of favorite mid-90s talents), Adams slips off to the bathroom where hairy supremely handsome Jake Taylor is already taking a piss. Jake admits that at this point, he doesn’t care who sucks his dick, so Adam takes him on. Adam takes the hirsute Adonis in his mouth and delivers the goods again with another very good hand-helped blow. Adam seems to delivering this one, as he’s totally on fire. In swaggers swarthy Dino DiMarco, with one of porn’s greatest heads of hair ever, and Jake assures him that Adam is a great cocksucker. So, Dino takes off his shirt and lets Adam go down on them both. Adam doubles his pleasure by deep-throating them individually and then taking them far down together! He stretches mighty wide. Jake splashes a big blast on Adam’s chest, which nets one from the tireless sucker.
Adam asks Cory to take him to the airport, and Cory bluntly announces he’s noticed the attention Adam has been paying his cock. “If you wanna put my dick in your mouth, it’s okay,” Cory says, before adding, “it’s just like two friends getting each other off,” rather rationally. Adam doesn’t need further impetus to add this stud to his plethora of pleased partners and goes ape on Cory’s cock with his most wanton blow yet. He’s sucked four guys in three scenes here, and saves the best for last. The sucking is so good, it even gets Cory kissing that mouth. After sucking a cock as well as anyone should ever expect, Adam then turns his attention to the rest of Cory, licking his chest, armpit, back and even between Cory’s sensationally fluffy asscheeks. Cory slips on a condom and fucks a bent-over Adam. Cory fits in perfectly, though he seems a bit tentative at first. So, Adam shows him there’s nothing to be afraid of and backs up ferociously on Cory, starting the fuck with energetic zest. Soon enough, Cory joins the fun by engaging his abs to provide a series of strong jolts to his bottom. Once Cory gets started, he looks like a lion going in for the kill fucking the stuffing out of Adam, though there are moments of touching and kissing that are quite tender amidst the crashing carnality. To show off Cory’s body even more, they fuck missionary, and now that Cory is fully in control, the fuck gets positively fierce and rabid, with Adam egging him on hungrily. All those muscles sure provide one big fuck. After a well-deserved long-lasting fuck, Cory jacks off Adam while fucking him, and it’s a stunning shot. Cory then finishes. After, Adam gushes: “I know why my sister married you.”
Back at home, Adam tells Daryl the whole story and Daryl hopes that maybe one day they can have a three-way if they can coax him out again. Turned on, they head to the showers for more sex. Sharon calls again and suggests Adam bring Daryl to visit next time. Guess dreams do come true!
File size: 1.0 GB


What are you made of me a girl? Sugar and spice, everything nice with it. Battle. – What are you made me have a dream girl?
His name sound Amamoto (Hibiki and sweet too.) From an early age, my sister is dating a hobby full of vitality (wrapped around the middle of each force) it has many challenges every day. One day, he decided that the father was transferred because of work, do not go abroad with more time to do it, it becomes a transfer if you go to say what my grandfather’s place. If so, and now I do not dwell together if you ask them where my sister lives out of the house near the school was proposed.
But my sister’s room, and also to attend school, Fuuka Amamoto one younger cousin (I like sweet based) were already living together. And cousin, although men and women of the age under one roof. What was the cousin and can do well enough to meet only a collection of become anxious sound.
No other options in mind while confusion, live for the new sound under one roof and little by little sister and cousin started. Spend a noisy swimming with friends in the same, while getting to know new friends and cousin has been persuading the sound of a cousin.

Release: 2010/07/30

File size: 3.8 GB

My sister’s. Well me and toys – my sister is going! -

Naruse Haruki hero (you can change the name) is surrounded by three sisters, vibrant campus life was peaceful there. One day, my sister would have known that the letter I got from a childhood friend unexpectedly. Show 三人三様 sisters reaction. The boundary of the day, came armed with the mischief of the Venus flytrap every day my three older sisters why? Intelligent hero Between big tits and reason and was going to collapse! And sisters involved the childhood friend H began schooling and !

Release: 2010/07/30

File size: 1.2 GB

[ALcot] girlfriend is a fan disk President

Junichiro and reunited on Christmas Day, Remi & inside El Hondo freeloader at home with Ku. The overlap Bakappuru tryst on a daily basis, put on a shining eyes of Remy like my sister. If you just have sex like that, I will head to sea urchins. Interested in sex? Hey there is not such a good response
Nippon Irina came again. Junichiro spree flirting with it! It thinks, the hand of the devil approaching parents and Junichiro Yukino’s rival.

File size: 949.0 MB

Incest orgy

And my sister is better recognized, and her friend met, trahnuv both in all holes

Size: 202Mb
File size: 204.2 MB

My brother filmed her sister and her friend

Younger brother took the camera as his sister in the courtyard behind the building trahaetsya with her boyfriend while the mother and father not at home. However, little varmint, not only filmed sex own sister and put it online. So now it is a real porn star.

Format: avi
Size: 67 mb
Duration: 00:10:36
Video: 512h384
File size: 67.4 MB

Les Contrat Des Anges (1996)

Title: Le Contrat des Anges #1
Year: 1996
Genre: All Sex, Feature
Duration: 95 minutes
Translation: Pro (Dubble voice)
Director: Marc Dorcel
Country: France

Alain Payet, Anastasien, Anne Sophia, Bianca, Bruno SX,
Dino Toscani, Eric Le Roy, Fovea, Giancarlo Bini, h.p.g, Jennifer,
Kate More Dior, Kevin Long, Laure Sainclair, Maeva Exel, Maude Kennedy,
Nataly Dune, Philippe Dean, Rodolphe Antrim, Vivienne

By CLAUDE, her husband, who deceives the shamelessly with her best friend,
SOPHIE Maltraitee fled the Matrimonial domicile.
Tombee down the road, it is joined by a sumptuous limousine with the owner,
the marquise FOSCARI, a young and beautiful woman, has serious; the heberger.
But cynical philosophy of the young woman intrigue that guesses a mystegrave; Sophie re.
Indeed, the heart of the marquise cache a heavy secret.
On a stroll sgrave; horse followed by soft saphiques ebats,
she confides agrave; Sophie her sister, who lives nearby home,
he dedicated a sordid hatred.
Not only is bent Igrave; him harm it serious m;
not a life of debauche and engaged,
she Tgrave; sexual practices repugnantes.

Scene 1. Maeva Exel (Anal Facial) + Bruno SX
Scene 2. Anne Sophia (Facial) + Bruno SX
Scene 3. Maud Kennedy (Anal Facial) + Herve Pierre Gustave
Scene 4. Vivienne (Anal) + Dino Toscani
Scene 5. Laure Sainclair, Anne Sophia
Scene 6. Kate Moore (Anal) + Philippe Dean

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: 640×472 (1.36-1), 29.970 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~ 2041 kbps avg, 0.23 bit/pixel
Audio: # 1: [Russian] 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital 2/0 (L, R) ch, ~ 192.00 kbps avg
Audio: # 2: [French] 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 3/2 (L, C, R, l, r) + LFE ch, ~ 448.00 kbps avg
size: 1731.06 Mb
File size: 1.7 GB

My sister wants to relax brother

Young blonde when she saw her brother so tired in the kitchen for a laptop, then immediately regretted it. I thought the best way to do it so because he is a bachelor, no girlfriend. Hit upon the and decided to lower his pants, take a term in his hands and then to continue to do nice things!

Format: wmv
Size: 557 MB
Duration: 00.24.15
File size: 557.6 MB

Bobbi Starr [MySistersHotFriend /NaughtyAmerica]

Format MP4
Quality SiteRip
Duration 00:24:38
Resolution 850×480
Size 716 MB

Brunette with big ass having sex

File size: 716.4 MB

Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend – Daisy Marie

Gary has a cavity and has Daisy look at it, but it turns out he lied, he just wanted to spend some time with her because she’s really hot. Daisy thinks that’s really sweet and she’s going to do more than examine he’s cavity.

File size: 77.4 MB

My Sister’s Hot Friend

My Sister’s Hot Friend
390.69 Mb
File size: 390.6 MB

Sexy Thoughts

Michael Trimmer is an average guy with a good, but sexually stunted, life. While he and his wife, Alice, are driving home from the grocery store, he spots a newly built peep show in his neighborhood. He quickly that this could very well be his ticket to Sexual Nirvana. Enter Dominque, the vivacious and sexy peep show starlet that excites Michael to no end. His voyeuristic sessions with her breathe new life into him and his wife’s lovemaking. Soon strange things happen. Michael and Alice walk in on Alice’s sister, Naomi, in a truly decadent romp with her boyfriend Dennis, and to Michael’s surprise, his admiration and new found lust for Naomi are growing very strong. Then one afternoon, Michael catches Alice in a torrid session with her best friend, Carol, and the cable guy. In a surprise climax, Michael makes “secret love” to the one woman who excites him more than any other. is it the traditional wife turned sex pot Alice, or the sex charged sister-in-law Naomi, or the mysterious and always lustful Dominique? For the answer to this and other wayward questions, tune into the exploits of Michael Trimmer in the incredibly hip new movie Sexy Thoughts.

Country: USA
Genre: Anal, Fetish, All Sex, Trio
Director: Viktor Crimes
Duration: 01:25:41
Starring: Melanie Stone, Julian, Marc Davis, Dee, Vince Voyeur, Sabrina Johnson, Flower, Chris Cannon, Kyle Stone Billy Glide, Danny, George Kaplan

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: 384*288, 1486 kbps – 1496 kbps, 23.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 111.31 kbps
Size of archive: 595 Mb

File size: 595.3 MB

My sister is a sex toy sadism

My sister and March 2 friendly style was outstanding and the people live. One day, from casual track of my sister’s attitude changed.
Once they were in my body to Ba sister just as slaves masochist.
I would have ejaculated many times to push the stick technique and meat from four-letter word for elder abuse.
And they end up in the anus and the fingers and tongue, and even toys is pounded into a twist and finally … …

File size: 349.1 MB